Two of them were men

When ice Popsicle Party at Silver Wings Sheila and at least one has already seen me a few times and less examined from time to time. So now there are two Drags known and include almost de rigueur a Popsicle ice Saturday night.


Two are normal!, eight in number but then unusually – and this Saturday we were eight in number. Denise, Kerstin and Mia were in town with Pricilla and also the Silver Wings and also there were four with Janka and Kitana go. Mass inertia so… But we came later.

Coincidentally, I came with my seat at the same time with Sheila's fiery red and fun car to konnter just noticed yet, as the three got out of the car….. Laaaange Stiefel… kuuuurzer Rock “Hallo Kitana… Achnee, Du bist es and Janka”…


Four Drags on the way to the party, because it comes up a bit before, that we ask some people visually. For example, the two types of, standing before the Silver Wings and we overtook the left and right, even then not without their mitzukriegen comment… Which read as follows:

Two of them were men

… So I definitely counted among those fours. I can not really say, however,, if that just does not look or could not count. Maybe they are just stuck on any Trans-Wonderland Dekollettee, Denise also the breasts swell up left… I'm not 100% sure, I meant to have tried in London Jankas and the effect was zero…. Maybe I'm dreaming even just. In any case, I could see only a few guests in the Silver Wings, Denise was the beat in size and thus were peddled as…


No matter, nice it was definitely, to see the girls again and issued a with them …umm anything, that burned and you had to drink through straws … to drink and NEN caipiroshka.

A nice match in an equally nice evening then later in AI


supplied false silicone breasts

Teardrop shape is not round

Almost two years ago I bought a pair on Ebay Silicone breasts for a lot of money and also, if I was not so sure because at that time, but now I know: Silicone breasts are pretty much the most important tool for a wig, that one should afford. All other options are just crap and a pair of silicone breasts make life easier transport, feel better, and the look and feel realistic…

Unfortunately not quite keep breast prostheses such as long, as I had imagined it. For all two of them have opened several seams and my attempt, with super glue to the seams “welding” had only zurfolge, coincided that much more plastic in it. If I take a less aggressive adhesive to. No matter floated over it, I tried to patch the whole thing with duct tape and that worked just as medium. The result is, both breasts are often patched forever, both have approximately determined 1/4 the silicon content have been lost and they looked for a long time of not more well- – rather unsightly.


But since they usually wears UNDER the clothes that went just as flat. Nevertheless, there was no way around it,I finally had to buy new silicone breasts.

My path in the network so once again led me to Ebay and I quickly found a couple of neat the seller Screenclene, were even fairly low.


Only our products can be found worldwide in this

brilliant skin structure, very soft with soft nipples

Quality, realistic
and really very nice silicone breasts. The surface of the silicone breast has a perfect skin structure. True to nature and absolutely gefühlsecht. The breasts are made odorless and guarantees skin-friendly silicone for medical applications made.

Preislich okay, Drop shape and the picture quite handsome I hit Sunday night and paid for immediately by Paypal. Monday morning I had a delivery mail in the mailbox and Tuesday noon, a packet….

Unfortunately, there seems sloppy when sending someone to have, because while I got a pair of breast forms, but, I ordered you, were not somehow. They are round and made of pretty tough silicone does not just drop shaped and, unfortunately, not “very soft”


You will certainly agree with me, that the similarity is not exactly impressive. Unfortunately Screenclene has not yet replied to my complaint mail today. Let's see, I hope it's actually just an oversight and they exchange the goods without objection. After all, since Screenclene 7 1/2 Years Ebay seller and has 99,7 % positive opinions. Since you want my yes, obtained the right. Now, an error may occur at times and a no quibble return it to also give me a positive of.

Now I have the stupid situation, have to find a few brand new silicone prostheses, I can not use, sealed because they are waiting for a pick up. So I have my old also take back this weekend. Mist.

Many will ask one, why do not I just, yes obviously because it was a decent price, take the round, which are much more practical.

