I am proud of my neighborhood

When I moved to Berlin, and chose me Kreuzberg, had mainly the reason, that my apartment,
a) I liked quickly
b) I liked better than the other three
c) it was only a few hundred meters from my former work.

the great Orange Street to the first St. Pauli Fanshop berlin fit to, Kreuzberg past also.

In short,I immediately felt at home in Kreuzberg and I do not think, that there is a better neighborhood in Berlin. I like my neighborhood, is still cool despite gentrifizierungstendenzen. I have now seen again only in the general election, the result of which I liked very much in Kreuzberg – and certainly in my constituency.

In my own local Red / Green had an absolute majority and not even needed to the SPD. Together with it would be even 78% … In addition, the CDU reached, FDP, AFP, NPD and the Republicans TOGETHER 9,0 % and thus exactly the same as the pirates and “The Party”.

What more can you want more of his polling station… Maybe a green direct candidates: and his name is Hans-Christian Ströbele 🙂

Thank Kreuzberg, Thank polling station 310

federal election kreuzberg

Election: on a word

Okay, Today we had aso a parliamentary election and even if Gloria Viagra believes, that elections would change anything or otherwise prohibited, I see something different. This election will change anything – and not for the better. I, for my mind can not understand, who the hell Black Yellow really want and I think, most of these are not bad choice mourn. Too bad. So the voters AND the situation.


I would have liked, there would be more voters, Select the tactical and not attributable to the black / yellow bearings. My desire for election I wrote today on Facebook..

choose tactically: ersttimme spd, second vote green. by little but a high percent of the SPD Erstimmenanteil give you the chance to overhang seats, take the CDU this. Generally make a stand against Black / Yellow and put themselves in red / black with strong opposition.

This happened would have been a shoe out, because unfortunately three parties quarreled center links as direct candidates for the positions and provided a) direct mandates for the CDU and b) for lack of direct mandates of the SPD.


Example Hamburg:

The 6 Direct mandates have gone halfway to the SPD, 2,01 stand her because of the second votes. Cost! Would the voters to make a Two Vote splitting and could, for example, the Greens voters gegebe the Erstimme the SPD – SPD so all three would 6 Won direct mandates. Given in return would also have a pair of SPD voters dei second vote the Greens, alone would not be drafted four black and yellow more MPs in the Bundestag from Hamburg. (four direct mandates)

Just had the 10 Overhang seats in North Rhine Westphalia could be prevented and there can also produce non-black-yellow overhang seats. In this case the selection would have been different way….


In fact, the SPD voters, has chosen the second for SPD hurt her, as well as the Green voters, has chosen the first vote a Green, his party has harmed. Damage usefull, choose that voters do not always tactically…

What does the choice now?

Chancellor Merkel remains.
The SPD has a big problem
The Greens have a party leader, does not sit in the Bundestag
We will soon have a gay foreign minister and I am excited, how it behaves, if he has an official visit to a country, where homosexuality is punished with the death

I'm also willing to bet almost, that the next SPD chancellor candidate and Klaus Wowereitheisst
I also am a betting, that he will be the next chancellor

Maybe by then create the Greens, too, the charsimatischten Green, Cem Özdemir muster as a top candidate. I think I Wowereit / Özdemir would also be possible red-green.

green harm through select green?

If politicians do not respond to emails, then there is the most secure of too much work as part of a coming election or unpopular truths? I guess, that my question is thus a “And” be answered and will therefore in the general election against my convictions as a green voters and choose tactically.

What I asked as direct candidates, let me open times…

Moin XXX,

I've got a question. I've been thinking a lot lately about the subject first-second vote for me as the right to vote in Kreuzberg was always clear, To choose Ströbele and to support other direct candidates morally. However, I wonder now, I'm not so wrong.

In other words, a little provocative and:

Does not harm the green than one party, one green Directly selects candidates?

Four years ago the SPD in Hamburg more direct mandates reached as percentages and thus reached an overhang mandate. The Green would in itself (unlikely event) two selected Green direct candidates probably jump out no overhang mandate. So the party I did not really help, or?

On the other side (at least for now) the prediction so close, that a seat in parliament in addition the non-black-yellow camp quite the Green could offer the possibility of (black-yellow-green), (red-yellow-green), (red-red-green) shape.

If black-yellow reaches the majority everything should be clear yes, if that does not work – and it was by a, maybe even two direct mandates of the SPD – then there is no party, a better position than the Green.

In this respect the question:

Is not it wrong my first vote as a green voters a green To give directly candidate?

best regards