Berlin Fashion Night @ Adagio

Since I make the page Pinup flutter from time to time any invitations to fashion events in my mailbox. At the weekend it was a mail, which to me 5. Berlin Fashion's Night wanted to come to the Adagio.


Hmm why not, even if the Adagio as such not just one of my favorite party places, yes you can view times, what a Berlin Fashion's Night is as accurate and why do not they take place at Berlin Fashion Week, Like all other major fashion events in Berlin.

lüllepop design

Now, the Fashion Night showed some rather unknown designers on the catwalk, whose pieces are worn by models, which were previously selected in a casting, which obviously brought their own shoes and did not know what she would wear for, because the compilation dress – Shoes was frequently quite adventurous… Overall, it seemed to me to be the name of the event rather enrich the business card of an event agency, out to be a really good show of fashion lovers.


Also, the show acts between the designer shows were rather average – if any. A really bad singer, the photographer next to me with a “boh is the bad” titled and also more likely to show this for a business card needed a show they would have needed. To a pair of Blues Brothers on stage, but not real and can not Soul Train were. Overall, I've seen better fashion events.


A special effect have the men and women organizer also be involved, that they have sent a nice strong headlights against the direction of the assembled photographers photo. Man man man, I do not know, who came up with this idea. Surely no, would have been on pretty pictures…


There were also positive in the event, although a label, which I do not yet know. Lüllepop Design, obvious from Berlin with interesting clothes Fabric, Paint and lace. The pieces I really enjoyed it and I would have hanged me a lot in my wardrobe, I would not necessarily claimed by most other creations. But Lüllepop can be observed even closer in any case.


I then but still quite good amuses me, I am good with a girl, I really should have known of the Rockstar Models Party… actually. I could not remember anything of course. But surely, because she had to tell me something as a model coach and we had to talk a lot, blaspheme and also to praise a little, But especially also to initiate a few nice drinks.


ACN – 2 – Fashion, Show & Music


Okay, the “Halls” Maag halls in Swiss German is not so for “Hall” but really means, that this is the plurality of Hall. So there was still a big stage with a regular and a befitting catwalk which is now the second part, den man Fashion & Sound might dub should fro hot.

The VIP area lured with free drinks and another blocked off room right at the end of the catwalk with the best view and many photographers. Somehow I fit in there not really, but whatever, It was just the best view and the ability to shoot good photos and film the show.


But the show itself, when an event has so many high-profile sponsors, and Pro7 on Tuesday 21:45 Minutes of his program is free for, then you can probably expect something. And it was quite a offer. Well, the Artists Charity Night is not the Life Ball, but it is in the first year and the Life Ball up in the seventeenth, but it was by video greetings from Austria and for the first year should already be splendid Artist Charity Night.


Five designers from Germany, Switzerland and Großbrintannien and some live acts, Although the more the audience were Swiss and osterreichischem a term, ensured, that not one minute of boredom arose. Hardly ended a catwalk, spiekte on the stage next to the music and even before Jazzmin opened the presentation went furious mitRanger & Sensxuality los.


Sheila had neglected like, I'm sure, Most of you also. From 1:30 knallts. Ingenious choreography with really good dancers, understood their job and this also featured on the fashion shows or in unscheduled sessions proved, to burlesque creations from Ranger & Sensxuality, wonderful corsets and not forgetting the obligatory cap it all with great music and the first of the evening confetti cannon. A really spiffy appearance.


The two drags with pink and blue hair was not the way, as one might expect in the two hair colors Shirley Sugar and Daphne dragee from Küln but Stella Divine and Marcy Darcy from Switzerland… Since the two cologne inside'll have to find a new selling point.


By the way, when you see her in a special wobbling the camera guide, then this is the moment, where the camera man felt disturbed on the podium of me and said, to have to kick me. No decency, the guy.
More decorum had the show – do you mean: it was very decent. [Jazzz] contributed to a moderation of each new – always glad fummel and said a nicotine, a Swiss designer on, whose muse is probably for some years. Heaven, when you get those clothes tailored to the body, I also want to be a designer's muse…. Bewerbungen bitte an 😉


I, however, wore a gown of the collection “Armoire by Kroft”, the grand design collective “LA” which I did not have to hide certain, I had so that the subject “Summer of Love pretty great hit, how many – Unfortunately, not all the other. But it should be, too. Dress avoiding the topic. I liked, was confirmed to me time after time, However, unfortunately, as I almost always had to ask, what you wanted to tell me straight, I unfortunately can not Swiss German. And I learned, for example,, that it does not give as many drags in Zurich. I saw Stella, Marcy und Jazzmin, three to six sisters so… at about 10 times the size of Berlin is likely to be about the average.


Speaking section. In addition to the following two collections of filth & Strano and Saro inspired me, especially the pieces by Lena Hoschek, loose and easy, and was very portable and settling time was moderately well between now and the 60s somewhere. While some were even present themselves creatively by the models, I talked to one of the models in a great dress with Elvis print and learned, that the flyer by Glam Shoes, I was just with the air of their zuwedelte. Do I need to visit you, I should be back in Zurich. Fancy Shoe shops you can never know enough. But as I said, especially the clothing of Lena Hoschek I liked. Great clothes.


But we come to the subject of music in between shows. Unfortunately, I did not know any of the four artists Carmen, Nita, Vera und Eve Gallagher, but that also did nothing, because it was more homegrown Swiss, the really nice shows offered, me but not enthusiastic, to a. Eve Gallagher, to me as Eve Gallagher & Galacteve really fascinated and completely enthusiastic.


