Clubs International – bleak this time

unspannede matter this month

Hmm there Clubs International in Kino International is usually something of a self-goers. This party is the biggest gay party of the month and something like the home of all trannies from Berlin.

There have been days, because you needed hours to go through and all “Hello” say. Saturday was no such day. After a count became lost just three drags next to Sheila and me this evening to the cinema International – And it was Biggy Blonde already a. Normally, this is roughly the number of wigs, you can count on behind the DJ booth in the main hall. How could something like this happen?

Well it was probably as, that the party had already disintegration, when we came. I believe, it wanted more people have returned to their jackets as new jackets when we came to the wardrobe appeared. And Krizzi came forward with her camera and wanted to meet already put an end. Nevertheless, we could still talk about, einpaarmal still perpetuate ourselves in the stairway. ( This was also urgently need, because we managed this evening really little images yourself ).

While we were posing there, came :Mataina ah wie süß: s past as type-male – so there were but there Drags, just not gedresst. She was actually already on the way home, but a picture had to be already more.

As I said, The party itself was not really exciting this month, Although Janka and Olga were with two other male looking bad trannies on site but the talks were exciting somehow limited, and the music really made me temporarily to dance.

Janka but seemed to have something travesty storage, because although the road as a man, she snapped at my heels, I just balanced on the chairs and teetered so with my red pumps through the area.

The reader now knows, that if the following is erwähnbar: “Janka stöckelte durchs Kino International” really can not be much happening erwähnbares.

Since not even seemed, that this will probably not change, Sheila and I are adopted soon and ended the evening with still some discussion about genres and bands. SWo I mentioned a sampler tape from the latest True chill… but I will get a second time.

This time the AI ​​was rather boring, but this is certainly the next party again completely different.

Bodies Without Organs @ Kino International

gaypride Berlin 2008 -The Party


Man kennt es ja, the parties, the vast, are really great and even incomparably, are usually NOT the best. Usually this happens at least once a year to Silvesterm but also relatively common to CSDs.

The CSD of course attracts many people in the city, but since each club, holding on to something, CSD hosted a party, this many people spread over many clubs, all of which are half full and every club are a few party-goers, which means, that there are no Party, are really on the many party-goers. So it was this time.


Was there last year actually just a real party, namely the CSD Avenue consisting of the GMF Cafe in Moscow and the Clubs International in Kino International there was this big party this year no longer, because the GMF has moved.

We moved the party from the Club International. But for this we had to see firstonce, that we are on the guest list, because of me for some reason was the motto “Travesty Zahl not” set this weekend at the International Club except force. Sheila but somehow got it right again and we came in at the normal price – free.


The Party selber Biggi Blonde and Zoe behind the controls, Stella DeStroy and :Nina Queer: on the stage. Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but somehow it does not really sparked this evening. I also do not know why. Lots of light from the entire day we were just a little broken, perhaps too little familiar faces were there, maybe it was a little too hot – but perhaps it was also all a little.


This is the impression the party was somehow the show act “Bodies Without Organs” not entirely allay. This Swedish pop band, the singer probably remembered not only by Mika made me a little cute, but not earth-shattering music, and two of the three songs sounded in my ears still somehow the same.


It gab aber Personen, were deeply moved by the music – Nun ja, why not. Tastes are different.

Nundenn relatively fixed after the show we ended the CSD Berlin as almost every Saturday at Mc Donalds.


Btw. what I have noticed about Nina Queers moderation in the afternoon. Your guests were Maringo and DJ Divinity, produces her music and DJ Zoe, has been securely mounted on Nina evening party not randomly. Ein Schelm wer da böses denkt 😉

No matter, It was a nice interview and can be found here:


Verlorene Camera in Klub International

Clubs International

Actually held this evening at a full program Clubs International spend we arrived behind the Girl in a Hot Rod Party in Kino International an. Janka however came about half a minute ago, because she thought again, that they would need a jacket and then realized, but then so warm that it was not…. So she ran to her highheels, all the while that they Gädels Glamour Stiletto Run locker abgehängt hätte. However, we went a little more leisurely and rather paid the euro and watched a purely.


As it should be, I wanted to shoot a couple photos and pulled out my camera…

..But where I expected the camera, was just a big hole and the best corresponded to what my camera, was my phone, the camera is far away, To be designated as a camera with a clear conscience…

Fuck, the part is away.

It brought nothing, look up at the door, in my jacket it was not. Fuck. Lost the second camera in three weeks… This is just unreal.


There were actually two ways, the car and the wardrobe in the Roadrunner's Paradise. And then the impossible happened, Sheila gave me the car for their mini bowl to see… I nevertheless ought not to think of me, thus to turn a few laps, did not need to add them… I would have done, I would not write today, probably because both my arms and each finger bones had been broken einzelnd… Eggs, in terms of their mini, there is the good rigorously.


But back to the camera, they actually lay back on the seat and I was shortly to give 200 previously written euros richer. Since then I was able to loose the 2 Spend € for the bread man, came back.

I then went back into the registry Pever AI and looked for the rest of my team, but did not find it, because two of the girls were somewhere, (probably on toilet, I can tell because I have chickens always go to the toilet for two) and the third girl was running around without makeup on once again.


