GMF @ Watergate

Always something new: GMF @ Watergate

Since this weekend was nothing earth-shattering, moved it to Sunday and the party of parties. The institution, the legend, the GMF Club.

But because the Berlinale was in town – or from some inexplicable reason the GMF club this time was not in the Weekend but once in kreuzbergers Watergate.


— Slot beginning —
Moment… Berlinale???? Where exactly were all the invitations to one or the other Berlin Aftershow Party? Somehow I have, I believe, times to talk to my postman… There h

at that yourself bagged the countless VIP cards and is itself entlanggeschlendert the red carpet. Also – somewhere should a postman should be seen on the Red Carpet, had my VIP_Karten.
—Insertion end —

Also, because Hollywood had not thought of myself, went there on weekends to GMF and not even a tiny VIP shuttle have asked the makers of the Berlinale available. An unparalleled impudence. We were allowed, No words needed to drive, and – much worse – Search parking and hinstöckeln, rather than exit directly in front of Watergate on the red carpet. Such a there was not but anyway, because there was only one club- and not film premiere.


I thought it was the way a successful premiere. The Watergate like pretty good to me. On two (In contrast to the Weekend) directly above the other floors there are two dance floors, there is enough seating and rest areas. A larger and a smaller dance floor, could use the GMF principle Pop Floor and House floor great. For this, the Watergate is located directly on the river Spree with a great view of the water, the Oberbaumbruecke and Hamburg-economic Flück pieces of universal. The view is great and hardly needs from the rooftop of the hide Weekend. I think in the summer could be a beach club feeling.

Overall I can say, me that the Watergate really liked. It's nice and wanted something less fancy as the Weekend – and I like happy. From me the GMF could migrate to, like there often… Anonyme Ohren, sometimes when I hear something more, also mentioned, that this would even considered… Also Bob Young, You have my blessing – not that he needs my blessing, but I note only once wollts.


This Sunday it was the way well filled. Whether that was now working, that everyone wanted to see times, this is the club, or whether perhaps there was more to the Boogie Pimps, the sonicated the House Floor, I will not predict. Ivch himself knew the Boogie Pimps have only the name of and have to admit that Saturday's not particularly changed, because I prefer listening Cecile Celsius on the Popfloor…. This is the way I already noticed a few times, that the Good should use some work on their repertoire. There are some songs, appearing with her again. Sometimes even twice in the evening.. hmmmm great songs though, But it surely has a few more in their suitcase… Unless you're called Nina Queer and the double song “All I Want for Christmas” is, I think that's borderline. Nevertheless, it has great music and brought the dance floor and sweat me.

Christel Cokes

But this evening I noticed again, how small the scene but is always 3.400.000 Berlin plum surroundings and you meet again and again the same few hundred people. But many of them are really true indeed like – otherwise you would not even go more – and without making a few people a night would be boring such.


Kittens and Britney Spears in a mental house

Your Disco needs you


Thursday is actually a rather late, by increase by the last weekend, But yesterday I had former colleagues, who founded a new startup called Susush, help with search engine marketing, go out yesterday and today has been held me a warning rather in suspense.

So now we come to the Irrenhouse last week:

So having the vernissage of the not-yet-botropper artist Matthias Gephart (see comments) had left we went into Sheils Mini on the way, Sheila next to the second kitten kitten Bettie Page Janka and punk Mel to collect as soon as possible visit the Mad House, because such a trans show, do not wait for us – and Mel and Janka were NEVER finished, as we came to them.


So it was a premiere, that Mel and Janka were completely finished and immediately jumped into the car to fifth in the little mini abzudüsen. It must be said, so that a maximum-Mini is a 4-person car. Cosy Eng wars!

Maybe it's the winter, perhaps the last great deception house party, that this time there was finally once again a snake, and we were able to sneak past us expertly tuned. Well we had this time with Silvia a real woman in our midst, which normally would have had to pay. Silvia now has but the one about our yardstick, So was hardly in our midst. Second, we Divatlantique, which traditionally sits in a mental house at the door, sympathetic, so we got a full five free tickets. Merci dafür.


Somehow we were this time striking unlikely, 1 x Punk,1 x PVC dress whip and 2 x kitten Bettie Page, to a woman over 180cm… Thus probably everybody thought, we would be in charge this evening for the trans show – and therefore asked people and siversete, would probably because when the show begin. At about quarter past two was my answer

“since between 15 Minutes and 45 Minutes at approximately. More precisely, you can probably only :Nina Queer: say. But usually, the girls always somewhat delayed.”

This time, it was a little different stored. The girls had not really late. Rather there was a cancellation due to illness of Melli Magic, which had to be compensated. Als Aushilfstranse tat Nina dann :Gloria Viagra: onto, however, needed some time, until she was ready and could occur in the birthday club. …In such an unplanned appearance you would not normally expect just so great cinema, but Gloria took me by surprise.


