Blonde and Blonder

Two blondes on axis
Blonde and Blonder

Janka had the night before after Easter Ballroom requested, well if I lust for the next evening GMF would.

As I still had holiday, my answer was also really clear, I just had to urgently yet before the Trashcave Rocky Horror Party… And in any case, I wanted to see the film there also finished… The Janka did neither, so I took it off only against two in order to abzudüsen GMF. Furthermore, should there still be a party with Olivia Jones als Host im Felix its, which was to visit it. But for now, just the GMF


It was Sunday – No, strictly speaking, was Easter Sunday. Known, it follows the Easter Monday with any religious content – but especially with a free Monday…. Free assembly always mean a full GFE. Fully and in this case actually full. Above it was full – below it was full. Before it was full wardrobe, in the elevators and even the aisles were full. The line at the checkout was about as long, as the serpent in the cloakroom for the people, wanted to give the Jackets. Once again the snake was so crowded at the door for people, where it was just too crowded and had claustrophobia…

Barbie Breakout

I usually like yes fray, but this was just beyond all measure stressful. In addition, any people I ever ran over the feet – always stupid, wenn man Sandaletten anhat… We therefore reasoned, that we briefly Barbie Breakout and Melli Magic salute and then make our way into Felix.

The Felix is ​​indeed now one of the most prestigious clubs in Berlin and our Last visit was at Felix was pretty great. We thought we, that a party hosted by Olivia Jones quite well would… Ich sag mal so. I was wrong.

On the way from Parrkplatz to Felix about the most diverse people of Turkish descent we ran away, that all had one thing in common: an extremely high chav factor. Not long to get way more less stupid sayings. …. I do not know why, But it's not just cliche, that Turks seem to still have any problem with trannies – not all of course – but many. At least the percentage of stupid sayings of my life obviously divided by ethnic Turkish people is extremely high. …They're all myself would like to once. Ausserdem stehen die doch alle auf blondinen 🙂 Egal. we talked very briefly before with a girl, told us that, that Felix was packed…

[youtube] = Ljh23JPJ70c[/youtube]

Otherwise the doorman said to have told us. They would close in half an hour and he could not let us therefore. Sorry, but what a small sense. For one, I've never seen the Felix at half 5 not see close to the other on Easter Sunday, if it's just packed. Why never tell bouncer, what's what. Do not like them, our faces – they have a problem with trannies or they are afraid, that the guests have a problem with trannies. Boys, persuaded me get this straight and thinks you once A Review.

I once came not on the mens health party purely, because the bouncer told but, that it would not just TODAY. I could empathize, das war okay, but the argument, we close in half an hour is bullshit…Now, I know now: it was a Turkish party, Therefore, the large proportion of the Turks there. So it was already okay, not go to Felix, although I would have liked to see Olivia gence ever again.

But honestly, who thinks because such a nonsense of:
To let host a party from a Turkish drag queen is already broken enough, but a party hosted by a drag queen Drags other is not involved at least as broken.

…On the way back to the car we were reading then a small heaps misery on. A small Turkish woman, which was close to tears, because all their friends they leave – had left. Her girlfriends are removed with any of the types and, she has laughed at himself, has then leave. Shit happens. Now she stood cursing as 10 Blue sailors in front of Felix and asked, where the next train is.


Friendly, as we are, we took them to get to the next train them with the car. rang her phone and it was someone off, they would have given her number, but would not say who he was. Presumably someone has passed on her number ….With Friends Like These, needs enemies?. I think the girl should urgently looking for new friends.

At some point we were going and it was too crowded for GMF. So we visited the Gilded M. Actually, that was almost the only really normal moment of this evening. There followed a 5 noticing minutes to stay in the bush, it bad & learn ist. These are two reasons, not to stay and just yet “already” back to go to the GMF.


Somehow this evening was strange. I lost a digital camera, a paragraph and a button, a club was too full, we did not get into a pure and was empty and only after an odyssey of many hours we landed back at the beginning, and here it was finally good.

Barbie Breakout @ GMF Berlin

I guess, It was a quarter past 5 and the store was still very full, but at least you could move now, Barbie also played great music and Bob Young donated a few free drinks.

The evening so it took a few hours a happy ending. When it slowly Hell Club was