For furniture factory in the ground

It was Saturday, Assumed time and the goal should be a party, should hang on the Nina Queer. Pretty pretty underground and secret. Fountain Street 70 should be the whole and is, this is a 800 Club der m² to December Ableger “For furniture factory” also known as ZMF.

möbelfabrik wedding

While Janka and Sheila were already on the way there and then wanted hinkomme, I came directly – and drove past it three times, once… I had only one address, no club name and nothing really pointed out, may be that there could have been a club somewhere.


But he was, as revealed, my car shuts off when I am on foot and went in search. I found an underpass in front of a completely inconspicuous door two completely inconspicuous men, which gave to recognize as a bouncer on request and piloted me into a Lastenaufzuf.


There, Nina Queer made for an elevator operator, the, and the jockey at elevator… and drew him down into a huge club. On the website is a bit of 800 I m² and the dormer. Keller, much concrete, little inhalb, some old sofas and a couple of bars. Illuminates the whole cool with projectors. Industry cellar charm, but really interesting, although unfortunately much too cold. Although a small gas heater did her very best, but had to whether the size of the temperatures hit enter… 's Still winter…


This offshoot of the furniture factory is somehow great and I think you can abfeiern good. However, rather better dressed than we were – or in the summer. But since it is a electro club it gets up later fully… In this case, they came and amounts of visitor counter, just as we waited for the elevator to the top.

zur möbelfabrik

Wilde Renate

The Wilde Renate

The Wilde Renate is no female fury, it is also not very bad weather front (get missed also always female names, but a music playback facility… I refuse to do specially the word Disco, because it's somehow not as well under the word “Club” I imagine something else commonly ago… To be quite honest the Wild Renate is a condemned building, is celebrated on the electronic music. Put on two floors in some former apartments DJs and so many people, how to know just how fit and in these few apartments, celebrate this.


Unfortunately, that's despite, or precisely because of the demolition of charm, the wild Renate darstellt, a lot of people, because it has long been considered an open secret tip. More open secret, however, as, because I was when I arrived at the end of a long line… even a three-quarters of an hour later I was standing at the – although other – To be let in the end of this snake and was worried about… Before me that some have not, by pointing to a lack of femininity.. Since I was not gedresst and clearly male, my chances were rather low, but I had a trump, my red Schottenkaroanzug. Obviously was the doorman, which preserved the wild Renate from overly boring or male audience, I would therefore deserves, enter….

Okay, So I was in there and pushed me through this demolition flats with bare walls and torn walls, lined with kitsch and a DJ stage, which seemed only provisionally… But this system has flair Provisional. Obviously, the Wilde Renate is to bring back the time, in the wild techno parties held in Abruchhäusern and similar venues and only insiders knew this… That worked quite well, not only just with the initiated. This was because the status of wild Renate is also long. Nevertheless, it is fun.

I knew such a termination flair so far only from the red flora from Hamburg, the epicenter of the great hamburger hill district…. However, this is not a music playback facility but epicenter is in the middle of nowhere outside very far in Freidrichshain not far from the River Spree in Treptow the bridge. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was good and the music class. In this respect, the Wild Renate's quite a tip from me to each, standing on electronic music and not in little black dress with high heel sandals must assume. Because that would be out of place here.

Popsicles with ice lolly

Fifties & Sixties the second.

For our conditions showed the Honeyball very early signs of disintegration and a longer stay in SO36 would have done the evening barely positive, So we fought our way through the travelers streams, in which the streets have turned to the car, which fortunately was not far away…

And now? For this evening also held Kino International it was still a little early so we flipped the 030 to see through to, what could bring us the evening so…. The Silver Wings at Tempelhof Airport, for example, with the Eis am Stiel Party.

…Popsicles, but these were the movies, earlier in the evening program of RTL, ran alongside Greetings from the leather pants and similar precious celluloid products, I could not even look at my age and wished me today, I had actually never seen it.