…Well, it is, I did not find them, Instead, I found someone else, Strictly speaking, an ex-colleague and current business partner, although it knew of Zoe, however, had never seen me live. …Zoe had seen him before live – namely the Goya in the cloakroom. He had not recognized me – there are soooo many trannies now not in Berlin, or?

There was anything else?

Not much. We met Pricilla and Kasper and played it and Biggy :Superzandy:, who offered himself as a tour guide for the Oktoberfest, on which we will probably come this October… As it is now called Dirndl buy…


But otherwise it was a rather inconsequential Club International Party. Something like this happens. We arrived home just once in front Hellsein….

That does not abzuleisten without our Traditional third half at McDonalds Skarlitzer road.

But more of that later exclusive image- and sound.

Sarah and Polly and we in an asylum House

but not exactly the best party so far there.

Actually it was this weekend that bitch hard in Nuremberg, but we decided, that increase the fun had not quite outweigh the costs especially in the outset a lot of people canceled. So therefore we have rather stayed in Berlin and once again the Irrenhouse from :Nina Queer: visited. That's always a sure thing.


The apparently also saw a few other so-, firstly because Polly was back in Berlin and was totally unexpected Sarah-Maria at once in front of my door. Actually, I expected Sheila, to the urgent need to use the toilet with the basic initiated this surprise. Instead, Janka weakened around this weekend. You have nothing to wear !!! …Have you ever looked into your wardrobe Janka? In, she was still in the asylum House, although in the male form… (Only mal formhalber – if I already know someone, dann er-kenne ich ihn auch wieder 😉 )


Before astray House but we wanted to make a side trip to the Ackerkeller Wigstöckel Loves You Soliparty, on which to pencil Chicago Rose and Chou Chou de Briquette should give glory. After a seemingly endless parking space and felt even longer Fuschmarsch in arctic cold we finally arrived in Ackerkeller – only to discover at the checkout, that

a) Chicago would have canceled and probably at their party in White Trash was
b) that the show was just finished and
c) that they wanted entry.

it was like Kinder Surprise, three reasons at once – not go into the cellar and field returns at the box office to make and receive ferent just mentioned walk towards car again. Somehow the girls were at the box office this pretty snotty and pissed when we return on the sales made. I can not help myself, but with Wigstöckel events I will somehow not quite warm…

Instead now, however, to go to the White Trash, we decided, already to visit the Mad House. So we picked us up at Divatlantique a nice greeting and three free tickets and walked up the stairs into the hallowed halls down. ..Were we ever so early in Irrenhouse? When, then at least not long. At least I can not remember, to have misled the House ever experienced as empty – but this fact should still change arg.


Now, we concluded it were almost on, Loading of war doctrine, on the screen fueled Nina Queer diligently and endlessly repeating un-their reputation as the world's largest schwanzbläserin Berlin. She herself, however, was not in the House. Tatjana however was already finished blond and glittering in the pop-floor room and told us a couple more anecdotes from her book Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen. Let's see, how it goes. While we waited so, that the Mad House is fully, Stella also wobbled DeStroy, Nina Queer and sometime then Polly and Shanee, Janka and Mel gap in men's and Kitana a. Was particularly fond of, the Krizzi came with her camera, and although Berlin4Fun bring any photos from the Geburtstaksklub more. She was so completely only for our sake because. Vielen Dank Krizzi.


Together we waited for the main event, Show, but lasted. The ladies really let themselves this time period.

Unlike most of these waiting times deises but unfortunately meant nciht, that great just needs time, because the show was pretty disappointing. …Well, one is used to from the asylum House just great. Glitter, Galamour, Travesty at its best and so is “Home cooking travesty” just been disappointing.

Nina Queer

Made the beginning Biggi Blonde with a, I entirely unknown number of about one minute length. One could also say, that the number has lasted less long, as Nina Moderation. …What was that Biggi? I would imagine, Nina's opinion that frightened, if that was all was meant seriously, because that is all asked umherum – included me. Polly meinte noch, Biggi but that really would be a good name, to deliver something like. These words is little to add. Biggi ist classes. This performance was not exceptional times. He has not even lasted long enough to score a neat photo…


It was followed Tatiana, Nina with the words “At the Berlinale also shown a lot of shit – Tatiana” announced. Not just nice. Tatjana rachte a German song, that it acted, that a small whip man, they should be flogged on stage. For song then a man came to the stage, they then actually whipped. Strange somehow. But at least the idea clearly more exciting than the first post. But even with Tatyana I have to confess, the spark that somehow did not want to skip. Thunderous applause is somehow something else. Tatiana has now shown several times, that they can do better. So I've got no fear.


The last – and in my opinion also the best – Post was then of Stella DeStroy given. Although I understood its meaning only after the appearance, when he was told. Vice got their days. Why do we allow times to be seen. But her white satin dress was pretty messed up in the course of the appearance with lots of ketchup umm blood and urgently needs a cleaning. The performance was the best of three non-intoxicating and all with whom I was talking about so, were actually quite disappointed.


Now, I'm sure, Nina will put the next time from the travesty of the finest wig.

What is there to say otherwise to the party? Hmmm little. Polly and Shanee warped early, a lot of people were not typical of this time there, the smoking room was extremely smoky (drum it's the smoking room), plus it was full – us to accomplish something and so we moved on to six people and a mini to the White Trash. But for more tomorrow.