Schangeltransen at White Trash

hat Kaey zumindest irgendwo gesehen.

After a great Rockin '’ Hot Rod Decadence but we wanted to continue to the new party, Dermot O’ Cushion veranstaltet. Der Club, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, was previously unknown to us. But why not. It's always worth a try, especially since Sheila had provided for guest list.

…Arrived > went down > look around > two photos taken > Flipped > Went out again from the store.

…Okay, almost every party needs a course while, until it starts by, but somehow it was scary empty. I guess, that a day lost more people in Dermot barber shop, as we have found there to just after three. If we have to pay admission, we would probably terribly annoyed, so it was not a problem, because the only, which still held us at this party was the question “and what we do now?”

Fortunately, this club was only half a mile away from the White Trash, in the Chicago Rose this evening party celebrating their East Chicago. So we took the decision, to go there, but not on the street without even compliments of approximately two 18-20 Receive olds girls. Something like one hears like.

Sister Junipa

Arrived at White Trash we found, that we have seen the club already much better filled. …The last party of Chicago were probably really busy – and we just come in one day, in which all have moved into their shells – really really annoying, WIE Chicago band.

This was the better, that began shortly after our arrival, the drag show. Almost as if the ladies waiting just for us. Sally Sheeld performte Biene Maja, Dots show Marlene Dietrich was a great, Chicago Rose a perfect show and Kaey did make, to sing live.

…I white, Kaey that can really sing, however, That evening a playback but might have been better. Nene, it was nothing I would say as a critic without own skills. The ham we have heard better. Furthermore Kaey had that night anyway somewhat by the wind, but they welcomed the Schangeltransen in the first row … as good but pink elephants or other weird stuff must have seen, for Schangeltransen were not in the first set. While Sheila and I should have seen this but certainly, after all, we were in the front row. I also do not know, what has the good drunk on the night, aber es wirkte wohl auf die Stimme UND auf das Sehvermögen 😉


Now they went off the stage with the announcement: Now comes sister Junipa, doe sing better than we. …This was true also. Junipa sister could actually sing and it happened something with me, that's never happened to me at a real singing transvestite, I had goosebumps short-term. While not the song here gezeigen, but at this. Although I gleube, that not all the sounds were taken as 100% here, but the voice has something moved in me. Great, toll, Applause. Sister Junipa certainly has not sung for the first time and hopefully not the last.

After the numbers came again the overall picture, for the Chicago also asked us to the stage. Why – but we have not contributed to the success of the show. Maximum for retelling, that there was the show – and that is indeed something, which is obviously more and more people recognize and goutieren.

After this show, we felt hungry and since we were just at White Trash Fast Food, and this addition can be so close to Food, we tried to raise some, had to realize, however,, that no one agreed, catch up the kitchen again for two hungry Drags. Worse – not even a cocktail the bartender still wanted us to make. Cola could we get, or anything else, what can pour without effort from a bottle into a glass.

The but we did not and so we discuss around so long and jingled with our glued eyelashes, until the bartender and let soften and even made me a mojito and a caipirinha or Sheila.

Who now wonders about the quality of the image, and asks, why that may be, I have to say, that this is a buld my cell phone and otherwise I have him with a Monty Python quote reply:

He has no desire, He has passed away. This parrot is no more. He has ceased to be. He has been called and received the Lord. This is the soulless shell of a parrot. The breath of life is gone out of him, he rests in eternal peace. If you had not nailed him, He'd long since the radishes when viewed from below. He shut the screen and twitters now Hallelujah to his heavenly cloud. This is an ex-parrot.

Replace Parrot by camera and think of some 1,50 Meters of air line. Between hand and soil. …Ich sag mal so, 1,49 Meters long was all good.

However, we still hunger and so Sheila had the idea, einzukehren still in the Gilded M. And, properly, you read correctly. Mrs. “Wolf” Eager for burgers… Janka has since done a great job.

But we were not there too long – As in the rest of the nice man behind the counter – also noticed. Not a “Hello”, not a “good evening” Use only dry “In, long time no see”. …yet recognized. …We should have let him advise actually, because as what we normally eat. Let's see, whether he would have also have got done.

However, I have missed my application… But I try to get every time a milkshake, I had learned and this time appointed a – and this time was calculated on the machine and I would get a. So I've got a Fanta taken… Next time I will order again and shake myself tion ne Apfeltasche. So!