No matter! The party was called so and what it has to do exactly with the film, should be clear not quite later after visiting there. But for now we had to get there first. I can tell you exactly anot, how we got there, because Sheila had to indicate whether their street knowledge. Secret paths, Secret paths and back roads with massive cobblestone. A lucky, that it has mini shock absorber. Now he probably needs new… We arrived and found, surprisingly, a car park right outside the door.

In most cases, the evidence of an empty club. Here but fortunately not. The entry question was fairly quickly with “You have to dot, You can by, I just need you tick” answered satisfactorily. Praiseworthy.

in popsicle was rumgetranst.

The club itself consists of two dance floors, in which a) fifties and sixties rock'n'roll and everything following this style of music and b) played dirty sixties Soul. I really like both and both took me to the dance. And I was so busy, I mitbekam not at all, that have probably looked at us askance some people – and probably really could not do something with us. There's probably still some convincing to do. ie gesagt, I noticed that once again not to, as it never really catches my eye.

However, I noticed, that the visual Ladies offer the Silver Wings is clearly improved. I could say now, that there were no pretty women site, however, this is exaggerated. …More than “Very little pretty women” but it was not in fact. …This is not only we noticed two, but also the one girl – the only – that approached us to hold forth about it, that we would look great and that they would find pity, that the rest of the ladies had given so no effort… And she was right…

All in all, one could say, that it was the other way around as in the Honeyball here. made there, especially the people from the party and there was the music rather boring, here was the musician exciting but the people present there were rather boring.

Just what exactly does the party have to do with the film, shone to me as I said not quite a. Maybe it was because, that there is actually a nice person Ice distributed on a stick – although this is probably more due to the name of the party – and not the other way around.

What the hell, the popsicle party, you can still visit once again, if nothing else just is pending. But this was something else and that the Clubs International in Kino International.

Master and Servant im Insomnia

Depeche Mode im Insomnia

Friday were a lot of trannies, I've known for quite a while in the city. Mia, Kerstin, Jessi and a whole lot of other people, who gathered to Pricillas successor party of queer boat party on Saturday in Berlin.

Usually you find such Transenzusammenrottungen from Germany either in total or in KitKat Insomnia. So I knew, where I would have to go, it was so nice, to write me a text message, against me 23:30 recalled, that Jessi had just arrived in Insomnia..

23:30? Way too early for me. How am I supposed to be somewhere at such earlier time? …But I did not have so, because
a) I am mobile
b) I know the way
c) I had to eat something and before
d) I was not done yet

Irgendwan at one-thirty I stood – fattened with a whopper – at the door of Insomnia. I can remember, there have been times in front of closed doors, because I did not know, that there will need to ring to get inlet.

No matter, I slipped through, when the door was always open and just randomly moved into Insomnia.

Generally I like the Insomnia by flar ago yes. For that, that it is a solid club, they are major – at least on the weekend – but far more interesting than, say, people around the KitKat. …And much fewer tourists. Wer also gerne gothic- or goes tinged fetishlastig, and then just by chance is no greater party going, of the insomnia should try it.

Or even the people, related to Depeche Mode, because this Friday there was the Master and Servant party. That means here, however, only secondarily the theme and sub master but has mainly indicates the eponymous album by Depeche Mode…

But that does not yet, that not many a corner or intimate area for small sessions and orgies is used. tststs.

I have a bed but then prefer to “comfortable lying around” and “I talk nice” used and that was also very nice. The only, which is not found so great, war Dominique, who asked me, watch with my heels, Leather and heels not vertrügen and I should also watch, make no scratches in the tiles…

with plastic heels???

Na egal, I watched something on and all was well. Himself again with Kerstin, Jessi first time or to entertain with Lena and in between a couple of Depeche Mode songs to dance. So I like the.

…but why I found myself at a times with a cigarette in his mouth, I do not know – and even not, why the same thing happened again on Saturday…

It was definitely a nice evening