Before her but was Tatiana on the stage, which once again brought their number from the Polla party in power for the previous week and thus sang, what kind of boys they like so everything would. …Who knows?, maybe it has borne fruit, definitely were more boys in the asylum house than last week at Kino International. Pity, but also from this month's entry of insanity Houses yes each one euro will be gone in Polla Disaster. Very laudable, Queer fraud.


Gloria followed by Tatjana on the boards mean the Mad House and I admit, I also of their, be the short-term presence of, something would have expected from the travesty Preserve. …I would have bet, I would have lost. Instead of an old number Gloria pulled an old song from the wig, a few old, a less old and an almost new.

In fact, Gloria shone with a Best of Britney Spears medley and a show, that the entire artistic life of Britney Spears went through in time-lapse. The sweet schoolgirl, Virgin, the not Virgin, die Alkoholekszesse, the drugs, and the shaven-headed Britney Schwarzperrückte.


If Britney eventually needed a Kurzraffer her life, because they can look death in the eye straight on drugs, then they can actually get the video of Gloria's appearance. It actually contains all the important stages of her life as an artist. … … … No stop, not all stations. Gloria has forgotten the kiss with Madonna. In, it had not been so short Nina would definitely make Madonna flown just once, or?

No matter, the show was great and therefore rightly Gloria got right good cheer.


The applause could not beat the lady of the house, although every effort was Nina. She gave the great Two Hearts for the best and put two large fans, colorful ribbons, a skull and a big bag of aluminum foil scraps a. A great song, a great show and only slightly worse than Gloria.

[youtube] = NWt7JlRCVes[/youtube]


Although worse would be wrong.. less… Ach quark. They were both great. Point.


Nina but somehow seemed to have forgotten their typical saying, for he never was still called.

“I am beautiful – and … I have a lot of aluminum foil in my mouth”

Improved me, but he was somehow always different.


After the show, the party starts actually always just right and I think, dasss Cecile Celsius it hinfieberte, because after her appearance behind the controls in the GMF other day she was allowed to sound for the first time this Irrenhouse. …Irrenhouse + GMF. A good start for a Trans-DJ Vita. Congratulations from me to.

Incidentally, I have been careful with my good crop on the two kittens, they have scratched out the eyes of anyone, and no one has come too close to them peel the skin.


Eggs, as a whip is already a great toy. …By the way were all the other girls, because this whip was actually in constant use, but all had so much fun. NO – hardly people have been beaten, the girls have it used as a fashion item rather. But the fact is, that these devices have generated a lot more fun this evening, than for 8 € else is buying. A good investment – and it is recyclable.


What else to report? Oh, exactly, I played again and won against Sheila in contrast to the other day at White Trash this time. What we have played? Now it was tail-memory. Tons of undiscovered dicks at a Tafen and you should after uncovering two identical together. Whether it would have been special points for naming the owner, we have not asked, for since we both had had no chance, also come to only one…. Not that easy and Sheila (with other images) an enormous advantage Memory, as it plays it frequently… On this evening, but they did not stand a chance and I was able to pick me from the friendly game managers a free drink.


a recent GMF's Cafe in Moscow

of the GMF Club yes soon from the Café Moskau ins Weekend umzieht, needs of the rest of the time will still celebrated a little.


So Sheila and I went last Sunday once again take to the Cafe Club Moscow at the GMF. After us the The Mad Party, on which we previously have adopted pitched, So we arrived at the Cafe Moskau. Learning wars. So leer, We speculated that, It would also lacked empty bleiben.Aber far. Once again, I wonder if all do not have to work, because it was a normal Sunday, Monday was not free, no holiday or something else. Mir is so incomprehensible to half past twelve but was then slowly filled and finally really well filled.


A whole lot of girls hovered around that evening at Cafe Moscow, for a course Stella Destroy, which held the turntables, Janka Croft sweet accompaniment, Sheila and I, Kitty Koks, Cecile Celsius, several girls, I did not know and :Superzandy:, the way, was extremely cool. No two pieces are lifted, supernett, friendly , funny and as I said, extrem cool. The good thing is at the height of the time, yet somehow old-fashioned. You Taken with a camera with film and she still puts up with real plates. Not only, as seen in the picture, but also. Very laudable.


What I never noticed before as, is the Transenzusammenrottung, when a celebrity shows up somewhere tranny. Hardly joined SuperZandy to us, did some other girls like, and soon most were in the courtyard. However, before we could even make one or two photos.


Janka really should have done more with on this, but she was always outside of the image as it flashed…

One more thing I noticed is noticed next to the Transenzusammenrottung. There are a few trannies with a big desire to communicate.

Girls, you have to know a, what can you tell me, unless desired, that it will not be published, Here are the next day, and sometimes that is not good. But normally I know when the better kisser / write the finger hold.

