Billy shelf shoe cabinet

My shoe closet is called Billy

Billy Regal Schuhschrank

For quite a while I think about, what I do with the giant pile of shoes, that clog my apartment. I leave them in the shoe box, I never know where each pair are, I let them out, it's a big pile of shoes, where one must also once together find the right pair.

So I went to see times today with a shoe in my highest heels to IKEA, what a shoe closet I can find there – no ordinary – All ugly and too small. I then took the largest shoe cabinet, I could find – ein IKEA Billy Regal.

Unfortunately there were no shelves, firstonce so I had to work with five shelves.. 20 Some High Heels used as pure. Actually, quite a lot but then somehow it just the tip of the iceberg,

I have Billy overrated and I think I'll probably have one or two Billy shelves – and just have to buy a lot of shelves.

As of today, my shoe closet has a name…

Achja und ich brauche einen großen Rahmen für das heute angekommen Kinky Boots Poster 🙂

… shoe closet looks today but then somewhat different from….