FDP and CDU should reconsider their participation in the Hamburg CSD

I find itself very well, although I'm pretty sure, that there will be both a CDU and FDP a Truck. But at least certainly discussions. I myself have always asked myself actually, what do these parties there.

From an open letter to the applicant Hamburg Pride of cars and stalls for the CDU and the FDP at the Hamburg CSD.

Dear Mr. Kruse, rather Burkhardt, dear Christian,

On 28. June the parliamentary factions of your parties almost closed or against the applications submitted for opening marriage. voted for equality of registered partnership with marriage.

Not least because of z.T. public discussion is aware, that there are complex reasons for the negative voting. In the end, however, the result: Homosexuals be discriminated against.

Their parties have shown the voting behavior, that they do not stand behind the motto of this year's Christopher Street Day in Hamburg: “Marriage 2.0 – After the duties of the rights now”. We have therefore been asked by several people, To exclude them from the CSD demonstration and other Pride events.

Hamburg Pride e.V. sees itself as a platform for pluralistic forces, which supports the rights of homo-, Would- use and transsexuals. Against this background, we conclude no democratic organizations of the events from Hamburg Pride.

We strongly encourage you but, To reconsider their participation in the political demonstration, and the Christopher Street Day at the street festival.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Lars Peters
First Chairman Hamburg Pride e.V.

I would have preferred a letter, the parties does not exclude the, But the result interpreted as a rejection of the parties at the CSD, as the motto of the CSD obviously contradicts the Abstimmungsverahlten. Should this be a misunderstanding logout, But you look on a feedback of the party.

The Chancellor of Duel

I'm sure no political tranny but quite politically interested and knowledgeable and with a relatively clear partiality, which has one or the other surely have guessed… I could also say: I do not live in vain in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Now is precisely the election campaign in full swing, which can be seen also at the forest of signs along the roads, I like to watch. When that poster is where, which have been embellished with spray cans and where posters are around completely undsinnig. In addition, one finds reference to the Posters coalition options, you knew before or not at all. In fact, I must Sheila statement, that the choice of advertising is boring, but rather contradict.


Even as she wrote this entry, I had to contradict mentally, I had just four days before the above election poster by Hans-Christian Stroebele with the words “It must look like an election poster” getwitpic’t. One of the coolest election posters, I have ever seen and is probably the only politician Ströbele, I concede such a poster. Moreover, it is right in front of my apartment.

And as it is said in Kreuzberg and Green stands next to a fixed: Kreuzberg is red. To see which is also on the election posters, the FDP and the CDU are hard to see here, instead appear here election posters of parties, which is believed to be extinct for a long time, such as DKP. So there are, for example, lampposts, which are colored red extremely. It shows clearly, higher, more left.

dkp-linke-spd-wahlplakatganz links (DKP)
very left (The Left)
something left (SPD)

One of the very few FDP election posters but then I was also convinced, that FDP left maybe is not such a coalition option completely excluded, even if all would say no, of course, immediately, want both the left and the FDP, but actually the same: a fair wage for fair work. Because of Mr. Westerwelle and Mr. Lafontaine should have a little talk about a collaboration… Although I believe, that somehow my back, the other, as it stands…

2-arbeit-muss-sich-lohnenActually, they both want the same

Anyway it's fun times to look, what the left wants, and so comes as extraordinary results. The fact really want just the opposite, what is expected of you. In fact, the Left is the only party, occurs for the all-encompassing tax increases for everyone. She does, however, quite smart and clever and not really on a poster, you have to take just two together here. Firstly request the party “Wealth for all” a few lampposts later “wealth tax” demand. …One need only define wealth something different and oomph. Steuererhöhungen für alle 🙂

1-reichtum-fur-alle-reichtum-besteuernTaxing wealth and wealth for all
more taxes for all

But in one I have to agree with Sheila, the slogans are in themselves not really exciting. It is interesting, however, then it. For example, the only true duel Chancellor. Steinmeier takes the anyway, no one from the Chancellor. It is different with Helga Zepp-Larouge. She's chancellor Angela Merkel and competes against, Chancellor of the amptierende. Although the release has the power to Star Wars umm force. Zepp-Larouge allrings has the recipe. But what exactly do they have the power and the recipe, that it does not really tell.

3-wir-haben-die-kraftChancellor Duel: Force against panacea

But to be honest, Angela Merkel is really no more be expected of tenure, when one sees, she has since undergone. Now Angela Merkel had never even opportunities in Germany investigated the supermodel or how the show is still called, but in Hamburg election poster has surfaced, that really tells of their current state. Probably can be explained by the election poster, I have found beio Matt Wagner also explain, why they do not actually appear in this campaign. Let's see if they can get ready Chancellor duel inside their makeup for tomorrow again…


by Matt Wagner

Interestingly, they are, the election posters, But somehow help with the elections in the election decision not really. You need on the back end just yet Wahlomat to help.

