Street festival Motzstraße and Nollendorfplatz

Actually, I had that day double female visit, which I wanted to show evening in Berlin. A street party and two parties were on the program, but the two are expended while shopping on the Kurfürstendamm so much, that there was nothing more for the two, So I drove up the matter with Sheila. Which is always my favorite party companion.


The first thing was the Motzstrassenfest on the plan, “The largest Gay and Lesbian Town Festival after the CSD” on the plan. Insipid, which can mean anything anyway…. For example, the only Lesbian and Gay City Festival next to the CSD or just a really big. At least the second true. The Motzstrassenfest is quite large and otherwise in almost exactly the same as the Colorful Long row in Hamburg St. Georg.Viele typical street fair booths and plenty of typical scene content, Stages and booths at the festival. The whole thing in an area, mit Bars, Pubs and restaurants is gespicht, nahezu on everyone you 100 % Hang rainbow flags. Sadly, however,, that this great street party only to 23 Clock was allowed to play music and stage shows. Dadürch we got less than we wanted to. No matter, I got something to eat and we arrived early to the High Heels Party ins Goya.

More interesting than the Motzstrassenfest the way was to Motzstrassenfest. The entrance to the street festival is located on a side street, home to all appearances, a Berlin street line (again a Parrallele to St. George). However, since we could not park too close and the entire road had to run along the street stroke, we got into the focus of the cruise ends there exciting young. Now we were not slutty, although it lightly dressed and reaped most diverse honking horns and shouts from cars.

Tja Jungs. Better next time put on the glasses, then you might also see, that you just zwo trannies zuhupt.. 😉