Otherwise, we let another pass through the evening and presented Revue hard, that it was actually a really nice evening. The conclusion I steal me now shamelessly and openly with Sheila, after all, I've also worked vigorously to it. 😉


Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen

A standard work of the Berlin Trans Scene?

, ihreszeichens Berlin CSD sovereignty of sometime to keinerweisssorecht has a second part of their work Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen put on the web.

She describes her fictional story in Berlin Dragzene, Your immersion time as CSD and its sovereignty

I have not even noticed the first part, then the second definitely delicious. Although Tatjana “Similarities with all other persons or events in the past, Present or future” possibly titled as random, I can not escape the fact, me that several of the stories, the people, Parties or practices appear quite not quite as random. Still, most people are still made good. Okay okay, somewhat exaggerated but, but has not played completely wrong on the whole.

This story could give to all Berlin Neutransen as the great Trans Almanac. Tatiana talks about the Schwuz, Wigstöckel, the Irrenhouse, the Kumplenest, the GMF, The Bangaluu, den CSD, the different transport scenes in Kreuzberg and Mitte, in your history are as varied as people Kaey Tearing, Gérome Castell, Chicago Rose, :Mataina Ah wie Süß:, Barbie Breakout, Melli Magic, :Nina Queer:, Polla Disaster, Tilly Creutzfeldt Jakob, Biggi Blonde, :ADES Zabel:, or Daphne Baakel.

Anyone who has read the, has already had a first glimpse of the Berlin drag- and Transeszene. I'm looking forward to Part III

A few excerpts:

The deep-set eyes, I had lined with mega long fake eyelashes, my lips just shamelessly painted and eyebrows just a few centimeters above the original, heavily pruned painted. Only the big nose I could not hide with cosmetic tricks, and the Adam's apple does not also.
But since I also acted as a gay man, who plays a woman, and no one knew, that I was a woman, Playing a man, the turns gay, to play a transvestite, It was not so bad.
I even had an extra left the hair on the upper arms, peeped between the glove and a sleeveless evening dress. I was, gave me in these circles as something real.

Gérome had begun, a little to take care of me.
“Y'know ¾, Old, We shemales have to stick together. Each of us here has daughters and sisters, the system I brought from USA. In, sonst ha`m wa doch keen! And who should take care of, nich when the family? Ebent! You are now my daughter. And for you I have also been a; Your daughter's name is Frank!”
“My daughter's name is Frank? Absolutely not,” I resisted from. “¾ I own nothing and I do not have the nerve, to take care of as a lost brat.”
“¾ Frank is not a brat,” sagte Martina ah – as – Sweet, at the counter of the Bangaluu `s got us. Martina was the only salaried tranny all over town. This chic club in the middle, the Kaey would certainly enter only dead, she was the consummate hostess. She liked everyone and everyone liked them.

Gérome had imagined Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout at the counter of the GMF. The GMF was a chic club in the middle, where on Sunday evening, the young, would cap off the weekend, pretty and rich gay nightlife of Berlin.
Now I understood kaya, Â's disparaging remarks about “¾ Mitte.” The Trans-scene in Berlin-Mitte obviously differed greatly from the in Kreuzberg.
Barbie and Melli embodied pure glamor.

Melanie, a truck driver in zebra dress, the safe 120 Weighed kilos, but still proudly known, so go to the bakery every day and spend his evenings on the Internet, where it is marketed as a 47-pound beauty, or Sieglinde, who do not trust, remove her beard and put it value, neither hetero-- to leave even classify themselves as homosexual, but “¾ Transmann” or “¾ multisexuell” their identity seemed to narrow limits set to.
“¾ I am unique, do you understand,” her words were.
My mind was whirling. How easy was my life but! Everything in effect acting!

Nina Queer is genoss, to break all taboos and remained so always talking. Similarly, excessive as Barbie Breakout or Gérome, but it was still doing a shrewd businesswoman, who had worked his way up from the French Seller to the party organizer and owner of his own pub. Your go-go dancers were an ancient, flabby couple, the naked dancing, and their shows were bananas puked, Smeared Nutella or pelted the audience with minced meat. The Berlin loved the.
I was always totally unleashed at my performances, my slutty Playback, lost my wig fell or equal to all of the Stage. So I drew me a solid, reputation.

