I like Kreuzberg

I like Kreuzberg, Strictly speaking, my Kreuzberg 36. why, that is always clear to me, For example, when I stroll along the Orange street and see a poster like the following:


A tattooed, feminist and anti-homophobic rapper with Berlin Burlesque hat against Nazis. What more can about Kreuzberg 36 testify? Although I thought only, she was also a Turk, but that has not materialized after looking at her Wikipedia entry. And still. This is one of the reasons, why I live in Kreuzberg. And the like

Teddy Aftershow Party

Teddy was the weekend awards ceremony and this was not queer be the most important film already enough rice, It was also the 25 You. So an anniversary, that masses of important, interested and certainly attracted some important interested in the departure hall of Tempelhof Airport.


Unfortunately, I can say nothing about the teddies themselves, because my press accreditation could unfortunately only be issued for dei aftershow party because of the large Andrags. Damage. But obviously I did not miss much at the ceremony. Two O-Tones, I was told namely “of chewing gum, as every year” and “Well had ups and downs, You have but little miss”. I am inclined, to believe this, and so as not to feel too bad.


Teddy the after-show party was then that really good and a very reasonable price gay lesbian film, because behind the departure hall, there were two wings each having a party. You can view the whole thing as GMF meets Girl Town, because on the one side presented Zoe with her girls on, on the other hand show Gloria Viagra and Barbie Breakout, what they can.


In addition, there was a drag or anything Italian, the late hours performte on stage and this in an outfit, not insignificant that recalled the full body suits of SuperZandy. You would have thought beautiful, that Madame would hide behind, if this lady would have been on stage not obviously pregnant,, at least I interpret the abdominal times. …And such a belly is not at Zandy on stage… also lacked a hat. Funny, it was still.


But before the party started and you could meet all the people, you wanted, wait it was called firstonce. The accreditation spoke of inlet 23 Clock, but at the time could only be barred gates in front of the door a look at the – throw really well-stocked company – and wait, that would be let in later.

DSC00764wait before (door) the Teddy Awards

Man was then and it was really wiederverwunderlich, who else was there. The usual suspects Queer Celebs Mr. Uecker, of Praunheim, Romy Haag, of course Wowi, somehow to all of Berlin's party organizer and a whole lot of typical Berlin drag partygoers…


And a camera crew from Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities ever, the there do a weekly show for the German-speaking population. What there is not anything. One may be surprised again and again.

As I was also surprised at the guy, the white very stylish in black, walked around with shirt and tie and in which I noticed only on the second Bick, that he helped SNEAKERS. What a break in style. But he could tell me, that this be very special, they were also black and white and he would collect sneakers. Well yes I collect shoes and then somehow can understand that already… I like but would prefer high – and that would not fit in his.


But somehow fit the music has, Barbie and Gloria played and let me dance after a long time again properly…. a big mess partly true old music of my children and youth days, yes – I like it hardly say – back at least a few days.. I mentioned, that struck me the other day, how old Roxette have become? Now I knew the still, since they were young and crisp … Relief.


In any case, it was one of the better parties of the recent past and

Long Night of the Museums

Ramones Museum Berlin.


It is amazing, I was for the first time in my life for the second time in a month and in a museum – completely random – just the day of the Long Night of Museums in Berlin.

That night, all the major museums in Berlin, at least 100 Open houses and showrooms in Berlin. I'm not sure, if the museum which I had visited there on Saturday, but certainly inspired the artist, I visited the museum, more people than as Machner painter or sculptor. I speak of the Ramones. …The other museum, I attended was actually the Beatles Museum, so much for my understanding of art 😉


Some people might think I'm a Kunstfrevler now, to compare the Ramones with an important painter, but it is fakt, it gint a Ramones Museum, So there is obviously an interest, more about this – in my opinion – to learn important punk band, but that has influenced so many other bands…


Unfortunately, it's a pretty small museum, are exhibited alongside most diverse tour Ramones T-Shirts, Information about the band members, the various member changes, a leather jacket, ein few Sneakers von Tommy Ramone. We learn, such as the Ramones logo has been created with the eagle and the baseball bat, we learn about the career flopped rapper Dee Dee Ramone, visiting during the revolution days in Berlin and even a lot more about the history of the band.


