Studio Lovemasters Pre-NYE Sauce

The time between Christmas and New Year is a special and a quiet one. And it is a time, which I mostly live in at home Hamburg spend, where I meet friends and family and generally have a good time.

Barbie, Medusa & I

But it is also the time, in which the bars and discos are empty for a few days or have closed completely. Even the Hamburg Reeperbahn is extinct on these days and also Olivia Jones‘ Empire has been there for a while.

Incidentally, that is the reason, why I have all the people at Olivia (out of Eve Champagne) don't know everyone. Because I'm not in Hamburg, when the shops are open and when I am in Hamburg, the stores don't open. A vicious circle.

It was different this time just before New Year's Eve. Leo and Helge called to the Studio Lovemasters Pre NYE Sause and there the party on St. Pauli should be and since Eve wanted to go there and me and some of her friends, invited them to preheat.

And that was it… As I wrote on Facebook the next day?

Go a hairdresser with a dog mask, a travesty Warhorse, they Hula Hoop Artist, Ne burlesque media-whore, still ne Transe, a guy with whom you would buy a home savings contract and a mettler together at a party… And since fall actually hardly.

I, it was like this. A cool collection of people in Eve's kitchen.

Then Leo said, that we noticed. At least not negative, however.

What kind of party was that?. I think that was the largest collection of beautiful people, that I've ever come across. Everyone was beautiful there. And especially if you thought: wow, they all look good here, then a group of beautiful people came in again.

And I don't mean beautiful in the Heidi Klum supermodel beauty ideal.

groDa were Freaks, Outsider, Fetish models, Gothics, Trannies just normal people and what white for people but actually everyone carried an aura with them, who testified “I'm great at my job and I know it too – But today I'm here to just have fun”

Nobody was at this party to advertise for themselves but between “the days” To meet friends and have an evening of fun. One of the best parties, that I experienced for a long time.

Of course we were the last to go home….

In which “home” in this case a few more drinks in Eve's pub “Old Sailor” meant….

Lee, Barbie & Eve in Olivias Showclub

I was once again on the weekend in my hometown – also in Hamburg. Here are my summer tires – and yes since the times comes so slow you can mothball the winter tires back and fire at the same time with friends a little belated Easter fire.

IMG_20130427_010529_131 (468x263)

Easter was still snow and ice and so there was no garden waste also we wanted no flu in sub-zero temperatures bring… Therefore we postponed by a month on the last weekend…. Came to extracting a friend, of for some time now lives and works in Essen – well sometimes in Rio, but that's another topic.


We have both spent large parts of our life on Twen-St.Pauli in the side streets of the Reeperbahn and St. Pauli miss our current two cities. Also war klar, has a neighborhood stroll ago.

IMG_20130427_015112_168 (468x263)

I was pretty early in the neighborhood itself WHILE B. and C., Another friend nor cast up a behind the binding… So what to do in the neighborhood with time… ? Finally visit the Olivia Jones Show Club and Eve, Barbie and say Hi Lee.

IMG_20130427_014317_774 (263x468)

Barbie Stupit and Lee Jackson are as “Double Faces” die Drag Hosts im Showclub. I see them though since about 8 Years on each CSD in Hamburg, but on stage I have actually never seen the two. until just today. What can you say… professionally, the two just. Nothing else I've expected.

IMG_20130427_010457_077 (468x263)

Above all, I was pleased, Times to see Eve again and schnacken round ne with her. She has really found in Olivia's Club show their determination. simply because they fit like chalk and cheese. Sehr cool

IMG_20130427_010105_648 (468x263)

Somehow I ended up then – really completely random – backstage… At least in the short term. As long as you would also must not leave me, otherwise I would probably have poached in Barbie and Lee's costumes 😉

No no, of course not, but I must urgently stop by again in Olivia ShowClub – Eve and I go and maybe then yes actually look in Olivia's Menstrip shed wild women freak out when….


Gaypride Hamburg 2011

29-csd-2011_image_660Downpour. Maximum penalty for Makeup, Hair and costume.. Too bad the

There is a rumor: Petrus ist eine Hamburger Schwuppe. Because the CSD in Hamburg was done in every year, to which I was there – and those are now a few years – Best weather. Schlechtes Wetter bedeutete es schon, if somewhere in the sky a flock clouds could be seen. Otherwise Hamburg each year was absolute risk of sunburn.

