Trans casserole for Christmas Irrenhouse

Christmas begins not with me, if they show up at the first Gingerbread emperor or Lidl, either, when I hear the first time load Christmas by Wham, and not just, when the first Christmas trees are sold. No Christmas starts at the latest, if it snows on the stage of Irrenhouse confetti and Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas gespielt wird”


As Nina Queer says it all really. That is why we are all here, and that makes the Christmas Irrenhouse the most beautiful ever. And every year. In the end it is a normal astray House, like all 11 also in other, but somehow it is just something else, homely, secluded, atmospheric.


Hotly, as always, fully, As always with a unique trans still show by Nina. And show precisely that began with Brigitte as Christmas angel with the first number, which obviously sung live “the legs were spreading” and thus it led up, what should follow, for since the Cheffin indulged their favorite activity and blew on stage other than a Saxophone… For details, but I could not see.


Next came her dearest daughter Stella DeStroy as Frau Holle with their version of “Let It Snow” on the stage. Of course it snowed here but no snow, little confetti, it then but still white substances in small plastic bags, that would certainly prove to price reasons as flour…


It was in a great glitter sequined dress for the first time in ages again Melli Magic, Berlin has completed their Abstinez, but not their love of great divas in general and in particular Whitney. So isses, if not can Whitney, then Melli is just the very best representation. And honestly, who has heard Whitney's live singing attempt, which is always much happier with Live on Tape. And there is just no, Melli can hold a candle to.


Diva-esque and after the asylum House can tolerate a little trash and it was on this evening Mataina Ah how sweet responsible, However, with a song, I had not heard before, yet I would have remembered. Did not matter, because it was really only a placeholder for the highlight of the show… Mariah Carey.


And so it was, like every Christmas Irrenhouse, wermutlich since there is this, But at least since 6 Years. All Drags on stage, which occurred on the evening, to Mariah Carey and lots of confetti… First they threw it just a little and I was immediately reminded of, to call for this, were taken as two fans at once and then it just yet snowing right….


Although, I think so, that there were more confetti in the past OR… and much smaller confetti, that you could find even months later at his home somewhere… Because I need this time have little fear. But it was still great… as always.


But one was somehow different, This time in the asylum House. It seemed, as if the whole of Berlin present. Okay okay, it was as full as ever, but the number of hair replacement wearers that evening but was surprisingly high, not, I could assign all names correctly, I could probably, I could apply myself to the successor of Thomas Gottschalk “I'm betting that I appeal to all of Berlin Trans only on appearance with the right name”… But what is there Facebook.


And it is always a stupid situation, when someone says, “we know, We're friends on Facebook”… Uh, and, about you and a few thousand other people. Sorry, that does not help me, but anyway where I can remember people only me, times when I have a few minutes with them entertaining, or they simply bring any distinctive features… Hair Colors, Hairstyles, Height, Make up, By the way, outfits and the like are not part of ūüôā


Though you came to me with the question “what you had in the last CSD at” Were you the one with the Louis Vuitton bags and other? Das war toll… So I was actually recognized as the outfit. When you consider, that this again is yes a few months ago, this is really nice


Oh beautiful. isses are continually, mislead the House in general and in particular the Christmas Irrenhouse. Merci Nina


Oktoberfest im Irrenhouse


After the last (Birthday)-Mislead the House last month, the highest mass of trannies on stage, should this month rather the least amount possible on trannies on stage. Strictly speaking, all of two Nina Queer itself and Brigitte, both dressed in dirndls a Oktoberfestirrenbouse showed..

Oktoberfest is a mad house slowly as common as that for Christmas or every year on the anniversary. This also means, that we know about,what to expect on the show. Trannies in dirndls, Pretzel, Beer and what you can expect to folk music as a gay party berlin… Which is limited to about four songs and a flourish.

So then brought Nina and Brigitte Hellwig also daswas could be expected in about, Heidi, Servus, Gruezi, and Hello, The cuckoo song and again “semen is disgusting”…. For each new great, for regular visitors like me Janka and frankly a little boring, since all the numbers already seen so, heard and taken.

But as always throws out the YouTube videos,one can also add some more times…. also has (if I'm right errinnere Mataina ah how sweet the last time) not thrown around the cuckoo song with mushrooms. Fortunately, however, are neither hard nor wet – different than things, otherwise the fly from the stage of madness as House… So two trannies make less mess on stage as four or five…. Although I'm sure Margot and Maria umm Nina and Brigitte could punish me lie without problems… is, after all, the Mad House, gell.

To which I got pretty much the rest of the show…. I barely reached the bottom, began, the theme song of the Muppet Show and Nina entered the stage.


I was surprised but then later, as an SPD politician also boarded the stage for a 5 Liter keg to stand in order to impress the guests and attendees to vote. Hmmmm. He promised, one 20 Liter drum, it should actually be the mayor of the district… he is to become actually.. wenn ja, then at least not by my voice, namely that went to the political competition…

Nine years Irrenhouse

There are occasions, where one recognizes, how time flies. This weekend it was time again. It was at the birthday astray House. Actually celebrated Nina Queer nine years Irrenhouse. In fact, a reason to celebrate, difficult, especially in the party Technically Berlin club scene.


Though there obviously is a light in Berlin, to organize a party even really introduced. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčand GMF are far beyond 10 Years. On Irrenhouse I have no fear, that during your next year should be no more of this and also the propaganda is obviously a safe bet. Nice something like this.


But back to Irrenhouse. Nine years there is Nina's birthday party at the club already and my first visit was to the party “Four years Irrenhouse, 5 Nina Queer Jahre“. After Adam Riese I have therefore 5 Years of Irrenhouse participated and most of them actually seen in the birthday club. The third Saturday of the month is just a must and there are few excuses, not to appear there.


But nine years Irrenhouse also mean 108 Birthday parties at the club and at an average of just over four per transaction numbers show estimated 450 Shows on the small stage in the asylum House. So you can no ifs and buts say, that the boards of the travesty imn in Berlin are misleading House. What can you say. The Madman House. In midsummer empty, in mid-winter packed, Always hot, like a stuffy way, no one really wants to go with ice and rain. It is here with confetti, Beer oder ekeligen Things beworfen. At times, the toilets are hardly accessible, But the Mad House is always an adventure. And for me it was the reason, to drive the first time from Hamburg to Berlin, where I have been living some years. Danke Nina.


This evening astray House Allstars were a Best of Irrenhouse. Best of, Although it is not perfectly “the best numbers, which are already in asylum gelafen House” imply, but still a great number out of mothballs in which it is unfortunately landed was brought. I do not remember exactly, wann Nina, Have, how sweet the Sugababes About you now ever brought Stella DeStroy and Mataina Ah, but I think I can remember me, that the background was light blue. I know myself well to remember, at that time I thought it was great already. Also, yesterday.


But TO the Irrenhouse Allstars include more. Gloria Viagra und Melli Magic. But while the latter is from Mykonos, former is only yesterday live in Geburtstagsklub. According to Nina, she had Gloria was betsellt live Red Hot Chili Peppers but surprised with a nine year Irrenhouse song and seemed really surprised. This was apparently not really discussed and Nina really delighted.


I was looking at the next song… The way I remember my very first time Irrenhouse, I also remember my very first time GMF. A big curls named Gloria Viagra shoved Mia dance with the molecules in the CD PLayer and the audience went with the first words “I'm here, because I am here to” from. This time it was not Stella and Gloria but they are not behind a DJ booth on stage but, but the content of the song further agreed.


It continued with a very unkonvesntionellen number, one could also say, with an unplanned. A bachelorette party populated mislead the House and the groom looked a short time later with a wig and makeup on already pretty filled state on stage again. That was probably the nastiest number ever in a mental house. And a number, which will accompany the poor groom to the end of his days.


Four numbers. Normally, it is the show through the asylum House, now and then there is a number there once more, That evening, however, was topped. And so we come back to serious drag numbers. At least, which can be classified as Serious House in the asylum. And can it ever be, if Mataina with oversized bust imitating the wannabe model and wannabe singer Daniela Katzenberger and – wanted in this case probably – not a single Playbackton with proper oral motion shall.


Number five, there were already safely and, that's why there were six this year as Brigitte Skrothum took the stage and Dolly Parton Jolene brought. However, if the fire police and is especially so morally okay, to burn a Barbie doll with open fire on stage, I leave undecided times. A really nice number, it was definitely.


But we know so currently from advertising. “7 is more than 3” and when 4 and when 5 and when 6. In addition, the Hauherrin had been nothing to do besides the first community number… that had to be changed… I'm so kam und mit “Umbrella” armed to the stage, Waehrens Stella brought the water. It started as normal, are at an increased With Wet Contest for Nina and the first row in a mental house.