Tatiana's story seems like a lapse of some years ago Berlin party scene and it's again time to read.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part II
Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part I

Power for Polla

Drag queen family party for a good cause

Kudos to :Gloria Viagra: for the orientation of the Benefit Party for Polla Disaster. I have to completely agree with you once, when she says:

Man kann so yet known, you have to just make only.

Overall, one can say after this party, the scene that holds together, but it is obviously difficult, to attract more people as guests for such an event. Unfortunately, it was, at least for me, unexpectedly empty and :Superzandy: was right, than they initially thought that charity is always difficult.

Chicago Rose & Linda Pearl

I had in in fact a full house Kino International expected and was a bit surprised when I arrived and no line at the AI ​​vorfand. Not, I came surprisingly early, shortly before 12 and could go directly to the checkout… Exceptionally, and for the first time I found it this evening and I was once really love to Ready, To pay admission. After all, it was for a good cause.

With blenda & I

And Gloria later cleared away all the rumors, that might have passed through the inlet distribution. Except for the cleaning costs all entrance fees and all drinks surpluses went this evening directly Polla. Respect, money well spent. And there is still a lot of money by parties, still participate in the action, in addition.

Biggy Blonde & :Gloria Viagra:

But as already mentioned had a few more people did the whole action good. So it was kind of a party with friends from Polla an unbelievable “Shemales per normal visitors”-Relationship. Very few of the Berlin Drags, were not booked elsewhere for a long time, could take, stop by.


Not all, however, I can see at first glance. So I came to the bar in Frösi and saw there a man, I did not know and a person in Ganzkörperlycra suit with small eye holes and a mouth hole in the just fit a famiy. Okay okay I will now Melli Magic recognize in the future, even without makeup, and as the body suit me his “Super”-Showed chain, it was also clear. Superzandy war in the House. She just had no desire, ready to move – but found it just did not seem right to ungedresst. So it was again a rather unique outfit.


Otherwise, the different photographers were delighted to various photos of any wig clad people. Where else do you get times already 5-7 Perücken auf ein Foto 🙂 An diesem Abend war das ziemlich einfach.

And it actually got even more than Drags on the flyer were, as were, for example, Kaspar Kamäleon or Chicago Rose on stage

Mataina Ah wie Süß & Kaspar kamale

But of course there were also regular visitors to this party and since this is a really nice picture, I want to deny anyone the. Normally one knows this “I-taking-you-to-the-arm”Pictures always only by Janka, However, always the little gnomes takes on the arm. The other way round it's also really sweet, or?


Clubs International @ Kino International


What was the time for such a crowd in AI? Last weekend was again the Month Party Clubs International in Kino International and of course we let it not take us, stop by there. We parted from the Scandal Party, collect the unfortunate Christal there and sped off in the AI. Und holla, there was this time much trans prominence there…


Actually, I can hardly remember a party to, I've seen more girls, who were not only there for technical reasons. Okay :Nina Queer: was probably present mainly, because the Turntabel called for their, but otherwise as I said all sorts drag people in attendance. Melli, Stella, Blenda with girlfriend, Christal, Chicago, Tatiana, Schizophrenia, Olga and some more.


When we arrived at AI also was just getting Claire on the way home, their brand new shoes, Strictly speaking, the paragraphs, had given up the ghost. Since the good Claire probably a little too hard Flamenco getanzt. Now, was to continue to dance not to think so we went home.

Also been on the go was Mel, who was also on his way home as we pitched. I do not at all why, we were not at all soooooo late… or?


Otherwise, the AI ​​was just as, as one would imagine the AI ​​and how you love it or hate. Three dance floors of different music, well filled and bulky people, you know and where you can securely chat. So I talked a while with me and Rose Chicago Schizophrena, Kamea gave me a pre face and let me babble gibberish into it. Hopefully it never comes back to the fore. I think I work out how drunk, most, however, was of too much Red Bull intoxicated, because the day before was still in my head and I leaned alcohol this evening from grateful.


I gratefully accepted but the output Redbull, the Krizzi donated me, although that would have been not at all necessary. I would rather you have to spendieren to a drink or two for class photos, they always bouncing from us….


You can twist and turn as much as you want, she has the eye and the right camera. Such images and colors gets my old camera never go anyway. If Krizzi begins, To shoot images almost always something good comes out at. Thanks for that !


btw. does that now actually or Club International Club International…