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I am now in real life, human and marketing in this activity with the theme blogs something more than just not unbeleckt. Now it is so, Blogs that make you really should not underestimate. If a great blog writes, then something can cause ever. Not infrequently one ever found a topic, that recently at a A-Blogger was treated in major media such as mirrors back online and has certainly achieved a critical mass of readership. L'Oreal, Opel and even Coca-Cola have had bad experiences with a faulty business communication in foreign blogs.

Okay, Screenclene, I admit, I'm not Robert Basic – But you are not Coca Cola. Additionally, we are moving in the same profession, the little people blow, has a superior interest in silicone breasts. Also, I'm buying, for example, to Screenclene or silicone breasts on Google #1.

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry, in which I had complained about, that I have a few Silicone breasts on Ebay had ordered the company Screenclene, the package but cheap silicone breasts had received without any resemblance to the image of the item offered on Ebay.

Let's say this, Mistakes can happen, and it is certainly okay to document. The company, which this error was made, is free to safely, do something about it.

You could apologize for example, reaffirm, it was one of the rare errors, Also, the return should perhaps be included in this error case.

All this would certainly go down well and the only negative blog entry would be a good company throw at once on this company.

Screenclene has chosen a different path. A rather snotty email to my complaint now followed by the second stage. Transform the negative into a positive article. For this purpose, the Screeneclene created two blog readers Hennis and mauikiter, the strangely independent vonenander within 10 With me a comment under the same IP address written minutes, the Screenclene rated excellent.

Her alleged:
23Januar rd, 2008 at 14:43
You have already read correctly in the description is that the appearance is always dependent weight”| I bought a sreenclene of DD and that is great and also looks like in the photo.

mauikiter meint:
23Januar rd, 2008 at 14:53
My breast forms arrived yesterday they are almost more beautiful than described, would buy again from the dealer. Where is the problem if you do not like give it back to them or Swap.

I would say so: That happens to be two Screenclene customers at a distance of 10 Minutes using the same computer in an internet cafe and coincidentally come across this article AND want to leave a comment on this is just statistically unlikely as winning the lottery or the famous example of the flash and the survival.

Sorry Screenclene. Not so! Kidding I do not let myself.

Instead, I put each, the cheap silicone breasts examined following merchants to heart, where I also bought my first and the next will probably buy again



There, I've also received, what I ordered and it still get a nice advice.

supplied false silicone breasts

Teardrop shape is not round

Almost two years ago I bought a pair on Ebay Silicone breasts for a lot of money and also, if I was not so sure because at that time, but now I know: Silicone breasts are pretty much the most important tool for a wig, that one should afford. All other options are just crap and a pair of silicone breasts make life easier transport, feel better, and the look and feel realistic…

Unfortunately not quite keep breast prostheses such as long, as I had imagined it. For all two of them have opened several seams and my attempt, with super glue to the seams “welding” had only zurfolge, coincided that much more plastic in it. If I take a less aggressive adhesive to. No matter floated over it, I tried to patch the whole thing with duct tape and that worked just as medium. The result is, both breasts are often patched forever, both have approximately determined 1/4 the silicon content have been lost and they looked for a long time of not more well- – rather unsightly.


But since they usually wears UNDER the clothes that went just as flat. Nevertheless, there was no way around it,I finally had to buy new silicone breasts.

My path in the network so once again led me to Ebay and I quickly found a couple of neat the seller Screenclene, were even fairly low.


Only our products can be found worldwide in this

brilliant skin structure, very soft with soft nipples

Quality, realistic
and really very nice silicone breasts. The surface of the silicone breast has a perfect skin structure. True to nature and absolutely gefühlsecht. The breasts are made odorless and guarantees skin-friendly silicone for medical applications made.

Preislich okay, Drop shape and the picture quite handsome I hit Sunday night and paid for immediately by Paypal. Monday morning I had a delivery mail in the mailbox and Tuesday noon, a packet….