For example, then, when a transvestite ablästert over another and is glad, the bad opinion of the other many people as possible, but most of all known to me. Soetwas kommt gut – and falls in the rarest of cases, a positive return on… In addition, I'm sorry, I like the Swiss habit of strict neutrality. (Especially, when I myself have no problem with the person, is just the aim of the blasphemous attack…. I like it better, with all cope well with only one clique as any girls.

As much as a short throw from me. From now on it is called CSD Hamburg. Tonight we go. Yippie.


Conny Funkbusch

Conny’s Funkbusch

Conny Funkbusch

The evening was once again in the Berliner Partys.Eines character of our goals was Conny Funkbusch, eine Party, which is probably not a coincidence as

Conny’s Funkbusch – Berlin's largest Gay and Lesbian Party

referred. However, we suspected bad, as we were able to choose from two different cinema parking spaces directly in front of the grand cosmos. Now, We were up very early.

Outside the cinema Cristl Coke's gave us a – and what shall I say. The lady was the reason, why I went the first time to Berlin and the Irrenhouse Party have visited. I saw this and was not only impressed by something, but absolutely. I wanted to know, if such a thing can be true… – and yes, may. What such an image but can make. At that time, I moved to Berlin one evening, and only two years later, I am looking for a home, fix to me in Berlin.

Cristl Cokes & Zoe

Before it is so far, I must content myself with parties and this time just with the Funkbusch. Astonishingly, – and completely against any expectation – have waved through the various bouncers immediately, but sent to the Checkout. The cashier had to look twice, but somehow still ask, if we were men…. (blind?)
Now, if we are then we come free of course – but do not tell anyone.

At the checkout greeted us Kitty coke, the us red hearts anklebte. Although these were not important to us, but matched the outfit – so far very happy. Btw. I wondered but smooth, if it never had problems because of the name similarity vs. Coke's. What gab. Was not there but probably. Very nice.

The Cosmos cinema is a great location and really, despite the size and style class. If it is full, it determines a great party venue – only it was not fully. Sheila acknowledged with the words.

Here haunt more security people than guests around.

Well it was not quite as, But these words came not by chance. In order not to die of boredom, we said goodbye firstonce from the radio to the bush Rauschgold to visit. The gold rush is but one day, to which nothing in Schwuz opposite but rather boring, we drank our cocktails and moved on to Sexcrime Party, to which we were invited. (I'm getting at but later)

funkbusch.jpgEventually after a few hours we came back to the Cosmos cinema and it had not done too much. Unfortunately, the radio bush was still visited only moderately and (much worse) the DJ played terrible music.

Generally I squelching DJs are indeed very suspicious and always remind me a bit of hype DJs in the Hamburger Dom. Both tell me, that I should have fun even during the piece and ask if everything is okay. At the Cathedral, goes – at the disco I do not find it so tense… I heard this really long no euro disco songs like Haddaway and Co. more. Honestly I have not missed.

So it only helped, to stun with white Russians. For this, we went straight to the bar. The front of someone standing, the undoubtedly moved to the side, a red Samtabsperrband for us was hardly noticed us. Only later he wondered, whom he had just left for there in the VIP area. …He wanted us to sell again but smooth…. tsts. But a quick nod of Cristl kept us from. Thank Cristl.


There is also Cecile Celsius joined us yet, complained about the, to be not so far occurred in Sheila and my blog but always as “Kitty and support” or “Kitty and friend” to have been named. Sorry Cecile, which is properly called in the future. 🙂


In order not to have to listen to the music, We drove us prefer the time around Forier, looked, who looks so and looked, who looks so deliberate, wie viel Handtäschchen aus solch einer Schlange gemacht werden könnten 😉

No, we do not deliberate, but a picture with snake we needed already necessarily. I would have loved to have had with a snake alone, aber diese Zusammenstellung mit Schlange ist wohl die zweitbeste Variante 🙂

who hypnotized whom here?



I have my way, later at the after-party Pary for a while with Conny, the organizer entertained and I must say, it is nice. They even told me, that they generally from the bush (The Drink B) comes up and if tried here, to make a party, the just appeal to all and not just a small circle. Therefore, just the general music selection and not just this typical house stuff.



This has arguably, that there were several other parties this weekend, people withdrew. For example, the new vault and and and. Well, and just the typical summer doldrums. Last time was probably much more guests at the party.


Later than the console Cristl boarded, the music was indeed better, but we were not really tired and said goodbye this weekend in the newly opened Safe. Conny, the organizer of the Funkusch, I vesrprach, tell, as there. Now Conny, simply look in here again tomorrow ;-). One doorman even told us the address of the Safe and we moved on.


Tolle Location, time to empty, not quite my taste in music but quite a party, deserves more visits.