Gaypride Hamburg – Hello Rain God?

Gaypride Hamburg 2013

DSC01069I'm not sure, what the weather gods for some years against Hamburg CSD, But something has before him 4 Have displeasing bad years.


Otherwise I can not explain it, that he, after many years of sun, Sun and now three years since some time until a half hour after the start leaves about half an hour before starting to rain now and so Costumes, Makeup destroyed and a high volume of visitors…

DSC01091Hello Hamburg Pride, beat the weather gods but simply a trick and puts the start by half an hour later, which would have brought in the last three years for now, that there would have been wonderful weather throughout the parade 🙂

DSC01094The parade itself was, of course, then again great, they went from the main station in the very best Wetterchen and was later dan in parts also well attended. Only with the typical CSD tour group and the Hamburg Residents I actually missed some of this year in Hamburg. Girls where were you all….

DSC01099And why do so many of the “Olivia Jones paradox” affiliated: I'm on the start screen, but strangely not on the parade more, I got out right at the start. Sadly, something like.

DSC01087Sad also, that the Hamburger CSD so far in my opinion most non-plug Promotion, I have ever seen on a CSD, has approved. Citeecar… sad, but since I come again “Here” to. If you're still wondering how today, whether the CSD or just advertising and political party is, then is not something.

DSC01092But in the end, of course, this year the CSD again been a wonderful event. Many nice people, many good conversations and always good acquaintances.

DSC01075So I had a really nice conversation with – yes with who actually – I know its name not at all, But for many CSDs in Hamburg and various parties we run ourselves since as many years again and again on the way. She gushed to me of a visit to Berlin – berlin was nice to her… eggs, I can only confirm. To me also.

DSC01101-001Or with the girl, that – with long leather pants – somehow smuggled into the leather Group, I was just in the contrast color … Your boys are the – ah nee, I thought, that are yours 🙂

Vina ValentinaOr three “Policewomen” Three girls, I already photographed last year in their cop costumes and thought …”hmmm sweet” again this year because, again as police officers but as an American.. And look at na, they also knew me. You had last year on some green… I had. Actually. My dress with artificial grass St. Pauli emblem.

DSC01081I would also just at the, I could finally make the image in front of the stadium in front of St.Pauli Logo, I look the same because there the game against Preussen Munster. Heterosexuellste Trance, where is 🙂

DSC01076Nice was also at the very end, where a group of friends stood and watched me…

DSC01090The photos unfortunately, I must send, I had failed to, take adapter, the images from my SD card to load on my Surface…. Stupid, I know, but nothing helps, I'll include it here tomorrow.

Und da sag noch einer "Kampflesben"

And still tell a “Battle Lesbian”

One thing pushed me sadly after the fact when writing funny. I saw the two sweet in the picture above and said to the audience funny: And still tell a “Battle Lesbian”.. Since then I got the answer the question. “But here are not all gay, or, but also because many supporters are? It was probably meant very different, but afterwards came to me almost seems like “They look too good, these are definitely not lesbians but just supporters”….




Gaypride Cologne – 800 Meters longer… toll

This year I have left me really long time with my consideration, whether I should go to the Christopher Street Day in Cologne. While Sheila and Janka wanted to make a one-day trip by train, I had to accept in view of the rail fares, that hotel + Car rides are simply smarter.

csd köln Zoe delayDanke an Maizucker

Since I was a last minute hotel room Friday, that was somewhat affordable, which happens to be almost 300 Meters from the starting point of the Deutz bridge, Saturday afternoon I sat in my car and drove to Cologne… You have to 🙂


Arrived in Cologne we went briefly to Vapiano, what to eat for several hours and then touch up my dress mirror.. There were some levels, which were not broken off or. So I stuck again a few hours. Then I used my dress yet – with Sidolin strip free – …So not exactly taken the dress, but mirror.


morning I woke up to 10:30 onto, I wisely my alarm on Saturday 9:30 had provided, but forgot, so that the CSD takes place Sunday in Cologne… Doooof. and yet I was still somewhat out, to cope.. So far as it is possible…


My dress I can not dress himself namely, it took me two hotel employees, the verfrachteten me in my dress and it closed, so that the CSD could start with my support…


And Cologne's been great as always. The weather was bombastic, The organizers spoke of 1.000.000 visitors at the track and the atmosphere was incredible once again. It is simply, the CSD in Cologne and remains an absolute must-attend event.


