Breast Enlargement made easy

Since yesterday, I propose the Horizon and to wonder about a full page ad, under the heading:

As I have developed my breasts
namely by 15 cm in 30 Days

a breast augmentation without any pills, Massages or “Saugapparate” promises……

it is also “advisable, that those ladies, who want to create a beautiful bust, Write immediately, as above quotation is an honorable, Earnest Proposition, which springs from the desire, our readers to do good, derr Mme Mercier wins absolutely nothing by this compensation.”

Brustvergrößerung um 15 cm

Hello? I'm really the right newspaper pitched? Or are advertisers and marketers now the latest target for breast augmentations to the man, respectively. to bring the woman – and why is the display actually as old opened.

And are not perhaps the 20 Penny, to be sent as a stamp on the back cover of the real profit in this obvious historical SPAM version?

Now, the solution is to realize easy and in the large display on the bottom left. The offshoot of the horizon Beef has a big lead story about lies in the media industry in the booklet and this full-page ad indicates.

Also, rather no 20 Ffennig an Mme. Send Mercier, the tips on breast augmentation does not come back with security. If in doubt, I would but then silicone breasts vorschlagen.Das is Safe