GMF – Drag Queen Contest

GMF – Drag Queen Contest


Once a year there in the Berlin Heimat very Drags, the GMF Drag a GMF Contest. I'm not sure, whether before Ru Pauls Drag Race, but in any case very long before the German branch, the big announcement has long been no big message… Some people talk about Ru Pauls Drag Race Germany already of a stillborn child. Too bad wäres.


But be that as it, last night a drag should be named in the GMF. And it could be so beautiful. It was really given everything. The GMF bursting at the seams yesterday before Drags. As may be the Berlin CSD almost a slice of cut.


Nicky Dynamite, Lady Bob, Janka

This a really top-class jury consisting of actress and burlesque Actor Sandy Beach for the performance, from Michael Michalsky responsible for the costumes and made Barbie Breakout, ihreszeichens drag queen and Makeup Artist, responsible for the make up of the ladies on stage. What more could you want from a jury.


Nine women were selected by the jury, join, plus a wildcard for the previous year's winner.. And if you asked frequently, Janka steadfastly refused to join there, they can do nothing except “Appearance”…


But much more would it not also used, to join. …except maybe a little stress resistance, because somehow that was not, with this Contest. The first two rounds consisted of questions – However, it had the great problem of technical incomprehensibility.


In fact, the system was so, that the stage could understand the questions from the jury and the jury had hardly any problems, to understand, what the girls responded to the scene.. This was all a bit chaotic.


For this I wondered a little about the decisions of the jury, because I would have at least Dynamite Nicky gevoted definitely in the finals, would have asked me. Hair, Makeup, Glitter fumble and ever.. I not only they had more expected at the end.

DSC05664Ades was the show program

Incidentally Ruda also. Ruda puda, has submitted an application for Ru Paul's Drag Race and is impressively. Nice to meet and get to know Ruda.


It won a Bitch… at least that was her last name. I forgot her name, or do not remember, but that's nothing.


Drag Queens, Shemales, Queens Schwuz

schwuzActually, I almost never look at me the newsletter of Schwuz, but this time it seemed to be interesting. He promised a panel discussion

Superstructure in petticoats. The man in dress
If the fagot a dying phenomenon?
Panel Discussion: High-gloss vs.. Courtyard, Political vs.. Glamour, Mainstream vs.. Underground – If the dead fagot?

on the 20th anniversary of the death of Melitta Sundström, Pepsi Boston and Jürgen Baldiga should be thought of the fags, the Berlin have moved in the 80s politically. Moreover, it should be looked forward: What is and exposes the fagot today?

Should discuss Jurassica Parka, Toni transit and Moritz from the Kingz of Berlin, Charlet Crackhouse, Patsy l'Amour laLove, Gloria Viagra, Kaey, Barbie Breakout and Vera Titanic. Charlet was not there, instead Margot Schlönzke came on stage, would fit much better on this topic.


So everything was so, what the complex scene so will bear on stage. The typical drag queens, Queens, Shemales, Kaey with a transsexual, Drag kings and everything in between. It was so exciting – or at least interesting.

It is clear, that it alone in defining the terms transvestite, Tunte, Drag Queen with nine people probably 25 Are definitions and it showed pretty quickly. There were also some Einspieler of this Popkicker-guests, should explain these concepts times… Amazingly interesting and extremely different answers came out of there with.

I think, that these terms are anyway always pure self-definition. The transitions are flowing, but how to be perceived or known by other, it has one anyway no real interpretive

A Barbie Breakout does not see himself as a fag and would probably be referred to by virtually no one so. Sure she's a drag queen. Gloria Viagra however can be both a fagot, go through such as a drag queen, Margot a Schlönzke may be a fagot, a travesty warhorse 😉 , but if she wants, they may also at any time be a drag queen… And if you ask a Tatjana Taft, there anyway just in Berlin “Shemales”. So who cares, what exactly who is? And if it already in such a small “Community” are as many opinions, how is that an outsider can understand – and actually, it is also completely irrelevant. Everyone is, he just plays for themselves or want to be.

Einspieler a score of beautiful popkicker: “I'm not a tranny, I'm a normal person” 🙂

The general consensus was, that fagot always something political in itself has, which does not mean just, that a political man in general is a fag in drag, as you can see even with Barbie for some time.