What can you say, this party bears the name of law and is to treat her for at least another nine years.

Cross and Qu(and)it through Berlin

What was a way through the night on the last Saturday. I mean, We are almost always more than one party in the night, but that was pretty amazing. After de Rock’n’Roll Allnighter in the Palais am Fukturm, a meal and a closed door in front Roadrunners Paradise we went back to the west in the direction of Goya.

goya propaganda

If nothing really urgent rests in Berlin society night, the propaganda is always a solution. The propaganda as one of the biggest gay parties of Berlin is once again nice and the Goya is a building of course always a unique. The propaganda is really exciting but not really, especially since this time it was comparatively not really fully.

propaganda gayparty

Somehow it's just a normal gay party, times with better, times with worse music. I thought the music was actually really good this time, but except Barbie Breakout, the hung up on the Popfloor and Bork, we actually met at the first go, were hardly known to the propaganda. Furthermore, since our two “real” Women of our evening entertainment group, not found it really exciting and preferred to continue dancing in Felix, we started in the direction and Felix Adlon on – back east.


The door management at Felix's always a little bit of a box of chocolates, you do not really know beforehand, what to expect. That evening, both women had to pay, while the three of us were granted free entry Drags. Actually, that's discrimination, but who would we, that we would complain because, after all, we had won.


On the way there, however, be asked Janka, exactly what she wanted, because she could not even make fun of the chicks at the Felix, because of extremely dramatic hair, extremely high heels and short shorts, so to speak fairly represented the Obertusse the Felix that night or a parody of the most high-heeled Fashiontussen in Felix. Of whom there are still some….


It's hard to believe, but it did not stop us too long in Felix on the dance floor, because Janka wanted the tape near the main train station. There was this evening the “Horse meets Disco” Party. I was far from the only time New Year's Eve 2 Years in the Tape Club, and I think today every time, when I hear Beyonce on the appearance of Barbie Breakout. That was great. And actually it's the tape also.


Unfortunately, I did not know how I can get to. Somehow I know myself not quite in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčBerlin from. Somehow too far away from the center and from Kreuzberg – and I was only there once. Consequently, I made a half-Berlin tour, until I finally reached the Tape.


For the Horse Meets Disco Party, the tape was bursting with people. Aha, So here they were all still. Many people and some pretty crazy and wacky. Men with Pippi Longstocking Wigs, Dancers, that burned with belted headlights light in the smoke and guest where you do not know the best will, what they should represent. Thus and thus freaks exciting guests.

Probably the most interesting party of the evening, but it is very crowded and very stuffy and by the time it was too late, like we had actually promised, yet to visit the Schulmädchenreport party of Nina Queer in Ken.


In Ken arrived, however, showed only really, HOW LATE it was actually. Tired two people – do you mean a couple flezte there still in the couches around, to a DJ, hung up the last of Tunes. Nina, however, no trace…


Someone Рmust have been the DJ probably Рhowever, gave us the tip, to look at the floor again above, because there we met a few people like Nina and Brigitte Skrothum, who wanted to end the evening just, but then still attached to it for a while and a few drinks and still remained on one or the other Klönschnack.


Some people may have thought the one here, I was completely drunk, although I had not drunk a drop of alcohol until that time, I danced for 90 Euro Techno smashers like Mr.. Vayne, Snap, Haddaway and so on and so forth. Memories of youth, which reminded me of very bad greater discotheques, which were somehow but quite cool.


And as already said Brigitte properly, it's okay, when you eventually come back to the music, the man love h√∂rte, matter, whether it was good or not. And Euro-trash techno belongs to. How can I object to ex-Sanktpaulianerin. After all, once someone, of my burgeoning Sehnunsucht to the neighborhood from time to time. So not a neighborhood but “The neighborhood” can feel and it just goes on and on.


Everyone who has worked at the Tivoli and has lived in the valley road, may say that the. Cool.

When we came out we found the KEN, it was already light. I knew, that the day is coming, where the evening will end with the day. It was late summer and it is, I did the feet hurt and somehow I was hopping from party also something breaks. But it was fun in the end was really nice KEN.

I did this once calculated, il Partyhooping bedeutete. About 50 Kilometers criss-qu(and)it through Berlin.