This was in addition to the great music and great voice especially their charisma on stage. Something between Pink and Grace Jones with a tick Aussehenvon Brigitte Nielsen and Fashion by… from… well failed in any case. And even though I have never heard of her, I must say absolutely: This woman rocks!


Overall, there were 4 1/2 Hours of the best entertainment on the Artists Charity Night and then the party started. The dancers boarded the catwalk and gave a special performance of their skills, that could can in fact see the stars and starlets boarded the VIP area for a few drinks and some conversation. For example, I was talking with some novices of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the course at an AIDS charity event should not be missed and could tell me about the great reputation of the Berlin sisters, sisters-in circles. Since Daphne mother has probably done something right with her sisters from Berlin.


Ach ja Berlin… at the end there was a little reminiscent of Berlin in the 20s of Sugar & The Josefines, die ich allerdings noch einmal eigenständig  zeigen muss, because it requires its own little story and perish in these reports of the Artists Charity Night would.

Overall it can be said for Artists Charity Night, that it was a great event, with the great has been done right the first time and a great lineup was assembled. I hope, it also has incorporated enough, to support the actual occasion gebürig, because it was still primarily an AIDS charity event and the meaning of such an event is indeed still the mainly, To raise money to come to an AIDS benefit. 25% an AIDS Switzerland, 40% to selected organizations and Swiss 20% an Stiftung Live Aids, struck the foundation of the live ball and Vienna as the bridge was back to the Vienna Life Ball.


A whole hour of this great event is shown on the next day on Pro7. Unfortunately, the program of Pro7 Switzerland… Thus, there is no possibility, To see this show in Germany or take. Fortunately, I was there, however, and I think I'll be back next year. Chapeau Artists Charity Night. Well done.


Barbie celebrates birthday on the catwalk

The 50 year old Barbie fresh as ever on the catwalk.

in cc by M.V. Jantzen

There are many reasons to be envious on Barbie. She has an incredible figure, she has longer legs than Janka – at least proportional, it has a lock, a horse, a Ferrari, and I still remember everything in her Barbie world. Barbie is incredibly successful, each(r) she knows, most of them love, she has a really well-stocked wardrobe and I read it, that they last in the 50 Years has been given over a billion shoes and everything Heels. As Imelda Marcos is to sleep safely.


This Barbie is ageless and today just as immaculate and incredibly beautiful, as before 50 Years. Who can claim to be something like. All this is Barbie and these days it is half a century old.

Such an anniversary to be celebrated and in their case with a large fashion show. These were now the New York Fashion Show, on 50 Topdesigner wie Tommy Hilfiger, Have dressed Vera Wang and Calvin Klein models in their Barbie look on the catwalk.


It began with the Urbabrie or better with the outfit of Urbarbie, a black and white swimsuit, makes even today to the great model. A great show and a great idea.

Oh by the way, the show starts after about 4 Minutes, View all bias and therefore not off. 🙂

Jägermeister Aftershow Party

Jagermeister can they drink to all
Jägermeister Bar

(1) Often I look at things so work-related marketing with the glasses and sometimes you just have to admit, when other people clearly understand their marketing crafts. I must compliment the marketing department / Make marketing agency of Jägermeister.

Jägermeister Aftershow Party

How did it, a herb, the predicate “Cool” to give, which is already worth all respect. I mean, just imagine, to order in a disco one Underberg… How uncool would that please the? I just think of only one thing, which would be uncool and that is the disco, where you really get a Underberg.

Jägermeister Underground Catwalk

Jägermeister is somehow different, and this is certainly also in such events, running under the label of Jagermeister, just as the Underground Catwalk under Berlin Fahionweek. In this respect RESPECT.

Toll war the actual show and when it was finished, aufgingen the doors of the subway, began the next peak only at: The Get-together on the platform and the after-show party at the Sage Club.

Tattoos auf dem Jägermeister Underground Catwalk

The good thing is such an underground fashion show, that the terminal can be directly on the club after-show party and so that really all visitors and models actually come to the party. A great idea – and it works. It was really almost all there, they all had a good mood and it was great this week. On the platform itself, for example, still with Sammy Spahn, there desig von Redcat 7 and their Models.

Sammy Spahn

Amazingly, we were able to once again find, us that actually a degree of self-awareness is, known as one of the models my blog and Sammy, which is also the manager of the Teaserettes asked me, Sheila ob ich ancient texts, die ihr einmal eine Email geschrieben hat 🙂


But let's get back to the party. In large VIP area you could actually entertained with all people, we could make a nice picture with Stefan Kretzschmar or with Martin Kesici, the 2003 Star Search winner was.

Martin Kesici @ Jägermeister Underground Catwalk
Martin Cutter

In addition, I noticed on the catwalk still a male model on, that somehow seemed familiar to me, but I could not assign. Since he was somehow constantly interviewed on the platform, I could think of, that he could be a celebrity somehow. They explained to me, that he was the singer Max Buskohl, who had come relatively far in American Idol and then got. Okay okay, another one for our Celebrity Gallery.

Max, we need you once for a photo

Max Buskohl

said, getan 🙂

Great but at this party were not only the people and the conversations, but also the Jägermeister Bar, who provided the attendees with free Jägermeister creations. Jägerinha, the Jägermeister Jägermeister caipirinha version or Redbull or – and because I have kept, Jäger Colada…


Jäger Colada? Pineapple juice, Batida de Coco and a herb? A mixture, which rolls from listening to the toenails, but one can hardly believe it. This stuff tastes great. So good in fact, that the girls at the bar at the end of beige potions could no longer offer only pure and Jägermeister or could do with orange juice. Und Jäger-O rollt einem nun wirklich die Fussnägel auf 😉

Still Great. Oh yes, one thing is missing, the thing with the Michalsky Sunglasses