Unfortunately, as many seem to have been as, that there were relatively few photos of me at the end. It almost seems, I would not have been in Cologne. Really amazing, you posing for some 1.000.000 Photos and hardly anything comes back.. And sometimes you see people, wear the same outfit for several years, who are nevertheless more photos, simply because they are more colorful.


But I myself must admit, that my costume on images simply acts differently, as live. Live it's really great, it appears and reflects the sun, when I look in a shop window or a mirror – class… On pictures but it looks much different from, like a silver or gray dress with a simple sequin. The heavy dress, the mirrors, and the time for bonding, all this will not come out in the pictures. Damage.


Nevertheless, Cologne felt great again. With modified shoes I came in contrast to Berlin actually on target to… but I confess, it was almost. Someone in Cologne said namely the need to ensure, that the line was extended… This led to, that they had no overview, where it was actually – the track was just not the learned..


Eventually I asked a car angel times, where we were actually – and he looked at me with shining eyes and said, – “we have 800 Added to get meters, is not that great”. I looked at him in horror, looked down at my heels and replied only “And, that is NOT great, who has devised for the…. Öhmann Cologne


But what can you do, Smile, suffering and the target immediately to the flat shoes :)… and then with the words “From now on I'm here privately” Block off nice photo requests or ensure, that one is only photographed above 😉


And then 5 1/2 Hours back to Berlin… And, I'm crazy, but the CSD in Cologne is worth just. Last year, this year and again next year …


But one thing I want to say: everywhere I read about it, how incredibly politically was the Cologne Pride this year, that had to do with the brown shit from Pro Cologne, this year with the actuallyoperatewanted to march – but then could not… Very very laudable, But the Berlin CSD this year has once committed to a policy associated yardstick – and was clearly not broken

Gaypride Cologne 2013 Pictures

Gaypride Cologne 2013 Pictures

Okay, as usual, and for many CSDs common practice and custom, I'll be here again tomorrow evening or night my Best Of Gaypride Cologne 2013 Pictures Post, and all the various sources, Gather blogs and sites, also the images of the Gaypride Cologne 2013 show, gather.

Danke an:

Danke an:

Who wants to help me or themselves CSD Cologne pictures 2013 on his side… No problem, I link you like. A short comment with a link to your page ranges and I will add you.


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Oh, and who has photographed me (see the CSD 2013 Image above from Berlin, Let me just say the modest. exactly simply with a comment 😉

DSC04959DSC04968 DSC04983 DSC04986 DSC04988 DSC04990 DSC04998 DSC05004

Oh, I know, The above text is barely readable by the juxtaposition of keywords such as Christopher Street Day 2013: Gaypride Cologne, Gaypride Cologne 2013, CSD and CSD images and photos… But sadly, that still helps, to be found by Google tomorrow… And if you read this, es hat and geklappt, gell 😉

So in this sense, You all a nice CSD Cologne 2013 and many pictures later…

The eastern europe is really safe CSD Berlin

The last few years have opened up a large pair of scissors, what the rights of the entire queer community – probably the better communities – As for. While some countries have made great progress, other countries have turned back the wheel in the direction of Stone Age. In Europe, Russia hovered just as extreme in the wrong direction – which it is believed to overcome long. Time for a political Gaypride.


The Berlin CSD was therefore also a political slogan, the officially “No more speeches” was called. Unofficially the motto was rather “With all due respect Mr Putin, they are an asshole” and Berlin CSD was a big statement on the situation in Russia. As the first truck led a Russian truck, the GMF Cart devoted himself entirely Ivan the Terrible Herrn Putin, Whether sah massig Plakate, Slogans and banners against the situation in the Russian Federation and heard everywhere languages, were more likely attributable to the Eastern Bloc.


Berlin is probably the easternmost CSD probably now, which provides a certain size AND safety. And he certainly echoes the east as before Rias. Will it interest Putin, no of course not. It is interested in Eastern visitors, And, of course, queer people will be interested in the countries, I think so. The Berlin CSD shows, that the wheel-turning-back promotions are not God-given, but, that there is another way. Here you can be open to a move CSD – and you can even celebrate, and celebrate with the people around them. The CSD celebrates 44 Stonewall years, much attained and demonstrated against all the negative tendencies.


