Offense proceedings summons police

The driver pictured is female

I have received a subpoena from the police to a Ordnungwidrigkeitsverfahren… and this must now be next week, police in Berlin Friedrichshain visit. Only I wonder just, who needs the police because, Type of, who lives here or at Zoe, because somehow affects the orladung and administrative proceedings (what a fucking word) both of…

ordnungswidrigkeitsverfahren vorladung polizei

Flashback: Hamburg, 27.12. the last decade.
I spent the evening on the way, I visited the Pink Inc, Valery celebrated with Pearl and dancing to DJ Pa $ cha on the counter. But at some point, the party was over and I left with a brisk tire back home… So far, so gut…the evening was by then, but on a sudden it flashed. I was photographed.

Generally, I'm so happy photographed, I like it though, here to show the best side of me, and perhaps pose some… In little more than pace 80 however, was hardly possible – especially since the flash but was also quite unexpected. … Over 80… in the city… fuck. I feared for my driver's license…

I was happy but then, when I got out of Berlin Police President a letter, where with (tolerance after deduction 79 Km / h was accused of and I was given the opportunity, To comment. …I did not need, I had the offense to three points and expected a fair, although high fine. But he made the calculation without the host the police, namely that thinks, I want to piss them.

Today I received a misdemeanor procedure namely summons the police, because the do not believe me, that I was the, because quote

The driver pictured is female”

Dear Chief, he is not. But if you put it value, I like to give the three points in Flensburg, the chicken in the picture. But I'm afraid, then it has a much larger injury, because it would be difficult for me a driver's license with the name Zoe Delay raise…

Wash Center Berlin Friedrichshain with wifi

Wanted: Wash Center Berlin, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain searched and all please with wifi.
Found?: exactly.

Waschcenter Berlin Friedrichhain

What a great crap, my twenty years old washing machine recently said, to give up their mind and having to say goodbye to retire. Okay okay, I can understand that after all these years and see also irgendwiue. Goofy only, I have now still standing around a washing machine with me, However, this does not sound more.

Nun kann man ja sagen, I may just buy me a new washing machine, cheap washing machines because yes admit it today in every media market around the corner…. The course is also true, I could see recently, and against a – not too expensive surcharge – Media Markt brings the washing machine even to the fourth floor and against a further contract will be carried down the old machine and disposed of. The whole affordable and probably through water and energy savings (cf technology before 20 Years against today's technology) soon refinanced. So what keeps me???

The time is, which prevents me, the best way to bring such a washing machine on Saturday and I was second last week in Berlin on the way to the CSD, last week on the way to the CSD, this week for Artists Charity Night in Zurich on the way… ook da. Goofy…. So I must be doing something, what actually takes a lot more time: Wash aushäusig… I have done this in a truly impersonal laundromat in Berlin Kreuzberg the last time, Wait for me where every minute prepared almost physical pain and boredom almost devoured me. …What you could do everything nice… Blogging, for example,…

Now everything is different, they recommended using a small laundromat, Berlin has to offer because that is also personal. Now I'm sitting in Lavanderia, a small cafe in Berlin Friedrichshain on a beige leather couch, Quittenbionade a drink and chill out music with blogging.. while behind two of my undisturbed washing machines rotate with white and black lingerie her rounds. The Lavanderia is in fact a cafe and a laundromat in a, a wash cafe called something like then probably. The atmosphere is light years better and if I can blog with a free WiFi I am always satisfied. Btw. I believe 80 % Wash all ends bring their laundry in blue IKEA bags.. ich auch 🙂

Also, I can only recommend the Lavanderia and so it is not quite as bad, that still drags on at least a week with my own washing machine… By the way, the name is well chosen, Lavanderia but is just spanish and means: laundress to [the?ande?ria] f Laundry f; Laundry m. Not stupid

laundry, Friedrichshain
Lehnbachstraße 1,
Boxhagen street corner,
10245 Berlin

The Glitteresque – Berlin Burlesque Party

The Glitteresque – Berlin Burlesque Party


Pretty much almost three months ago was the primitive bar in Berlin Friedrichshain with a nice party with three performances of Bulesque Taschana and Julietta La Doll opened. A nice little bar with an even smaller stage and especially a very low stage. Should Heissen: Unfortunately, only the first row could see well…. That was still expandable. But a good start.

That said, probably also Julietta and decided, to make it a party series. The Glitteresque!

Glitter, Glam and Burlesque will now occur in the month mode in the primitive bar and thus hopefully many enthusiastic spectators…. It worked first time on Friday this very well. La Glitteresque was a success voler: The Bar war gerammelt Voll, Julietta was able to convince the bar, that the stage had to be at least three times as high, the girls at the bar were great and most of the guests were thrilled. Smaller flow margins, the first of a party are owed, fall there really no weight, even if a couple wanted to make the faith. Julietta konnte – , and was – be happy in the end. Her first party was a success and so it can go on. But to the matter:

Three girls were on stage: Julietta La Doll und Taschana, as three months ago, plus Lady Lou.

