CSD Hamburg and Advertising

It is known that each CSD has, Gay Pride Parade every fight in Germany again and again against, that accused her, only one party- to be commercial and event.

With this knowledge it should be of course, that repeatedly reminded, that this is a demonstration of – and just as naturally it should also be, that one rejects too clumsy monopolization. Just as this year's parades contribution of Citeecar.


Has made me really angry – I really have not seen such a blatant advertising on one of the CSDs and I once witnessed three to four parades for many years now.

What the hell was that?
Five in a row moving cars' a maybe 4,50 Meters + 4 *3 Meters distance without any immediate sense – excluding advertising. Everyone was on the equivalent of about 35 Not much more experienced meters Parade, except that one off at Citee cars 1 Could rent €…

It will not work.


Okay, I have seen other advertising on the CSDs, but most of the companies is trying somehow to “cover up” Myth Slogans, mit Regenbogen Fahnen oder etwas mit Musik. Einfach nur Plump, unverschleierte Werbung allerdings, das ist neu. Ehrlich gesagt hat mich das wirklich geärgert.

Auf die Frage an einen der Fahrer, Welch andere Message transportieren sie wurde er ausser Werbung antwortete peace Ehrlich:
“Keine andere Message”;
“Das ist doch ganz schön FRECH, or?”
“Sorry, ich habe das nicht peace ausgedacht”

Also Citeecar, wer von euch hat sich das ausgedacht, schämt und ihr euch ein Kleines wenigstens bisschen?

Achja und Hamburg Pride, I wish you a little more self-esteem, at times like even “No” say. Check it please in the future a little on the car, that at least a minimum is included in message… Such participants should urgently cancel your. Rather an entry fee less. At least I saw the so-, and those, with whom I talked about it, also…


You have the massive doubters not so willfully offer explosive!

And no, only because the slogan of the CSD on the roof is (where can read it just a helicopter) or on the door of a Hinnerk logo is emblazoned in a promotion not a CSD Post!