America's next president?

a funny competition is running in America at this time. If George Bush finally desist from his position as the most powerful person in the world breathes the world.


For America, the league will be the candidate for the post of “President of the United States” but already really weird.

barack.jpgSince we have on the one hand Barack Obama a black man, of applying for the Democrats to occupy this office. I would imagine, that there are several people in the southern U.S., in which superscript hackles at the thought. After all, in the United States only with the 1965 been abolished created electoral law unfair election procedures. Previously, many Black people were not allowed to choose, but are certainly not selected. Now the view is different and times if Barack Obama is the first black President…

hillary.jpgIf not, a black president, then there is perhaps more of a President. Hillary Clinton wants to emulate it but smooth and her husband move into the white house. Ja genau, Hillary Clinton, the man's wife, of cigars and interns likes and does not equate to having oral sex with sex. We place ourselves above so again the thought, to a poor conservative Southerners should have there. “A woman as president – which is in the kitchen”. Super Angie would also then yes only the second most important woman in the world. Can we allow ourselves to offer the?

giuliani.jpgNein Nein, because the arch-conservative Southerner is a rather ordinary, choose strong white man, has shown, that he can cope with the rigors of this evil world. It genau Rudolph Giuliani, aussichstreichste the Republican candidate, the man, of responsibility for the attacks in Manhattan just mayor of New York was. The mirror says about the way Rudolph Giuliani, he had not even begun to even the low size of George Bush. And he has had several wives, He has confessed adultery and his children can not aussetehen him. Finally, there are great pictures, depicting him as a drag. Also where optimal Mann für the conservative American. So to speak, the archetype of a conservative American.


Well, as a conservative American has a real problem this time. 😉 I laugh myself checked and predict a mud fight.

transvestite google-bomb

In England found in Trannykreisen just take something which I think already for quite a while, just no real reason or've found the right destination. Eine Google-bomb.

A Google bomb is characterized, that many different pages from different domains to push a specific page with a link homonymous and thus bring in Google and other search engines forward.

The most famous google-bomb is George W. Bush devoted their biography at Google with the words “Miserable Failure” Google on Place 1 is.

The reason for the transvestite google-bomb in the UK is the company Transformation, Google for the term Transvestite place 1 is. This leads to, that naturally gets extremely large crowds and almost a synonym on the topic Transvestite is. All “young” Transvestites are aware of this company and buy firstonce there – of course.

That in itself would not be so bad especially, if the service or supply would be fair…. – but it is not. Transformation alleging the typical transvestite Charge, the kind that strikes repeatedly on the Internet….

Would that not be fooled bad enough its customers even.

Example 1, Example 2

Who thinks now. WOW see the breasts of good. The gesagt_ is not surprising. They're also really.

The here are the breasts, are actually sold.


Also, a company, taking their products real women and real breasts incredibly exaggerated prices shows, and then also to place transvestite 1 is, which must somehow be actually more difficult to craft.

This is nothing more than a joke.

Now the ladies try, to push the second-placed Wikipedia in the first place. That is probably more of a symbolic value, because remains the first Trannyshop on Google and so clicked yet.

No matter, I also put a link with the word Transvestite to the desired page from Wikipedia ( / wiki / Transvestite ) If only it helps, that once someone takes better account of the subject, before issuing € 899 or € 999 for silicone breasts, is a good work done.
For me, the goal would be DMOZ been a better, because there are also a lot better sites there.



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