And, I admit, I had not really affected as not on the screen, that even in Germany itself Berlin in terms of acceptance is not gold, that shines on the CSD. That means everything together and makes affected only: the CSD is as important as ever, probably even more important than in the past 5-10 Years. So let us demonstrate and celebrate… and in both I'm here with a full heart.


So we come to Feierei… But I'm so glued weeks, take me to tinker on one day a banner saying. If you want to celebrate, then I will also shine. I could say pompously, “with my costume I wanted to hold a mirror up to the motto of the policy” but far, I just wanted to look dazzling and it worked, it was a sunny day and I reflected perfectly the sun's rays and saw my reflected solar radiation to passersby and houses along the route.


Hamburg ist in the House

Not really on the screen I had the weight of the dress. It went so far, I had to ask my neighbor to help getting dressed neighborhood. Holding up and close at the same time… almost impossible. No matter, they helped me and I could heave gently in the car… but realized it already, that is a difficult box. For safety reasons, therefore, I parked my car about halfway and went by taxi to the starting point.


As might be expected, was there at the time already Tatjana Taft Medusa in her outfit…. Hmmmm the attentive CSD visitors like me, is the best known being evil… Okay, they explained to me. The actual costume was not ready and this would have never been born in berlin. Oh, the actual costume is not done yet? Something happened that even professionals like Tatjana. Is there a something almost happy.

Tatjana Taft

Tatjana Taft

Meanwhile, I also know, mirror that she had also been in a costume idea, but because it has the weight of discarded… So she was smarter than me … and I had to live with it. Until everything went quite well, I was well, playing with my disco ball and interested enough photographer. Kostüm kommt an. Tick ​​it.


With further distance themselves but showed the costume + Peep-toes was not a good idea. When pressing the first two toes in the Peeptoeschlitz once, can it actually amputating only, it hurts… When you go it's just, but the train stopped often and are looong and then goes not… Sit down? With the dress not a good idea, So endure pain and hope, that the next train leaves soon.


Mr. Cool

Always amazing again, how can an irritated and subscribed to the grin of pain bring short term, when a camera creates the. Practiced just. I still managed to always magnificent area around the village square and the Noll Goya, know with the fixed, soon as is my car and I can change.


When I had almost reached my car, Daphne Daphne asked me AKA Maria Mater d'Or still an obligatory photo, I could, however, bring only very tormented behind me, a genuine smile was not possible until, I had rid myself of shoes – and my dress…. Somewhat sobering, if a dress with the second, that you have just bought the same number of times people say, how great is the, as for other Dress, The man dem Monatelang (well at least for weeks) has tinkered.


No more smiling possible 🙁

But no matter, From now on, I was in private and in civil here. I was talking with a photographer over the Drags, I looked closer to the green jellyfish on the horizon… and I still say “I get the same trouble, because I have put off the shoes” … Tatiana came closer and it was so. I should kindly write in the blog also, I have changed the shoes and not only, that she has a costume recycled… …After many years CSDs we both know apparently, what to expect from the other person 🙂 Okay, I wrote both… And, I have canceled a CSD for the first time and I will not wear again peeptoes.


When I was there so standing around and photographed, Diana came, Sheila and Janka past, Unfortunately, the need for much longer, than planned and so very late went into the train. I really wanted to get there again, but an attempt with my shoes showed me, I can abschminken me completely, So I stopped and photographed more.


Among other things occurred to me while Jessica Spirit before the lens – and I did not recognize. She was in my early days of my absolute idols, like a blog post from 2006 !!! proves, I wrote, after I actually by Sheila ( yes exactly THE Sheila ) was designated as idols… This is 7 Years ago. Surprisingly, sooner Idol, This year I have not even recognize Jessica. So kann es kommen. A few words I would have been happy to change. Well, comes time, wheel comes.

Jessica Spirit

Jessica Spirit

I definitely went home and welcomed the passing of my house TCSD with hard flagging. And since I just had no rainbow flag at hand, I also just recycled an old outfit CSD short and hung my Rainbow Zönix of the window, to leave before I went to Sheila for grilling at the CSD wonderful day end.

TSCD Berlin rainbow flag

Flagging hard to TCSD