Berlin Fashion Week – Catwalk subway

Underground Catwalk at Berlin Fashion Week

(2) The Berlin Fasionweek shows twice a year a mass of fabulous fashion shows and great designer clothing at various catwalks in Berlin. All well and good, but as long as no one proves to me otherwise, I gaube that the exciting and thrilling the Underground Catwalk is.

Redcat 7 zur Berlin Fashionweek
Redcat 7

In a – partially propelled – often standing underground young designers show their latest creations to the underground scene from the fields of paint, Leader, Gothic, Baroque, Punk. Sexy Dresses with corset and high heels. Models von Rockstar were not about any Heidi Klum Anziehpüppchen but fits with tattoos, Equipped piercings and own broadcasts. Completely from the typical chic of Berlin Fashion Week, far away from all the Joop, Gucci and other designers – and the current models there.

AMF Korsetts @ Berlin Fashionweek
AMF Cross

But probably one comes to these other fashion shows and not the Underground Catwalk is always with 15 Admission € for paying guests still a real bargain. After I last year was there alone, Sheila and I hit this year there together.

All were in the subway, the doors closed, and the music started and the actual show. The car drove off and everyone could be happy, when he was able to get a card… And it really seemed like so ago, as if the organizers behind this time a few more visitors to the web. It was more crowded and less space for the models to run. However, this did not detract from the matter.

Salone di Pessa @ Berlin Fashionweek
Shop Pessa

The “Catwalk” was constructed, that each 5 Designers should in turn and walk back end of the central Bachtage car in a direction to subway, while the others ran in the other direction. In the middle we all met again and it started all over again – only the other way around.

And I was in the first slot is actually a little disappointed. Seemed to me the first five creations were worn by the underground but mostly rather arbitrarily. Not boring, but not really tingly. Many of the pieces were T-shirts with tattoos, Plants, Ornament or rock-Print.

T-shirts zur berlin Fashionweek
Joker Brand & Broken Heart

So pieces, I have a similar kind in Ad Hardy, on the merchandise stand irgeneiner hard rock group or – sad but true – can get to almost any farmer's market. Hardly anything, which one can really inspire me in a fashion show.

David Vicente & Damned Clothing

But after the candy girls candy and submitted by the sponsor Jägermeister came into its own and distributed refreshments to the guests, it was again – and right in my eyes the more exciting creations going on.

Redcat 7

Apparently the models needed to be a little einzulaufen, not only because the pieces were punctured Direction but also the way, as they were brought over. From now on, was actually on the subway bars geräkeln, pulled on the handles or when the situation required sometimes thrown to the ground.

Rock & Rebellion

It has flirted with the cameras or it was put by the models Redcat7-dollar bills in the various sections. This part was loose and carefree hotter than it was in the car anyway.

Only Guest or model but?

Unfortunately, even the best show comes finished, but certainly I will Unerground on the catwalk 2009 be born again, and it also still the after-show party at Sage Club. But more on that tomorrow.

My Conclusion: One must necessarily have been there and my Favourites were the red corset corsets from AMF and the girls from Redcat 7.


But this case were much more:
Run there are:
(1) AMF Cross, (2) Joker Brand, (3) Damned Clothing, (4) David Vicente, (5) Deadly nightshade, (6) Shop Pessa, (7) Beauty Fiend, (8) Broken Heart, (9) Bat Attack … Fashion From The Crypt, (10) Rock & Rebellion, (11) Redcat 7.

Actually remains only the question open, Sheila and asked me was…

Why did not you run there actually?

And, why not? The question is more than justified.

To the after-show party

Underground Catwalk

Underground Catwalk @ Fashionweek Berlin

underground-catwalk.jpgSo, now all times be jealous, because yesterday I was on a brilliant event at the Berlin Fashion Week.A colleague asked me yesterday by almost 18:30 on I had any connections to Berlin Fashion Week, because they would love to go to some of these events and esa) would usually be no more cards and
b) they are also extremely expensive.
But unfortunately I could serve with no connections, I had previously never even heard of the Berlin Fashion Week. However, to further my education once I looked at the website and found an event, that sounded great:

the Underground Catwalk.

Underground Fashion Underground presents the actual. In fact, in a moving subway of Berlin U8. The whole thing probably took place not for the first time in Berlin, and the pictures from last year led us to expect some. For this, the designer, of paint, Latex, corsets, Punkfashion, Rackabilly, Just fifties and everything in between had, which sounded interesting.


But there were several problems. on the one hand, the event was on the same day, secondly, in less than two hours, Third, there was no box office and last but not least was the Underground Catwalk always sold out.

…So how come there? Just be styled make eyes and hope, whether there is a card for me somewhere before.

So flux home, and even combat-styling. Get in your car and go to Alexanderplatz.


Knapp 10 Minutes before the start I reached the subway station, looked around briefly, to determine, that there were no maps, and the chances were rather small, there was a nice reinzukommen.Doch Photographer, from the left to enchant me and brought me for free in the subway just before the start Türsterher past. Merci dafür.


Although I still had no card, but came on in.. And it was worth it, because not only the models, but also the majority of the audience brought out the nightlife clothing. From punks with green mohawk over 50s dolls, Raisins, Rockabillytollen to latex carriers there was everything an audience, what was waiting for punk and similar music on the models.

And the wait was worth it showed the designer but sometimes very ingenious creations, but even some outfits were boring through the atmosphere, clearly made up for the audience and the loud music in the background.

