Barbie Breakout saved our evening

Goya with a lot of boredom – Goya and having lots of fun
Barbie Breakout

The weekend was indeed the lesbian gay city festival and that's just exactly the Goya. Consequently, there is hardly a more appropriate place for this evening to hold a gay party.

The knowing we looked outside our house astray visit again in the Goya Propaganda Party past. While it was well filled but it was not really exciting. In the Hoofnung might find on the floor little bit more party atmosphere we went upstairs, but had to find, that there Christal Cokes just struggled with the technology and some less party people wanted to animate to dance. This proved very difficult, however, at about 10 mÃ, Â ² space per person on the dance floor. Somehow we were probably too early.


So we said goodbye to the next best thing to a Caipirinha Cocktail, with cheese baked tortilla chips and a few photos. Oh, and good news and bad news, to me at least a free caipirinha and a free half-pint baked chips brought about….


When we had drunk and eaten, We moved into our Irrenhouse, to see the show and then get bored again. …The pavilion with a ragga, Reggae and Dancehall Party there was also not a good idea, because as a drag to Beenie Man and other homophobes musicians to dance was not the, what we wanted to do to us, So we thought about ado, to drive back to Goya…

Thx to Krizzi

There was but little more exciting than ever…

Actually already almost completely disillusioned and on the way home we looked up again over. Here now sent Barbie Breakout an, to do, what Christal tried in vain. People bring zumTanzen. And they not only tried, she did it.


Up here, everyone gathered, who had the nose of the evening fully and wanted to celebrate something. That Barbie only had a CD player available and so was a longer pause between each song, did the same thing does not collapse as the fact, that was through the large windows of the hall now into day. To great music really celebrated here those, have not yet wanted to go to bed. I am not exaggerating, when I say, that this conclusion has really saved the evening and this was the best party circuit since quite a long time.



I could not walk on my shoes at the end and then dancing without shoes on pfeifte laddering, like this only confirm. It was homey, it was nice, the music was good, There were many familiar faces and some pretty crazy people still there. So it really was a good conclusion.

And, you can say Barbie Breakout has saved our evening.


Berlin drag queens in a mental house

Irrenhouse im Mai 2008

Insipid, because Sheila has sold so for a week in the stinking lagoon city of Venice and Berlin instead photographed drag queens rather then pigeons in St. Mark's Place. Now it was her one hand indulged, on the other hand it is your own fault. Well. So then I come to my duty as a chronicler of the Berlin drag scene by and visit for at least 13. Time in the last 14 Months :Nina Queers: Irrenhouse Party… So this party is really by far the most frequently visited by me month party in Berlin. Gratulatuion.

It is simply a must, because the trans show of the Berlin drag queens should be captured on video and audio – and, of course, be viewed above all himself. …Otherwise, the Mad House is actually usually quite similar.

Melli & Mataina - Berlin drag queens

I opted for the silver dress, I so wanted to wear this past weekend – where I have then yes but decided against going out. However, I briefly thought about it and then the silver sandals but rather replaced with something higher black pumps. Closed shoes and dark colors…. the House is in an asylum any better. White or silver shoes you could throw away straight after a visit to mislead House …


Nina Queer wie noch sagrte … the dirtiest cellar Berlin, here it rots on the walls, here it stinks , here it is disgusting… Well all I would not call it now, but you should eat off the floor in a mental house really is not – and just not wear white shoes – or only with great Platoe under the sole like Mel that night. …But who cares everything, here, but if it “doll” is, such as Nina put it so beautifully. Tolle Show, good music, just the Mad House.

And in a mental house, it is also common practice, comic characters that run through the area. Normally Schlüppi the chicken and fotzy the bear.. All thing were this time aushäusig. Instead, a few pigs ran through the area… Hmm probably because someone forgot, to dry the screen and thus not by the walls moldy, but in the Schlüppi mask. Well now Olga was able to impose a pig mask and give the pig… But somehow the whole thing looked more like a fetish mask for a costume from. Also meant everyone, having to rumzuppeln to the mask.. This is somehow different from Schlüppi, Meinte Olga.

Schweinerei im Irrenhouse

It struck me yesterday, that again a lot of drag queens berlin, were not on the stage, had made their way to mislead House. Neben Nina, Mataina, Melli, who stood on the stage, and Divatlantique at the checkout and Polla Disaster (behind the turntables), me, Mel, Janka and later Inez, roamed through the area by Gloria Viagra, Christel Cokes was present and at least three girls, I did not know so far. Macht summa summarum 14 . not compare with a Kino International Party, I before 2 Weeks had completely forgotten to describe) but a whole lot. Hättmich interested to talk, Who were the three girls, I did not know… I should have asked times.. Well just in case that someone reads. Give time message from.

Berlin drag queens

Not imagine, however, had the ladies on stage, although today I will show only one of the three performances, you will still find the rest here tomorrow or so. So we start by, that Melli Magic alone on the stage and sang a song, and now settles for a few months first to Mykonos.


However, if it introduces the new STDs in Berlin – I do not know… it would be a very dubious distinction. Better they will probably drag Arts Berlin to Mykonos from… Must be on such a high-tech product actually paid customs?

matter. More pictures and videos are the next few days here.

Vacation = GMF

Always nice again: The GMF

I like the GMF and if we are there times, I always have the only home early, because the rest of the girls on Monday not only work late or have to. …I, however, have to get up relatively early and leave so every time the weekend to go to three to a few hours later with his eyes almost closed for work.