This also quoted Ru Paul, which said something to the “when I open my with my long eyelashes, it is a political statement” … since it is also because no matter, whether one is straight or glamor tranny gives extra schangelig. Amazingly, in other words, also said that, for example, in a patriarchal Kaey for the world, it is such political, if a man wears women's clothes. I feel consensus.

Surely this is more of the lowest type of policy, yeah, but in my opinion this is absolutely correct. However, I would still point to accept a, the still captures the visibility into. Surely there is another act of, to put on a dress for example Schwuz or so still go out into the public…

It also said many in the closing words “it would have to be put on the road much more – whether out shopping or at Karstadt mouth or anywhere else… But when I think about, Who do outside the Mehringdamm, Gayparties, CSDs and CSD street party already “unbooked” 've seen, then there would be some at themselves take. Except Kaey, the yes now lives as a woman and Gloria, I've seen the ladies not particularly in public…

But it turned out again, that it is always difficult, to have as many guests as extroverted in a heap, the converse that is intrinsically- and independently. Since then needs it more than microphones are present and interfere with the presenters then really only the Schlagaustauchsch.. Although both Mr. moderators were pretty good.

The ladies were also agreed with the drinks – Too little and constantly all.
“Barbie You wanted to say something?”
“No, I wave only after alcohol”

In this sense,.

That was probably the last time in the old Schwuz, so now the soon disappears towards Neukölln and Mehringdamm turn back. shame really. Will they then take the Melitta Sundström picture with them from the dance floor??

Drag Race Germany, candidates – the applicants

Drag Race Germany, candidates –
And my subjective opinion about their chances

01 – Barbie Breakout

Barbie Breakout hat alles, to be and Drag Race Germany while she even has everything, to the front to be with drag race here. Already at the first rumors, that finally come to a German counterpart, habe ich einen symbolischen Euro auf Barbie Breakout aus Berlin gesetzt.

barbie breakout 2

Barbie is not “typical”, it is somehow different, somehow independent. While much of the drag D Janes capital with “the best of today” rumplagen and charts as well as the Divas of Pop, bedient sich Barbie bei der schwarzen amerikanischen Musik und springt damit schon mal que(and)r.


Man sieht sie dazu nur sehr selten auf den Bühnen Berlins in typischen Dragperformances, I believe, ich habe sie tatsächlich nur 3-4 mal auf der Bühne gesehen, wenn dann allerdings in Performances, die den besten anderen Damen in Berlin in nichts nachstehen. Daher habe ich nicht den geringsten Zweifel, that it will hit perfect in the discipline.

But as a makeup artist and hair and makeup artist you should also in styling hardly anyone can hold a candle to, it looks great to, is inspiring and also really nice, is of course also not adversely affect.


I can even remember a saying by Tatjana Taft – however, did not refer to the Barbie – that it is mainly trannies and little to no drag queens would be in Berlin. You alluded to, that in the typical Berlin drag queen wigs great ideal of candy or even foam plastic hair is barely known and also the paint pot is rather large in the closet… So it is equally at barbie breakout. Female, feminine glamor, but I'm sure, when “stereotypical drag queen” is required, that they could also. And also not served Godmother Ru Paul this cliché, too.


Lately, Barbie Breakout is also known to people outside of the gay and drag scene. On the one hand through her pretty hard and also (at least for the initiated) funny book Tragic but Horny, especially about their spontaneous action against the situation in Russia by the “Gay propaganda law”, in which they zunäht her mouth. Above all, this action is far rumgegangen and has attracted much attention. I was also reached a message from the other side of the world in the days, in which I was asked, I hope if that was fake blood… Was not it.

Actually, Barbie Breakout was completely apolitical. In terms of Russia, but it has the nixed.

At first glance, Barbie Breakout is an incredibly strong person, if you read their biography and a little busy with their, but you can tell, that it has previously undergone some. How much soft core behind the strong woman infected, I can not say, but I've got such a presumption, that there is all kinds of….

Barbie Breakout looks great, is makeup artist, Hair & Makeup Artist, online, inspiring, strong, has for many years on stage and behind the turntables and your wife has a story to tell…. There is no single reason, why Barbie Breakout should not be there at Drag Race Germany.

Und ich sehe auch keinen Grund, warum sie es nicht gewinnen sollte.

As I said, I put it on lion euros.