The likable New Zealander Lady Lou, already a long time in London Burlesque dancing has filed a maternity leave and speak celebrated at La Glitteresque her comeback. We already talked to the last Boheme Sauvage with her and she trusted to Sheila, that it would probably exciting, To watch her performance. In London, she thinks, it was almost hard, yet to find a location, still standing in the Burlesque on the program, in Germany it was still all a bit in the early stages, but it evolves. They are also teaching in the area in Beauty Dance Studio.

The stage in the primitive she shared with a small poodle, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, and with Fred, a man in the … Well let's say something more than the best age. Our Sugardaddy eben, was supposed to be an easy game to Seduce. .. In this case, but I'm not quite sure, he was so motionless, that he seemed to schalfen. He was probably also the only, because all the others were enthusiastic.


But the performance of Julietta La Doll was also inspiring. Great and romantic. About 6 Minutes but not too long. Ein tolles Outfit, eine tolle Show. Unfortunately, you can not at all see the green in the red glow as good, but I refer here before even coming to the report of the Girl in a Hot Rod Party of Inga, Julietta where this number also brought. – In better quality camera. Five pieces Julietta has been and is working on a sixth. I know of two. So stay still for the first four. Looking forward to it, more to see.


In Taschana there were also “more than can be seen”. The lady is just huge and blew at her first appearance as my camera lens. Luckily I was the second appearance “Goldfinger” far enough back, to perpetuate them all on the lens can. Now Goldfinger's also quite a standard, I've seen a few times on stage, and I must confess, at Stella Destroy with its Version of Goldfinger kam nicht ran Taschana. But decide for themselves.


Otherwise it was a very nice evening with many of the usual suspects. Constantine (Coco) might look somewhat surprising, was discussed as it “Caution, do not be surprised, Zoe is just behind you…” and smiled at him, a type… Da brauchte er ein paar Zehntelsekunden um das einzuordnen 🙂

Unfortunately, I missed after another great aftershow Birthday Party, probably took the really strange trains, probably the better of any pictures or videos but would have to be made.

Primitive Bar. Burlesque Berlin

Primitive Bar – Berlin FriedrichshainBurlesque Berlin

One should always look into his inboxes and see also the myspace bulletins, otherwise it could be, that you missed something important, what's worth watching anyway.

Yesterday I saw an interesting bulletin on Myspace, that the opening of the primitive bar in Berlin Friedrichshain announced and three of burlesque shows Miss Julietta und Jasmin Taschana, a fire show and a variety of DJ's came up and so courted a visit. Sounded good, but not so good, I absolutely would have me for dressen.

So I started the evening on the way to the Simon-Dach-Strasse to the primitive bar… The bar I immediately found danna uch, with the parking lot but then it should take some. Parking in the area are so rare to find and so easy in about, such as four-leaf clovers in, in… er, maybe in canola fields… It does not exist – and if there should be but they, then you will not find it. after a time, in which I could have hinlaufen from home there, I finally found a – and even only two cross streets away… No area for drivers like me.


The bar itself was – as befits an opening – well filled and the road before also. A nice little bar with three rooms. A room with bar, a small room with two sofas where just purely just fit a small table and a poker room, which you can use as a small dance floor – and ultimately even a small chamber, in just as flat a DJ with his equipment has space.

Overall, a nice little bar, but that would hardly stand out among the hundreds of bars there in Friedrichshain. However, as in other bars, here makes the audience the music. And yesterday, a couple people have it thrown in shell. – I like not only told.

And it's always the same. Niemand beachtet einen so 🙁 . As I stood in the small poker room and watched the cards, Inga came from the Boheme Sauvage in., looked around briefly, I just looked in the face, niece to me, and disappeared without a special straight face again. …Not recognized!

But I'm probably the person, at the very least has the right, to complain about, the male face that someone, that he only knows with makeup and wig, not seen. Yet it is just a legend, I something like that except for :Gloria Viagra: still have not managed to drag in Berlin… Skurill the situation for me, however, was somehow. Also because the perspective was different somehow. Inga wore higher heels than normal, I no this time. It was sort of 15 cm above mean sea level. Nadenn, when I asked her, However, I then realized it immediately – the voice.

With discussions about Athens, Paris, village party companies, Parties, Burlesque Performer, Parking, Drag Queens, Shoes, Search Engine Optimization, blogging and wasweissichnochalles we passed the time until the first show of Miss Julietta very excited and very nice.

And man muss sagen, that the primitive bar is not exactly the best place for a burlesque show, because the stage is about 15-20 cm high and thus the visibility is very limited. …especially, when the bar is well stocked, like yesterday. View as in the deepest fog – zero. This was a really bad illumination.

My only option was, to climb on a chair, to hold the camera as much as possible high, so to film the whole thing from above and hope, the camera to the light conditions cope. Actually, something like this always stupid, because as you get yourself really nothing of the show, but must be careful, that the camera captures not only wall or people. But it all worked quite well, and so there is yesterday's appearance, by the way, is the same as last week in Queen Calavera last week was.

But it should still willing to follow after a joint appearance with jasmine Taschana. Holla is the large-. With strict hairstyle, Glasses and a stern face and a whip she gave the teacher and the Julietta Bad Girl School Girl. Had loose at 20 – 25 cm sizes differed somewhat from David & Goliath… Something different.


A third show was no more then