Now, the two reasons:
1) I had also been tear-shaped and'm a creature of habit and
2) I just ordered another and expect to receive the, what I ordered.
Now, as I said, I hope and believe in a mix-and perhaps you can just a response within 24 Not expect hours. Tomorrow I will write again to Screenclene and then we'll see.

(Checklist ) Trannys on Travel

I was just back on a little journey through the Republic. Actually, I was in Dusseldorf for Annual Accounts party at Cafe Scandal (These next day more)

Since I had time to expect an odyssey, I've tried, this time actually take only the most necessary and leave the rest at home. For that I've created a checklist, that should protect me from unpleasant surprises. Overall, they got me that too. Of course it was not complete and I still forgot something, but I think now it's all good.
Annabelle said, it would bring the time this list on the internet. Therefore, I offer you here the ultimate.

What does a tranny on Travel Checklist

What do I need in any case when a foreign party pending. When I write, ein Paar Pumps, I know well, that this is the absolute minimum amount. Even a dress can also 5 Dresses 8 Tops and 4 His skirts, it is quite clear to me. Extensions are desirable way.
[ ] 01 Pumps

[ ] 02 a dress (optionally top and skirt or trousers

[ ] 03 BH (possibly with transparent holders or halterneck, but in any case in matching color

[ ] 04 String, Release suppose Miederslip

[ ] 05 Pantyhose or stockings

[ ] 06 Save Colorless nail polish on nylons

[ ] 07 Spare tights or stockings

[ ] 08 Shaver

[ ] 09 Replacement Blades

[ ] 10 Shaving

[ ] 11 Deo

[ ] 12 anklebbare nail (over 10, because it always lacks

[ ] 13 Nail Glue

[ ] 14 Nail polish

[ ] 15 Double-sided photo tape for nail polish Eieren

[ ] 16 Huftstäbchen agree or nail file for nails

[ ] 17 False breasts (Silikontitten, tear-filled stockings or other stuff)

[ ] 18 Chain

[ ] 19 Earrings (1 Pair)

[ ] 20 Salbe oder Creme

[ ] 21 Eye shadow (Ground + 1-2 Colors

[ ] 22 Eyeliner

[ ] 23 Lipstick

[ ] 24 Lip-Gloss

[ ] 25 Lipliner

[ ] 26 Q-Tips

[ ] 27 Eyebrow pencil

[ ] 28 Mascara

[ ] 29 Device for pushing eyelashes

[ ] 30 Tampons

[ ] 31 Camouflage oder Makeup

[ ] 32 Can

[ ] 33 Brush

[ ] 34 Wig

[ ] 35 Brush or comb

[ ] 36 Barrette or hair band

[ ] 37 Perfume

[ ] 38 Mobile [ ] charged

[ ] 39 Charger

[ ] 40 Jacket or coat

[ ] 41 Digital Camera

[ ] 42 Charged batteries

[ ] 43 Charging Station

[ ] 44 Memory card

[ ] 45 Identity card

[ ] 46 Driving license

[ ] 47 Address of event

[ ] 48 Address des Hotels, Property

[ ] 49 Phone number of people, you want to meet

[ ] 50 Money

…Incidentally, I forgot the 11. Nail and the phone numbers back from Sarah and my ride.

Sudden Cup B

Little things
Permanent complaint of minor evidence of pettiness!
Ã, Â © Gunther Kraftschik (*1952are>)

Small little things
Yesterday a package came in the mail, with my Spontaneous purchase was delivered. That was really quite fixed and is received by me, of course, a good evaluation. I waived by the way thanks to the return assessment, not to have to stand there TVBeate…. I Kleingeist, I.

Apropos small… I've taken Cup B, because it should suit. After seeing the “Dinger” have, however, seen at home, I had to find, that “B” in this case is quite small.

I can still remember a friend, die 100% ig Cup B crushes, But when her bra was clearly filled… Hmm I should measure their bust times exactly. I once got in another, but unfortunately there does not know her bra size, or no longer. …Since it has also not yet interested me the bean.

No matter, I do not want this to be petty trifles and adopt them as if they were my own.