02. Ruda puda

Erst das zweite Bewerbungsvideo und das erste bereits, dessen Namen mir nichts sagt. Ruda puda. Interesting! Rodolfo aus Berlin also. Den Blick auf das Ersten, was sich unter einer gemeinhin Leute Dragqueen sausage ellen dürften.

ruda puda drag race germany

Die Bilder von Ruda puda zeigen Extravagant, ausgefallene heard from und ein ebenso Extravagantes Make up. Blick auf den Ersten Front Drag Queen Internationales Formats, die nicht von ungefähr Nina Flowers Let Vorbild nennt. Das Wunder nicht, hatte ich doch auch die Gleich assosiation. “Ah Typ Nina Flowers” – and that is after all become second drag race at the first season in the U.S..

Ruda Puda Dragrace

But looks is not everything. The drag queen Ru Paul's Drag Race in Germany have so each handle a weekly task and that in itself created outfits. A discipline, must obviously have no fear of Ruda Puda. Your CV is called a degree as a fashion designer and is sought after as a designer Rodolfo. The outfits and collections on its own website can be no doubt that is true, the. Was die Outfits angeht dürfte Ruda Puda mit vorne dabei sein. Tolle Outfits mit oftmals brasilianischem Einschlag, the birthplace of Rodolfo.

And there they also showed, that you can successfully deny drag contests and even win. Im brasilianischen Karneval von Florianopolis gewann sie 2008 the drag queen contest. Now I myself was slightly disappointed in Rio on the Gay Pride of the girls in Rio, but what I have seen over the contest in Florianopolis is worthy of all honor and you have to win it first. Ruda hat das Puda.

Ruda Puda Dragqueen

Brasilianisches Talent, Samba, tolle Kostüme Kreation und ein aus eigener fabelhaftes Make up. The 35 Rodolfo jährige hat alles, um bei Drag Race Germany mitzuspielen. Drag Queen mit eine erfahrene internationalem Flair.

Teddy Aftershow Party

Teddy was the weekend awards ceremony and this was not queer be the most important film already enough rice, It was also the 25 You. So an anniversary, that masses of important, interested and certainly attracted some important interested in the departure hall of Tempelhof Airport.


Unfortunately, I can say nothing about the teddies themselves, because my press accreditation could unfortunately only be issued for dei aftershow party because of the large Andrags. Damage. But obviously I did not miss much at the ceremony. Two O-Tones, I was told namely “of chewing gum, as every year” and “Well had ups and downs, You have but little miss”. I am inclined, to believe this, and so as not to feel too bad.


Teddy the after-show party was then that really good and a very reasonable price gay lesbian film, because behind the departure hall, there were two wings each having a party. You can view the whole thing as GMF meets Girl Town, because on the one side presented Zoe with her girls on, on the other hand show Gloria Viagra and Barbie Breakout, what they can.


In addition, there was a drag or anything Italian, the late hours performte on stage and this in an outfit, not insignificant that recalled the full body suits of SuperZandy. You would have thought beautiful, that Madame would hide behind, if this lady would have been on stage not obviously pregnant,, at least I interpret the abdominal times. …And such a belly is not at Zandy on stage… also lacked a hat. Funny, it was still.


But before the party started and you could meet all the people, you wanted, wait it was called firstonce. The accreditation spoke of inlet 23 Clock, but at the time could only be barred gates in front of the door a look at the – throw really well-stocked company – and wait, that would be let in later.

DSC00764wait before (door) the Teddy Awards

Man was then and it was really wiederverwunderlich, who else was there. The usual suspects Queer Celebs Mr. Uecker, of Praunheim, Romy Haag, of course Wowi, somehow to all of Berlin's party organizer and a whole lot of typical Berlin drag partygoers…


And a camera crew from Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities ever, the there do a weekly show for the German-speaking population. What there is not anything. One may be surprised again and again.

As I was also surprised at the guy, the white very stylish in black, walked around with shirt and tie and in which I noticed only on the second Bick, that he helped SNEAKERS. What a break in style. But he could tell me, that this be very special, they were also black and white and he would collect sneakers. Well yes I collect shoes and then somehow can understand that already… I like but would prefer high – and that would not fit in his.


But somehow fit the music has, Barbie and Gloria played and let me dance after a long time again properly…. a big mess partly true old music of my children and youth days, yes – I like it hardly say – back at least a few days.. I mentioned, that struck me the other day, how old Roxette have become? Now I knew the still, since they were young and crisp … Relief.


In any case, it was one of the better parties of the recent past and