Zoe Delay @ Velten

All fotos: Tanja Schlawitz
I didn't even know that I actually have really cool eyes 🙂

I don't even know exactly anymore, I Tanja 've met, but somehow it came to a small photo shoot in one of the deserted places around Berlin.

I do not remember exactly, what kind of home and institution it was, but the surface was definitely not made for high heels in many places.

But it turned out some really nice pictures, I like very much. What a good photographer can get out of you, if not only “Snapshots” are

Teddy Awards Bilder

Tonight it's too late, still contributing to the Teddy Awards 2010 to write. Quick download some pictures from the camera and just to throw in a contribution to the Teddy Awards, just goes, so that the inclined seeker finds something.


Morning, then comes the real contribution to the award or. the after party with another Teddy Award images, so check back tomorrow hereein again and finds weiteer Teddy Award Pictures.

100 Sex-Dinge, you should have made times

Picture clears up

The image has to generate a list on your site to as many page impressions. The list is called “100 Sex-Dinge, you should have taken time à ¢ € â € œ or should not do.” Apart from the fact that many of these things, of the image says there's pretty much impossible (For example, sex in the roller coaster) it is quite interesting, which image ansiet there important.. sometimes quite strange…

Sex job application: When the interview comes to a halt, go on the offensive. If it is not the job, You had sex at least.

Well, in most cases, this will probably go wrong and unlikely to lead to a good job.. I do not know, if I can absolutely recommend…

Rock im KitKatKlub à ¢ € â € œ this Berlin sex-dandruff is known throughout Germany. A paradise for secret sex voyeur. At the party for civilized people is: Anything goes, nothing needs and “¾ Nein Sager”"Is not persuaded.

Okay, So then I would have also checked, which is then submitted for the next time, but the last time we were rather short in KitKat

Gay man sext with hetero woman à ¢ € â € œ there are homosexuals, Never had sex with a woman. What a shame. Each gays should even take a wife.

Also by such men I've heard.

Sexen in women's clothes à ¢ € â € œ many men have a fetish for them ashamed. Women's clothes. Things, the man verdrängt, can strain at some point. Who is it, to dress up as a woman times, tue is. As a child You were also the one days time cowboy, Vampire, Dinosaurs à ¢ € â € œ why not a femme fatale?

… Many men have a woman fetish clothes? But also something like. I can hardly imagine. Now I would not call it a fetish, but otherwise I can confirm the, obwohl Cowboy, Vampire, I never wanted to be a dinosaur.

Convert lesbian à ¢ € â € œ many lesbians are bi. Show her, what they missed à ¢ € â € œ harry but never. This is only possible by mutual agreement.

Aha, So the lesbians are no lesbians, das dacht ich mir schon immer 😉 …So I know some lesbians, which would probably not emphasize that.

Moreover, the image but a bit comical image of transvestites seems to me there have, because in number #91 say it like this:

Sex with a transvestite: As a real guy you should turn the head of even let in the life of a transvestite. Who's happened, should not be ashamed. What also? For an evening, curiosity. (Never forget protection measures).

… Hello image? Whats wrong or what? With 99 from 100 Try taking picture no reference to any “Protection measures”. How can you now understand the love image. Poppen transvestite now frantically through the area and all stuck on with AIDS or what? Apart, that in each of these sex tips “Protection measures” should be used, it is there, I do not think important or unimportant – therefore not worth mentioning…

real glasses and fake eyes

Funny goggles on comic faces

If you frequently hangs out in the party scene, it can be, that will be addressed at some point right before a party….

ZOE, I need you sometime.

Nice first, that someone knows my name 🙂 It was the guy, the Sheila and me filmed on the Underground Catwalk ever, and a small Anmoderation for a report on one of the typical 24 Was inferior hour crash bars in Berlin with me.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten his name, so I call him now, just once “The types”.

So the guy has a blog, on which it is for all personnel, so run it on the road, his glasses on his nose is, this then photographed and the image is on the internet. So far, there are 133 Images with the same glasses on different part very bizarre noses realglassesandfakeeyes.blogspot.com come together – Thursday and now just a picture of me.

Although the last one is the image of a squid, and none of me, but I have “the types” just hold my camera in hand and so their image, as it will appear in around shortly there…

Not just an image on which I can be proud – or am. But I'm barely able to defend themselves against, to appear on the blog…. There were the Michael Michalsky Brillen somehow chic.

But what the hell, I can defend myself yes, after all, I also have a blog, I can adjust to the bad images of other people. See here the return game, so to speak.

… That is my wig on his head…

Do not misunderstand. This is all show. He's cool and I allow him my picture of course, just as he allows me to take this picture with me 🙂