The last time was the first comment of my colleague “Man you look tired”. Concealer does not help against because – or at least only slightly. So I am actually getting, if I have time or holiday Mondays free and can celebrate so without time pressure in the GMF.


As Sheila but her skin makeup two days in a row would not expect and did not really Janka, if she would like, The whole thing was not very clear. … Janka but volunteered Monday noon to the whole gutzusagen. Kitana and Inez would still come. Class, So on the GMF.


Shortly after 12 I took off at all Janka and we drove to the GMF… 12:30 und das Weekend war leather. To make empty to party, So we welcomed a round of Melli Magic, their new hair I find quite cool, brought us something to drink, lieesen us take pictures and first attracted us back and flipped a bit in the victory column.. or was it the Blu? No matter, We flipped a bit in some Berlin Gayzeitschrift the time to bridge. Strangely enough, I had not actually read it yet, but really ground breaking news I could not find.


When we then visited the dance floor filled them well. From 0:01 drove in spite of the Berlin BVG strike again probably bus and train and slowly spun a the party people.

For the party itself is really just so much to say, that it was good – as almost always in the GMF, in 13.Floor we have only made a short detour and found, that we are but rather on Mellis Music, than on techno beat. Techno beat making apparently also aggressively. At least there have felt to beat two guys – to be directed only briefly by many friendly people out pre GMF. So fast you fly out – and that is a good thing. But I think that was the first time, on a gay party that I really did not see fists fly. Must not again be the case as soon.


In addition to these two idiots but were also other strange types in the GMF, how these two Hello Kitty fans, with some large glasses. Well guys, unfortunately I could not give you card, because even if I vorkomme from time to time as me, a party reporter and photographer, I'm not.



But back to the music. Melli played great dance music and even though many titles from the first half hour later double, yet almost all were the Burner I often like handcuffed on the dance floor. Actually, I was not only to be found on the dance floor, if I just ordered a new Becks Lemon. Once ordered, without actually having to order a second time and ordered for a third time to get a…. I like, if you know, I wish it were me and reads this from the eyes. Okay, okay, so hard the course was not, but still great.


To the mirrors in the wet area of ​​the GFE I have a very zwiegespaltenes ratio, they look great and are very stylish, but you can sihc there just is not properly reapplication, everything is pink and somehow you can not see any other color shades… There you can but make great photos, wie beispielsweise Zwilligsfotos vorm Spiegel 🙂


Eventually, however, a nice evening in the GMF is also boring, especially, when it is running low. No Problem, it is still more in Berlin – so we moved into Sage…

It was at a birthday

Happy Birthday Mataina


the weekly bulletin of the The Mad Party mentioned it more than just in passing and Sheila was quite hippelig (at least up to the evening). It was a birthday and not any, but a star-birth. There is talk of star drag and Bangaluu Haustranse :Mataina Ah Wie Süß:, the incredible her face absolutely not to be regarded 43 Years it has become.

And they called the Bangaluu and relatives- and acquaintance came. Now it has been obvious in Berlin as a transvestite a number of brothers and sisters and daughters, to friends and acquaintance more. With such a transaction family then would like Matainas case already loose host a full evening show, if you would add it because it.

The Mataina was not going though, but the ladies were present but called on stage to present guests to Keep the fun and the original La Loca visitors and provide them with a decent transport times show.

To start the show program Mataina asked the family member (Sister) On stage to show to offer a nice double Melli Magic. The Soul Classics One Fine Day von “The Chiffons” asked the two and there are probably no two Drags, that are better attuned to each other as Melli and Mataina. Perfect!

Mataina & Melli
But there are in the family Ah, How Sweet a few more members, As is known from the Wife Swap episode with this family. A Daughter of the show is family Angie Price. While Angie is actually nichtso the show tranny, but rather provides various clubs at the door for, that the right people at the club and do not go to the wrong club. But this just made restriction does not mean, that Angie could not offer a great show.

She did it. On the stage, on the knees, with and without wig but definitely with my whole body. For me, the Highlite this evening.


Angie followed Kaspar kamale, himself apparently no family member but as Matainas oldest friend probably at least something like an honorary member of the family. Kaspar performte not just a song, but also sang it myself. Anyone who knows even the Martin, Dieter of the cancer. Exactly, this ecotype with his Norwegian sweater… Style? None.

Now Kaspar composed this song in Mataina to my Love. Although this was and sounded somewhat obliquely, but it was live, and the attempt is worthy of all honor. …It was okay, als das Lied beendet war 😉



Kaspar in turn was followed by a further family member. Christel Cokes, ihreszeichens the second daughter in the house Ah, How Sweet. And like the rest of the family she is also active in show business. Nichtauf stage but rather behind the turntables. She is responsible for the music and they may well – As regards shows, because their hägt for a long time the reputation of it, it can not alone. I do not believe though, but she remained rebuttal guilty.

Christina Aguilera to their number, they picked up two of the mukelbepackten Bangaluu Dancers on the Stage, distract the attention of the completely unnecessary its actually very respectable performance. But somehow did not fit the outfit – So you already – just not the song. I've just recently found, that a white halter dress simply always connected with Marilyn Monroe is. Because you just can not do anything. the dress is not just Marilyn and Christina.



As a final then came again Melli Magic with a single number off – mit Whitney Houston. Well known, only one person can be better than Whitney Houston Whitney Houston itself – and this one is just Melli. Consequently, their performance is also good, when she herself is not satisfied with himself actually. She was not there that night, but that did not dampen the audience reaction and the applause was properly, because Melli was the only, who brought their own applause. ….Not so stupid. Live versions appear to have a great advantage.