DSC00894Barbie Stupid and Lee Jackson

Consequently, I also did me any thoughts, as I transported my PAPER bags in my car, I partially re-landed in all the stores at Neuer Wall on previous days…. I had now actually eliminated all the drawbacks to my costume. This time should not slip and keep everything – ergo: go well.

the two are there every year

The biggest concern was me a text message, which occurred shortly before and let me get lost my firmly planned aid. A hospital visit, I could understand, However, let me reschedule the short. I can not attach the bags I put in costume WHILE…

DSC00891Olivia Jones belagert

Fortunately, I have the most amazing boyfriend ever and a good friend, I rang almost out of bed took pity on me, came, Eien kept me free parking, parked himself in the parking prohibition bappte all of my bags – and went back to sleep… or do anything else. Danke dafür 🙂

DSC00896Umbrellas… the happy

So I was just 6 Minutes after 12 and to recognize, CSD is not started… Top! Ach ja Top-Entertainer Ricardo S, Valery Pearl, Olivia Jones – Hamburg im House. Tatjana Taft not and not on the home photo… what's going on?… It was shown later. She was stuck in traffic and arrived late, Despite the later start.

DSC00926Tatjana Taft

If the CSD something started earlier we would still come home safe and dry through the long series, denn ca 12:15 – and thus he began shortly before start. One 20 Minute downpour and thus the worst, what a costume, dass als PAPIER-Einkaufstaschen besteht, can happen. In no time these were completely soaked and located in resolution. This is the very last bit of hair and the makeup made her way all that is transitory. F U C K !

DSC00934A little color

How annoying. But the law of averages had to happen sometime – as I said only good weather so far. The weather was even better then, However, since it was too late for me.. Nevertheless, tons of praise for my costume came from all sides, However, I could not really enjoy, when I looked at my anguished bags and presented me my hair.

DSC00929A little rococo

Nevertheless, many passers-by were amazing and braved the weather – was also tun? Carry on, carry on, such as Oliver Kahn said so beautiful. In the worst downpour I've actually toyed with the idea, get off at the station, but good, I do not have the, because the best at Hamburg CSD actually came to the conclusion.

DSC00912a little Lolita

First, I noted with much goodwill fixed, that this year's CSD spearheaded real motorcycles, not scooters and Vespas, I 've complained two years ago. Hamburg has a Real Dykes On Bikes force, have not only real motorcycles but also a pretty cool logo and naturally spearheaded the CSD. Top of.

DSC00914Dykes On Bikes

Top of the ladies Escada, who were pleased, that their shopping bags could have a significantly better durability, as almost all the pockets of the competition, even if they still have such a great name. Names are just noise in the rain and Smoke Papiermatsch.

The longest legs of the CSD

Funny and thus the Highlite of the CSD in Hamburg this year, however, was the photo session prior to the high-class shopping district at Neuer Wall, direkt am Ende der Strecke CSD… Actually, I just wanted to relax a little, I was just so overwhelmed before photo requests… A photo finish, schon strömten mindestens zwei weitere Mädels auf mich zu um Fotos zu schiessen. Beendet wurde dieses durch ein resolutes “I have since disrupt times”, actually that brooked no argument.

DSC00900Pinkie also because

While I was still wondering, I vordrängelnden this lady as a sensible, should proffer quick-witted, and above all, great answer, I once looked, there so who has a big mouth..

The response was also not a great, still quick-witted, and consisted of two words. “ach nee” …after all, still followed by a broad grin. An old school friend – if not my favorite school friend – the least I 9 my 10 Years of schooling have spent, Unable our mir – and has always had one of the biggest flaps, die mir je begegnet sind 🙂

DSC00915Wow, ist er grün 🙂
Chris Tucker on the CSD

with which she told me many years ago in her wild time… “You live still determined by x [Forgotten your number] Years Barsbuettel and played with it on my rather uneventful lives to change. In, what the mother says now now set? 😉


Nadine and I

Vestehen not wrong, I like really really like, aber an den Spruch habe ich die letzten Jahre immer mal wieder gedacht und es war eine kleine Genugtuung 🙂 Es hat sich also absolut gelohnt, bring to an end the CSD …