My absolute favorite was this dress: a real dream


In total, there were twelve designers, the 24 Were able to show the pieces and the models in the (well at times) moving subway could balance on really high heels but partially by train. I would know like to, which designer has created what creations of the Underground Catwalk, but perhaps even find a pair of knowing people among the readers, who can give me help for the pictures.

Redcat 7

In any case, I'm sure, that the Underground Catwalk certainly one of the most exciting fashion shows Berlin Fashion Week and was the Eintritsspreis would surely have been worth – I would have paid a. Now, The next year I'll get myself a precaution map, is safer. Oder ich lasse mich akkreditieren 😉

Redcat 7

After the show was over, it went with the whole team in the Sage Club, was this evening clearly exciting, as at the opening of the recently KitKatClubs.

Slacks Fashion

Da waren

Atemlos-Design, Bat Attack – Fashion from the Crypt, Cyberesque, Damned Clothing, Flaming Star, Frozen Hibiscus, KR-73, NEPPL – Surgery to wear, Redcat 7, Savage Wear, Slacks Fashion, Struppets

und ich 🙂

Chaos oder Improvisation

Some would say, I was a bit chaotic, others would answer this, that this would not be true, because I was VERY messy.

By contrast, I would argue, the course that is all nonsense. I have an improvisational genius, I can adjust very well to new situations and ultimately almost any situation somehow manageable.

The truth is put together from all these statements.

And, I'm messy and I trust the absolute, I can somehow cope with all situations. That always brings me back to unplanned situations, I need to somehow overcome. And this then requires sending you a certain talent for improvisation.

At least I'm trying, I only own it to play a trick. Unfortunately this is not the, if people just had to do with me. On the way to Nuremberg that was just Sheila.

So we had made it almost, to cope with our morgentliches chaos where, to our train to Nuremberg reasonably on time reach. This problem was solved by us so.

The train ride itself was fairly boring and uneventful. Unfortunately, the chaos of the Deutsche Bahn was the result, that we do not go as planned in Großraumwagen, but drove in a locked compartment to Nuremberg.

< Trannyghettoisierung>

Well not quite, and drove with two men and an elderly couple, all of which were quite stiff. Whether the reason we were there or whether they just have a boring life, we could not really find out.

Were less boring us, because I had to confess, I had no plan, at which hotel I had booked. Name, Address, Phone, all of this was at home on a printout warm and dry, as they say.

Was tut man also dagegen?
Exactly! Consult my mailbox via cell phone and laptop.

Unfortunately we have, that the route Hamburg – Nuremberg it comes up with one or the other problem-. Hardly anywhere there is UMTS. We felt at the time of 14.4 Back to modem. Laaanges dial and extremely boring building. It was graumsam. Shortly before the landing page has built, came to us a second disadvantage of the route in the way. TUNNEL! Viele Tunnel! And so when your internet connection.
Effect: all over again. A half to three quarters of an hour we tried it, then we gave up exhausted. Why does the web really no Wi-Fi?


Has saved us at the end of the internet cafe flat-s at the station in Nuremberg. As we only had solid, when there was no Internet? I really do not know. Probably because it was a precautionary measure slightly less chaotic…
We were definitely out quickly, I in Hotel Leonardo had a room booked.

Btw. why I actually just today learned of Porter service of Deutsche Bahn.


The costs for the first two pieces of luggage läpprige 2,50 €. What a glamor factor. Should I once again train travel, then I'm doing with a suitcase carrier to the taxi driver takes over the job.

Time management or luck?

Sometime around three clock in the morning we came back from our trip to the King Calavera, only to know, that we would have to get up at seven, if we are up to fourth 10 wanted to create, gedresst to climb the train to Nuremberg.

The Plan:

fast as possible skirmish excessive styling and at the very latest quarter to 10 ab ins on an Auto, unscathed, relaxed and especially early to arrive at the station. A great plan actually.

And, unless Sheila would be. They will deny it in her blog, of course, but you think nothing. Until we have to get up our plan fully complied, Unfortunately, the good then but has taken far too long in the bathroom…

So I had too little time. But maybe it appeared to me also just as before ;.) In any case, everything would have been great, if Sheila would not have been sometime in the door and looked at me with big eyes.

We have to go!!!

Rather than “You hurry NOCH 10 Minutes” or “'d Better hurry up” either “slowly it gets almost”. No she said

We have to go. Now!!

I was of course far from being finished and styled it was now slightly panicked. Now it was actually moderately combat-. The last scrap of makeup were the face, threw the makeup jars in the bag and all together in the trolley.

And I forgot about everything, what else needs to.

Toothpaste? Forget,
Toothbrush? Also forget,
Shaving? Also forget.
Duschdas? Of course there are also left at home

All this, of course, I realized later in Nuremberg our hotel, because now there were more important firstonce. Was important at this point firstonce, to completely panic, like headless chickens running around the apartment and inclusive us to ship everything myself as soon as possible in my car. Sarah said someday, I would like to quickly and drive a car. This time I proved it. We certainly had no 20 Minutes more.

Fasten your seatbelts and get the seats in the upright position.

hier stand mal ein bild

Somewhere between Walter Röhrl Driving style and low flying Tornado we approached the station. Fortunately, that without us, the police waved out, we arrived safely and without prejudice, not by the target but also relaxed and in good time at the station.

hier stand mal ein bild

You could call it luck, or enfach absolutely suitable time management, because at the same time as we entered the platform also drove an ICE to Nuremberg. Hardly 3-5 Minutes later, when we were by the train on the way to our compartment,we were on the road again. To Nuremberg