As a museum, the Ramones museum is really small, but considering, that it is actually a private collection, the founder Flo Hayler 18 Years together contributed, then that's all kinds of, what is on exhibit.

For me as a big Beatles fan is particularly exciting, that there is a connection between the Beatles and the Ramones, For example, Let it be by the Beatles and Rock’N’Roll High School by the Ramones were both produced by Phil Spector. Only a very small Bruchstüch, but interesting for me. Exciting also, to see the manuscript of Blitzkrieg Bop, repeating from the repeated “Im A Nazi” has been deleted. That was probably too much of a good.


The fact is, Punk wer mag, should the Ramones Museum visited times. But do not wait for the next layer Night of Museums, because I think since the museum is not open.

Also Hey Ho, Let’s go!

Super heroines on the Berlin CSD

Shira Princess of Power, Wonderwoman, Supergirl und Lara Croft… Who is wrong in this list? Of course Lara Croft, because that is a real man. At least in the movie. A Superhelding yesterday and it is still a very coveted superhero. However, from the beginning.

101_0086 mit Judy Winter

11 Clock, no 13 Clock, 12 Clock … It was always the same as, we could not really some, when we were about to leave for Berlin CSD, then somehow agreed and eventually came but then again late at Janka going on and then waited again a long time it, that the ordered taxi arrived for us, water to surprise a few superheroes take.


…We could have also fly, So at least Wonder Woman (Sheila) and Supergirl (I) but the other two just needed a taxi and then we split up – up towards KuDamm, where then Spider Girl, Catwoman and Barbarella were waiting for us and we for a visit to the hairdresser, where we had to show us once again, moving with two other taxis in the direction of CSD.

101_0090 Spider-Mel

This time, the CSD began again on Kurfürstendamm with so much nicer route. It makes it much more fun, run past there, Also where people reside and that is the way Kurfürstendamm, Nollendorfplatz towards Potsdamer Platz definitely. …And these people had a lot of fun at Super Girls. It surprised me, how many actually knew the names. I myself would – before I met Sheila – not known, wer Wonder Woman ist. Shira, although I have heard that before, but realized I would never have. Only Lara Coroft I would have recognized.


Like all other. Nina was clearly the favorite of the route “Laraaa, Laraaa. A popular photo object. But Nina also saw something really out of. Brad Pitt would have been cooped up somewhere, he had fell in love Nina. We had actually fear, that Nina still so four to eight indians adopted during the turn, But she kept a little more to the Lara Croft image and instead prefer fiddling with her two deceptively real-looking shootas around. Kam das gut an.


Funny it was, however, always, when someone searches with Nina “Hallo Frau Croft” called, and then turned again to amazed Janka Kroft. And I'm sure, merfach than that then turn the Janka scale “Shiiiieeeeraaaa” was established, Wonder Woman Frau Sheila umdrehte. Only with me, I realized upset, that few people knew obviously Supergirl, while Superman is still badly known… Several times I was called as Superman…. Now I learned only yesterday but also, that there is a Supergirl movie, however, was the only reasonably successful.


Somewhere the train waited for a while, so the rest can unlock again, so I could once again with the police, accompanying the track in the TV trucks, support. Then you also saw an immediate, it is sad, that we would have to cut the guys getting out of trouble Superheroes. Why a TV trucks the police but is actually important, I somehow can not find out until the end of the conversation. Not, why we had previously always take refuge in continuous operation before each following car, doch water and) we still wanted photographed people and b) Later we had to endure so long in wartendem train.


…But then it went any further, and after a short stint at Woolworth, to buy a few anti-slip inserts and then quickly jumped on the neon Raiders truck up just before the Potsdamer Platz, the second part and especially to be able to take the most visited part of the CSD somewhat rested in attack.