Topshop London – Of Transvestitenparadies

Who goes on a journey, can experience something. Sagt man ja. Often, however, we also know, what you want to experience and therefore booked the trip. Bei uns ist es das Musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert in London. THE Trans musical excellence.


For this musical experience that would be the way to London, however, quite far, so we decided it with Expansive shopping experience combine to.

Burned Shopping in London and indeed to the soles – and then the same again.


The stated aim – and as such only four cross-roads of our – for the rest – great hotel – war Orford Street. Das Shopping Mekka in London. Overall, something like the Kurfürstendamm. But better me more and better shops and longer and â € | Well actually lags the comparison, denn statt X-mal Zara, H&Deichmann M, and there are really great shops and almost every great shoes.


Erster Laden, a shoe shop. Purely, Get a second clothing store with shoes – purely! Dritter barn Office, a pure shoe store with really incredible paragraphs: of course entirely. The whole went something like further, by Sheila sometime even once asked, â € žkommt sometime once a store, in which we do not reinmüssenâ € œ …have to? We wanted…


For example in a shop, Topshop was called and is located on Oxford Circus. A large department store, that Janka – completely aptly called â € zdas a Transvestitenparadiesâ is yes € œ designated. Glitter & Sought glamor and all the Trans heart. Dresses with sequins, sparkly makeup, Bows, Hat and feathers stuck to the wig, the wig itself. Jewelry in all colors, Sizes and degrees of kitsch, Bags, Stockings and tights of any screening. High heels with killer heels and and and. If that sounds now by Karstadt, which is completely beside, In contrast, because everything had been canceled at Topshop, some extremely Campy, much but just terrific. I could write a lot about the shop, but if you want to know, how good is this transvestite paradise, then you had told. Alone at Topshop we have shopped for over three hours – and in the evening come back again because we have forgotten so much.


Against all other shops from Topshop subsided somewhat. That does not mean, that we do not, for example, looked at Dune great shoes, and found (at least Janka) had bought. I myself found four pairs of great, stepped-down shoes. Real deal – but unfortunately not available in my size… Mist. Nevertheless, I bought two pairs of shoes, Eyelashes, Stockings, Makeup and certainly still one or the other, I forgot…


Oh a very small cylinder in an area near Carnaby Street in whose area is almost entirely vintage, Burlesque and 20s to 50s fashion stores gathered. All small, all fein, many interesting. I had done it to a super-cheap corset, However, the size of my manliness spoke against. Too little ass and little pools.. It would really only 50 Cost pounds. Dirt cheap for such a corset…

A lucky, that we have not added together, because London has made to us in Oxford Street and Carnaby Street neat revenue. Much revenue.

Since then dropped the seafood in a restaurant, that Sheila has opened accidentally, barely significant. An ordinary shopping day – and tomorrow it goes on…. Because now it is first in bed. After all, I've been 4:20 awake…

Oh written tonight 23:22 UK time. However, since the Internet is expensive, I will post it tomorrow.