New server for the blog

All this makes the New January


If a blog is growing and more and more data based and draws more and more memory, sometime not enough from the existing server space… or at least the non-database.. or anything else not. This happened to me just. So I was rather busy in the last time, prepare the server move, as zu blogging. This is by now, and my blog has moved.

Success is always something like this, if no one noticing anything. And if that is so, dann muss man es dem geneigten Besucher zumindest einmal erzählen 🙂

Also, if you see this entry, then you are at least talk on the right = new server, when you see all the pictures and all links work, then everything has worked out well and when you eventually noticed, that the blog is a lot faster, dann tut der neue Server seine Arbeit genau richtig 🙂

A few years ago my blog by Amnesia Sparkles noticed. An American Drag, their blog was worth a look every now and again. Now, however, their project me is only noticed, that more often seems worth a look.

genderfun2 – boys. girls. everything-in-between.

Unfortunately not updated too often but at the moment it brings funny pictures, Videos, Interviews and a lot of Amnesia Sparkles and Adrian Acosta.


The Bobs – German Wave Blog Award

The Bobs: I did not win, but I was at least nominated.

I was actually a little surprised, I received an email, I at with my blog “The Bobs”, the Deutsche Welle Blog Award as one of 11 German blog has been nominated in the Best German Blog. Now there are so many blog awards, but The Bobs is including a special. Not only was he one of the first, no, he is also one of the most prestigious, profoundest if not THE most equal, I know so.


The German wave is characterized in 11 Category Blogs aus:

Participation in the “The BOBs – Best Of The Blogs Awards” is not tied to a particular theme default. Applications of Blogs, Podcasts oder Video Blogs, which deal with social issues, by reporting on events in history or comment on such events, be in the language-specific category “Best Weblog” given special consideration. This also includes such Blogs, that deal with media content topics. The Blog Awards Deutsche Welle make the promotion of freedom of information on the Internet in the foreground. This is emphasized particularly with the award of the Reporters Without Borders Prize, awarded in collaboration with the same organization.

It's about freedom of information and topics to, who otherwise would not come so much to the language…. und um free Speech. I was a little surprised as I said, To be nominated there, but the German juror Kaltmamsel found the time ripe, that would once nominated one of my blog content.


I did not win of course, But as they say. “Being there is everything” And it's an uplifting feeling in an award with bloggers, for example, from the Congo, dem Iran, To be China or Russia nominated, the situation in the blog area is such a completely different, as my.

I need not worry about me, if my Meineung displeases some politicians, I will not put my equipment and I do not need expensive for a large part of my salary to visit internet cafes, because there is no other way, to reveal myself to the world. In short: I have a light and heavenly Blogger life and have great respect for many nominated blogs and bloggers.

the bobsBut there is a somewhat strange situation, I believe that, I would have had more opportunities, my situation would have been different. In Berlin drag queens belong to the public image, my friends know about it, well my bsiherigen colleagues and I have hardly experienced really important negative situations. With my blog I do not need to improve the situation of transgender and Drags. It is – at least in my case – already nearly perfect. For many bloggers around the world looks different because of, and they have much more deserving of it, to get a price.

But at yesterday evening: I was nominated as Zoe and I came as Zoe. Even if, because already. But it was different than usual, Thank all the cameras were only interested in the winners ;-)… Then I chatted up with three ex-colleagues, an ex-ex-colleagues, Frl. Friedenau, Claudia from Capital Blog or just Kaltmamsel. Very refreshing conversation about blogging and blogs, and the question, why the German blog landscape is so inzestiös. It has moreover a great advantage, you would not have recognized me safe, if I had come as a man. So sprach man mich mehrfach an und beglückwünschte mich. Zeit rotzuwerden.

real glasses and fake eyes

Funny goggles on comic faces

If you frequently hangs out in the party scene, it can be, that will be addressed at some point right before a party….

ZOE, I need you sometime.

Nice first, that someone knows my name 🙂 It was the guy, the Sheila and me filmed on the Underground Catwalk ever, and a small Anmoderation for a report on one of the typical 24 Was inferior hour crash bars in Berlin with me.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten his name, so I call him now, just once “The types”.

So the guy has a blog, on which it is for all personnel, so run it on the road, his glasses on his nose is, this then photographed and the image is on the internet. So far, there are 133 Images with the same glasses on different part very bizarre noses come together – Thursday and now just a picture of me.

Although the last one is the image of a squid, and none of me, but I have “the types” just hold my camera in hand and so their image, as it will appear in around shortly there…

Not just an image on which I can be proud – or am. But I'm barely able to defend themselves against, to appear on the blog…. There were the Michael Michalsky Brillen somehow chic.

But what the hell, I can defend myself yes, after all, I also have a blog, I can adjust to the bad images of other people. See here the return game, so to speak.

… That is my wig on his head…

Do not misunderstand. This is all show. He's cool and I allow him my picture of course, just as he allows me to take this picture with me 🙂