Unfortunately, there seems sloppy when sending someone to have, because while I got a pair of breast forms, but, I ordered you, were not somehow. They are round and made of pretty tough silicone does not just drop shaped and, unfortunately, not “very soft”


You will certainly agree with me, that the similarity is not exactly impressive. Unfortunately Screenclene has not yet replied to my complaint mail today. Let's see, I hope it's actually just an oversight and they exchange the goods without objection. After all, since Screenclene 7 1/2 Years Ebay seller and has 99,7 % positive opinions. Since you want my yes, obtained the right. Now, an error may occur at times and a no quibble return it to also give me a positive of.

Now I have the stupid situation, have to find a few brand new silicone prostheses, I can not use, sealed because they are waiting for a pick up. So I have my old also take back this weekend. Mist.

Many will ask one, why do not I just, yes obviously because it was a decent price, take the round, which are much more practical.

Now, the two reasons:
1) I had also been tear-shaped and'm a creature of habit and
2) I just ordered another and expect to receive the, what I ordered.
Now, as I said, I hope and believe in a mix-and perhaps you can just a response within 24 Not expect hours. Tomorrow I will write again to Screenclene and then we'll see.

transvestite google-bomb

In England found in Trannykreisen just take something which I think already for quite a while, just no real reason or've found the right destination. Eine Google-bomb.

A Google bomb is characterized, that many different pages from different domains to push a specific page with a link homonymous and thus bring in Google and other search engines forward.

The most famous google-bomb is George W. Bush devoted their biography at Google with the words “Miserable Failure” Google on Place 1 is.

The reason for the transvestite google-bomb in the UK is the company Transformation, Google for the term Transvestite place 1 is. This leads to, transformation.co.uk that naturally gets extremely large crowds and almost a synonym on the topic Transvestite is. All “young” Transvestites are aware of this company and buy firstonce there – of course.

That in itself would not be so bad especially, if the service or supply would be fair…. – but it is not. Transformation alleging the typical transvestite Charge, the kind that strikes repeatedly on the Internet….

Would that not be fooled bad enough transformation.co its customers even.

Example 1, Example 2

Who thinks now. WOW see the breasts of good. The gesagt_ is not surprising. They're also really.

The here are the breasts, are actually sold.


Also, a company, taking their products real women and real breasts incredibly exaggerated prices shows, and then also to place transvestite 1 is, which must somehow be actually more difficult to craft.

This is nothing more than a joke.

Now the ladies try, to push the second-placed Wikipedia in the first place. That is probably more of a symbolic value, because Transformation.co.uk remains the first Trannyshop on Google and so clicked yet.

No matter, I also put a link with the word Transvestite to the desired page from Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org / wiki / Transvestite ) If only it helps, that once someone takes better account of the subject, before issuing € 899 or € 999 for silicone breasts, is a good work done.
For me, the goal would be DMOZ been a better, because there are also a lot better sites there.



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Free yourself of your maintenance.
Hakuin called Master Hakuin

Soooo nochein last entry to the Breast prostheses.

I last a little bit about the size I have to say brokered ” fits scho’ ” Alles okay! Size okay, Halt okay, Percolation okay and feeling very good. I still have a very backless halter dress, I, sometime when it's warm, So now may sometimes wear clothing without annoying scraps. I am told, A beautiful back can delight. However, if I have, however, the other must decide. I probably never trust me but eh, to put it Although I hardly think, that “Master Hakuin has meant, they should get rid of the bra, but somehow it fits….. Incidentally, I find it a somewhat, not is not at all. 5 Some Klebepads costs 25 € !!!! 10 Märker for a little double-sided tape…. There must be something more favorable. Anyone who knows anything, the speak now or forever be silent! And I will not come with Gaffa tape or duct tape, for it will hold, and yet can be removed without, I have to get new skin transplanted….

Oh nochwas, I have a few new pictures released. and that's with two news.

a) The folder is different than times “more” named and is called “black in black”. I have not decided yet, images with which I am satisfied and less satisfied…. I look tomorrow.


b) I tried to take this into account, I keep hearing “Smile it out”. You've asked for it and you will need to determine, that between a smile and a moronic grin is only a very thin line. Incidentally, I do not seem to be the only person, the often heard something like: see here