Article 3 GG – what does it say now in?

Threesome for the Basic Law…. And what does the now?

he was the first, who knew, what type of. 3 GG says.

You read and hear it every year and it is always the same opinions.

The Gayprides have become perfect fun events, it just goes to party, It has no political character and more in general the media always shoot only the freaks and trannies, which are of contemporary political thing extremely abdienlich anyway.

Well, the parades to political will and in my opinion was the Hamburg Christopher Street Day actually political, as we know it from other. They saw posters and messages everywhere and the slogan “Threesome for the Basic Law” was also to read anywhere…. But what does that mean exactly? What does it because with this slogan as to be?

Okay, I have since informed me, what Gaypride Hamburg so proklamiert: It's about the product 3 of the Basic Law, says the following:

(1) All persons are equal before the law.

(2) Men and women are equal. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and take steps to eliminate disadvantages that now exist.

(3) No person shall because of sex, parentage, his race, his language, homeland and origin, his faith, be favored or his religious or political opinions. No one shall be discriminated against because of his disability.

It is about the Gleichheitsgrundasatz and Articles 3 Paragraph 3 to give or to sexual inclinations. Identities to be expanded…. This told me the Internet.

But who should you ask, if you do not know exactly? Politicians or perhaps you prefer the trannies???

Unfortunately, there was no chance to ask Mr. von Beust

Well I asked firstonce after the first political Truck, what is the slogan for “Threesome for the Basic Law” goes. …I have of course not expected, me that the entire article 3 down praying, but the words “Principle of equality and prohibition of discrimination” I would have expected, especially since there even flyer with the heading ” gleiche Rechte für gleiche Liebe verteilt wurden
nett war er, but unfortunately he had no idea

The first person in the spell of political Trucks, I asked, unfortunately could not at all tell me, what it had with this slogan on himself (6 place), So I moved on to the next flyer distribution. He knew something more, namely, that gays and lesbians should be included in the article with three. However, when I asked him, What would testify at all because the, I caught him off guard and he had to admit, that he had no idea at all and he was not so long in the party… (Courage revealed to the gap 4-) ..

But at least he showed me a man, who should know. And… He knew there. It would go there to the principle of equality, that all men are equal before the law, he could tell me, and tell of the discrimination prohibitions, as it should be extended. (very well. 1)


Unfortunately, I forgot, To ask Claudia Roth

Hardly surprising is the way, that here both the Schwusos and the Greens do not spattered with fame – and certainly this would also CDU'ler, or FDPer and not the left.

I found exactly one green and one Schwuso, both clearly ashamed for their Mitstreier.

And to give this article a broader sense, I was of course (except me, yes it researched on the Internet) a drag, who knew it well. Tatjana Taft had informed and shone with political knowledge.

Tatjana Taft was well prepared.

Then we have two politicians and two knowing knowing Drags. Draw….!

Social problem homosexuality

The CDU is tackling social problems:
Today homosexuality.

It's election campaign and as always in election campaigns Parties with comic views, with empty promises and with all kinds Dünnschiss. That they are more committed to the actual clientele, is clearly. In the conservative CDU this means people. Some very conservative. And which is probably still all suspect, what they do not understand.

The only way I can think of, why since the 22.04. a contribution to the CDU discussion forum entitled: New treatment methods change homosexuals to heterosexuality. could be, without that because someone had disturbed… Aside from that I believe anyway, that a little bi is in every person, and it's pretty Bib, what an unimportant member of my party so unsympathetic says, but is it all really important this short story in the first sentence.

Homosexuality as a general social problem could be curbed soon.

A-Ha. Total Social problem so? I simply can not really, what exactly is the societal problem of homosexuality, probably the problem, that this comic view of life does not provide for offspring and thus aggravates the age pyramid. Really bad.

I think, who writes such a sentence has elsewhere in life as one or the other subject. Gays, Foreigners, Transvestites, Women might. One should deprive them of all rights, the right to vote anyway, anyway not choose the CDU…

So writes the author of therapeutic methods, The Cast. Homosexuality is not an equal sexual orientation. The signs would condense instead, that it constitutes a disorientation with multiple causes, but it was just a mental illness. A world without homosexuality is therefore no vision and no longer just a dream. One must only advance the research in the field and indeed free from ideologies….

….However, whether any sick homosexual must be locked and cured in a warehouse, wrote about the author Jochen Trebmann nichts.Aber sure Mr. Trebmann is also the opinion, Trensvestitismus that is as curable.

I find that somehow as a letter from bygone days ago, like an old bad dream.

Sad, that this scribbling has endured six days on the CDU website, until it has been cleared…

Who would read again. Here you go: