Who the hell is this Las Vegas?

Blitzheirats Wedding Chapel
Straight people sad – Shemales shemales get married in a mental house
and yet in so many other memorable Irrenhouse.

Las Vegas Heiratskapelle

A memorable Irrenhouse took place once again on Saturday… Now the Mad House is actually always in some way memorable. So this time, of course,. Funny, it was definitely. Nina Queer has let their sick fantasy, brought the already so funny things like tail-memory or in an asylum Wurstbar House. This time should come out something blasphemous. A small wedding chapel in Irrenhouse.

Nina Queer & Baby JaneNina and Baby Jane did not marry. I believe.

Brigitte married there in a ceremony, which in its brief, the Blitzheiratselvisse in Las Vegas for sheer emotion “Always on my mind” would allow intone. Probably the saddest song Elvis… No matter. Brigitte married there as a nun of Nina Grace, everything you came to the altar. Men and men, Men and women, Shemales and men, Shemale and women, Shemales and trannies, Shemales and Iphones and at least one Heterosexual Couple, what is actually in a mental house already own a blasphemy.


I married my iphone. Janka married to Sheila and Stella went to the Mormon and married the half astray House. At least I've seen them at least twice before the altar, and I was not long before, it was certainly more often… And only God Nina weiss, whether it has achieved the distinction dates from three to half past three?


Okay, mislead the House was therefore a little church… but really just a smidgen, drum you could see even in the show ecclesiastical robes, as for example in Mataina Ah how sweet, which probably remained in their childhood in Catholic boarding school at Bishop Mixa and reported in its issue of. By the way, will be the attentive visitor Irrenhouse not escaped, Mataina reported that even before the scandal of abuse… I at least knew the number already.


But not the other numbers and they were absolutely worth seeing and filmenswert… Although I'm not sure, whether Nina Queer feels the same. Their first number together with Stella DeStroy, brought them namely to, rabidly to show up against my camera. Together they brought Peter Maffay number “The” as a punk rock song “I” on the stage. This versprizten and they verspuckten beer.


Now I'm used to it, that the girls on stage rumsauen, But not only that Nina spat into the crowd, but absolutely 100% on my camera lens I must be viewed as an attack on press freedom. In dictate ions they smashed camera lens, House in the asylum they spit them out. But after a short cleaning it could go.


For example with Mataina and Biggy van Blond, I've not seen on the stage of Irrenhouse. Together they brought the inevitable Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. If I had to bet a title, I would have taken him.


A beautiful number, the props go to this song probably at Sherry Vine and Peppermint, because their telephone parody is probably unbeatable. By Mataina and Biggy. And who has not seen the video of Sherry and Peppermint, should make up for it necessarily. Also: Look at. Immediately


After we had cleared so that we come to lertzten – and for me the best piece of yesterday evening. The Stella has once again delivered with the memories of youth “The Sign”. Boh I had not heard in a while and I find, stella has the great umgesetztund thereby reveal a lot of secrets. To know the whole House for misleading for, Nina is a small… a very small…


Btw. Klein: unexpected by me, came to this House astray Pricilla Lay and Denise Van De Hoven also. However, as men. Pooh Pooh. This is the way I noticed, that Denise is quite small, even tiny… But that was certainly his own attitude. Drags, as men come to the nut house, result is absolutely small and insignificant from home. This affects onto Erscheinunbgsbild… And as you can see on the mood… Man(n) must wait to snakes and will not vorranging served at the bar and generally being ignored by every. Such is life. Well, who does not want stöckeln, must feel.


The thought is probably also the Kofferboys, standing that evening as a suitcase girls behind the controls. Kiss makeup with the two faces of known each, but when Drags go but then again is something else. A groß0es praise from me to the two. Das sollten sie öfters machen 🙂

the kofferboys

Was there anything else? And, the bar in the smoking room, was overcrowded, I did not even have to welcome the two Tresenfeen properly, that went so far, that there was enough in the hectic even for words. Nothing I was pushed out of the Becks Lemon in a hand, received my voucher and taken care of the next guest. Man versteht mich ohne Worte 🙂


what can I say. Astray House was once again class. And on to the next time.

Probably better New Year's Eve party

The International Club is a bit like, known as the chocolates from Forrest Gump. Man weiss man bekommt.


So actually, you know it already, because the Club International is just the biggest gay party in Berlin. Ein Pop Floor, a House floor and massive partying people. Only the level meters on the celebration hit at this party every now and again from different degrees… If hot, times is at Kino International's boring and time the mood is great. On weekends, the level of violent hit.


It was a bit of an early New Year's party or at least mood, which, unfortunately, it is usually not reached on the New Year's Eve parties. Who knows?, maybe it will be different this year, depending, when Bob Youngs GMF Moscow reopened the cafe and celebrate to the International Club and the Mad House. That should be the melting pot of New Year's Eve and the last weekend of the International Club has already celebrated once before.


It may have been related to the emergence or end with the great lineup of Stella DeStroy, Biggy van Blond and SuperZandy, perhaps even with the snow cannon to Mariah Carey's Christmas cracker or with the advent of high drag this evening. But really matter, what it was, the atmosphere was the best for many evenings there.


This evening but also drags were there en masse, little berlin drag, which was not in civil or fumble the go. Ule if known, unknown, ever seen or not seen, they celebrated the International Club this evening. For example, a girl, bisdato that I knew only as a man and I have of course not recognized again.


I'm usually known for it yes, have to be recognized as a man hardly a drag. I think except Gloria, Olivia Gina and I have almost always looked goofy and understood nothing – this time it was the other way around, a man in drag – and I have failed in this direction. But I was taken aback, when I saw, with whom she was there… Once again, look closer and. “Yep erkannt”. Only the 14 cm heels, I would not have taken, the time to make simply no fun. Nevertheless, a lot of respect. Only the name I will not write this time, as male name and female image not wantonly must be shown together.


By the way, I have found again, that an evening can work in AI very well with a homeopathic dose of alcohol. Aloha Mango and Redbull Cola can actually be enough

Clubs International – bleak this time

unspannede matter this month

Hmm there Clubs International in Kino International is usually something of a self-goers. This party is the biggest gay party of the month and something like the home of all trannies from Berlin.

There have been days, because you needed hours to go through and all “Hello” say. Saturday was no such day. After a count became lost just three drags next to Sheila and me this evening to the cinema International – And it was Biggy Blonde already a. Normally, this is roughly the number of wigs, you can count on behind the DJ booth in the main hall. How could something like this happen?

Well it was probably as, that the party had already disintegration, when we came. I believe, it wanted more people have returned to their jackets as new jackets when we came to the wardrobe appeared. And Krizzi came forward with her camera and wanted to meet already put an end. Nevertheless, we could still talk about, einpaarmal still perpetuate ourselves in the stairway. ( This was also urgently need, because we managed this evening really little images yourself ).

While we were posing there, came :Mataina ah wie süß: s past as type-male – so there were but there Drags, just not gedresst. She was actually already on the way home, but a picture had to be already more.

As I said, The party itself was not really exciting this month, Although Janka and Olga were with two other male looking bad trannies on site but the talks were exciting somehow limited, and the music really made me temporarily to dance.

Janka but seemed to have something travesty storage, because although the road as a man, she snapped at my heels, I just balanced on the chairs and teetered so with my red pumps through the area.

The reader now knows, that if the following is erwähnbar: “Janka stöckelte durchs Kino International” really can not be much happening erwähnbares.

Since not even seemed, that this will probably not change, Sheila and I are adopted soon and ended the evening with still some discussion about genres and bands. SWo I mentioned a sampler tape from the latest True chill… but I will get a second time.

This time the AI ​​was rather boring, but this is certainly the next party again completely different.

Verlorene Camera in Klub International

Clubs International

Actually held this evening at a full program Clubs International spend we arrived behind the Girl in a Hot Rod Party in Kino International an. Janka however came about half a minute ago, because she thought again, that they would need a jacket and then realized, but then so warm that it was not…. So she ran to her highheels, all the while that they Gädels Glamour Stiletto Run locker abgehängt hätte. However, we went a little more leisurely and rather paid the euro and watched a purely.


As it should be, I wanted to shoot a couple photos and pulled out my camera…

..But where I expected the camera, was just a big hole and the best corresponded to what my camera, was my phone, the camera is far away, To be designated as a camera with a clear conscience…

Fuck, the part is away.

It brought nothing, look up at the door, in my jacket it was not. Fuck. Lost the second camera in three weeks… This is just unreal.


There were actually two ways, the car and the wardrobe in the Roadrunner's Paradise. And then the impossible happened, Sheila gave me the car for their mini bowl to see… I nevertheless ought not to think of me, thus to turn a few laps, did not need to add them… I would have done, I would not write today, probably because both my arms and each finger bones had been broken einzelnd… Eggs, in terms of their mini, there is the good rigorously.


But back to the camera, they actually lay back on the seat and I was shortly to give 200 previously written euros richer. Since then I was able to loose the 2 Spend € for the bread man, came back.

I then went back into the registry Pever AI and looked for the rest of my team, but did not find it, because two of the girls were somewhere, (probably on toilet, I can tell because I have chickens always go to the toilet for two) and the third girl was running around without makeup on once again.


…Well, it is, I did not find them, Instead, I found someone else, Strictly speaking, an ex-colleague and current business partner, although it knew of Zoe, however, had never seen me live. …Zoe had seen him before live – namely the Goya in the cloakroom. He had not recognized me – there are soooo many trannies now not in Berlin, or?

There was anything else?

Not much. We met Pricilla and Kasper and played it and Biggy :Superzandy:, who offered himself as a tour guide for the Oktoberfest, on which we will probably come this October… As it is now called Dirndl buy…


But otherwise it was a rather inconsequential Club International Party. Something like this happens. We arrived home just once in front Hellsein….

That does not abzuleisten without our Traditional third half at McDonalds Skarlitzer road.

But more of that later exclusive image- and sound.