Lee, Barbie & Eve in Olivias Showclub

I was once again on the weekend in my hometown – also in Hamburg. Here are my summer tires – and yes since the times comes so slow you can mothball the winter tires back and fire at the same time with friends a little belated Easter fire.

IMG_20130427_010529_131 (468x263)

Easter was still snow and ice and so there was no garden waste also we wanted no flu in sub-zero temperatures bring… Therefore we postponed by a month on the last weekend…. Came to extracting a friend, of for some time now lives and works in Essen – well sometimes in Rio, but that's another topic.


We have both spent large parts of our life on Twen-St.Pauli in the side streets of the Reeperbahn and St. Pauli miss our current two cities. Also war klar, has a neighborhood stroll ago.

IMG_20130427_015112_168 (468x263)

I was pretty early in the neighborhood itself WHILE B. and C., Another friend nor cast up a behind the binding… So what to do in the neighborhood with time… ? Finally visit the Olivia Jones Show Club and Eve, Barbie and say Hi Lee.

IMG_20130427_014317_774 (263x468)

Barbie Stupit and Lee Jackson are as “Double Faces” die Drag Hosts im Showclub. I see them though since about 8 Years on each CSD in Hamburg, but on stage I have actually never seen the two. until just today. What can you say… professionally, the two just. Nothing else I've expected.

IMG_20130427_010457_077 (468x263)

Above all, I was pleased, Times to see Eve again and schnacken round ne with her. She has really found in Olivia's Club show their determination. simply because they fit like chalk and cheese. Sehr cool

IMG_20130427_010105_648 (468x263)

Somehow I ended up then – really completely random – backstage… At least in the short term. As long as you would also must not leave me, otherwise I would probably have poached in Barbie and Lee's costumes ­čśë

No no, of course not, but I must urgently stop by again in Olivia ShowClub – Eve and I go and maybe then yes actually look in Olivia's Menstrip shed wild women freak out when….


Orange Street Kreuzberg

Much too early – do you mean against three clock – I came home on Saturday, parked my car and asked me, if that actually should have been all. I believe, I went out of the house more often against three, come home as. The bed was not thinking, after all, I was also only around 18:00 stood…. I thought so.

oranienstrasse bar39

Now, in the Orange Street, not three hundred yards from my house is my regular bar, the Bar 39, in which I actually pass in review every Sunday at one or two or three mojitos and let the week where I chop the collected stories of the weekend in my laptop.

The bartender I've ever betimes shown photos of me and he invited me, I should urgently come times, so why not, the evening in the bar 39 round off…? Meanwhile, I know, however,, that he works there only on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, a colleague tends the bar. No matter. Also could make a good mojito and was only slightly surprised about me. Kreuzberg and Berlin in particular provide.

oranienstrasse berlin

Although I paid the ordered Mojito itself, but the vodka in between, were supposed to represent me and not even the strange red cocktail not the typical cocktail glass, was mixed me unasked. My question, what it was probably, he answered me “That you have but know. 4 Women and the favorite drink of Carrie” …okay, The name is clear, but I admit to have never seen Sex and the City, and thus also the Cosmopolitan me is not very common.

Vodka and Grenadine. Much Vodka and a little grenadine for color… Huuuh, I was so tipsy, I even took the offered cigarette promo and not only drank, but also smoked. Relief. I could still set a picture of me and the bartender, but he told me it “but not post on Facebook” ….Now I would think, my blog is not unique Facebook. aber es ist noch ├Âffentlicher ­čÖé

Well shortly after four, I was one of the last guests and the bar 39 slowly made tight, I now thought slowly as, what to do. So I walked up the street toward Orange Cake, wo ich auf auf ein paar weitere Cocktails ein kehrte, to give this cake to 5 also made tight and I was once again at the thought, to go home or not….

oranienstrasse kreuzberg rosesI did not go, but wandered on the Orange Street high, um das Roses AKA “the trashy bar in the world” haunt and there to drink the Becks Lemon corner of the bar, so, I end up with real beer “Becks ohne Lemon” landed, that was there but not matter anyway, I noticed anyway not much.

So in the wonderful sunshine I came home on Saturday and I was surprised on Sunday, that I actually still managed, take out my contact lenses and abzuschminken me…

Okay, in the Orange Street can be excellent crash. The good, I can then fall straight to bed.

Original kubanischer Mojito

Hannover break – Kubanischer Mojito


Tremely not in since I Cuba I was simply looking for THE Mojoto. I have found it in Miami and came very close are mojitos in Cuba. Here he comes forth also. After all the talking Bodeguita des East which, to proffer the best Mojito…. The fact is, they do it differently.

When I have also written to the Mojito Bar Hemingway in this, I am now got the taste and since then try with different bartenders try out different versions of the mojito to find out, Now what was the best… In Berlin, we already tried different versions of Havana Club, Champagne, white and brown sugar and I had to convince the bartender my regular bar of firstonce….

original mojito kuba

I just sit in the bar in Hanover “Time-out” and is on the board “Original Kubanischer Mojito” my question, what is so special because in this Mojito, knew the bartender immediately answer. White Sugar, Crashed Ice and no more alcohol. I ordered it and I am satisfied.

Nun war kloar, I looked closely at the ingredients times. Here's the ingredients to the original Cuban mojito break the bar in Hanover.

white sugar 2-3 Tablespoons
half a lime expressed
tidy mint
the whole well mixed
ungerashte ice
3 year old Havana Club 40%
Fill with soda

Presumably, the difference of mint and export Havana Club not a distinction hardly be rectified, but this comes very close to the Cuban Mojito.

Kudos to the break in Hannover. Because like the little label at the bar, that indicates, that the best break times, according to Prince Bar 2008 was, well have justified. A very nice little bar with a really nice atmosphere

La Bodeguita Del Medio – A la Hemingway Mojito

Mojito in La Bodeguita Del Medio der Cuba.

La Bodeguita Del Medio Hemingway

In the article on the La Floridita I mentioned already, or that two bars in Havana Cuba are quite, must have one u-n-e-d-b-i-n-g-t visited. Once the just mentioned and discussed here once just the bar.

La Bodeguita Del Medio mojito

It all has to do with, that here the alcohol and the women an affectionate writer, was still famous to, often drunk… Ernest Hemingway. Und getrunken hat is Mojito im La Bogeguita del Medio.

La Bodeguita Del Medio Havanna

THE exactly do all tourists also, the trip here to the bar to drink at Hemingway's footsteps. Even if it is actually a really nice bar, thus disrupting the tourists – I was also the one. Today, no one would simply set the bar so, because he would feel best├Ârt of the masses at Mojito ordered visitors from around the world.

La Bodeguita Del Medio

Okay, I, as a self-confessed fan of Mojito urgently needed to look past here again and I should fly late afternoon in Havana and Cuba on the last day, führte mich der Weg noch einmal in Havannas Altstadt um am eigenen Gaumen zu erfahren, whether this is actually the best Mojito in the world would be made.

NO, will not. While Uwe Christiansen takes only the best mint, so, you take it in that bar niht as accurate. Minzstiele? No matter, so pure in one of the 50 prepared glasses, to a shot of prepared lime juice and a couple ice cubes and then the next…

La Bodeguita Del Medio cuba

Honestly, Chord Mojito maching does not make them better… Nevertheless, I must say, three year old Havana Club makes it a little softer and should be in fact standard, otherwise I can not give the title of the world's best Mojito La Bodeguita Del Medio. Sorry.