Molotow Cocktail Berlin

What temperatures – as class.


The day felt like vacation. So the weather I mean, not work of course. And I can not explain with the best will, why people moan all at once… these are probably exactly the same, the always complain about the severe winter in Berlin… Human being, which should nevertheless appreciate good weather, go out and sipping a cocktail or two.

That was a good idea, I thought to myself as I face the cocktail Molotov cocktail at the Orange Street is a great mushroom gratin pan ate UDN me whether the heat to a cold drink lusted. What better fit than a beautiful Mojito with as much ice, as just one in a Mojito.


Somehow I've been I live in Berlin rumgeschlichen to the cocktail bars in the Orange Street, without ever having set foot purely. I always had a bit of shame, to know even the next best cocktail bars closer. Now I know a more.

Of Molotow Cocktail….

Interesting name for a bar in the middle of Kreuzberg in the Orange Street. Stylish is the floor made of stone, which can eventually break out and throw, on the walls hang pictures of last nights kreuzbergers May 1 with water cannons, Police, multi-colored hair and blue lights… However, I believe, this means that more style, because political message, but does nothing, for it is indeed primarily about the cocktails and the – I am sorry to say, are not well.



Now I have drunk in my life, one or another mojito and two in Molotov Cocktail. They were drinkable, but not particularly well – while quite expensive.

Nevertheless, I have a couple hours of good music and a good book out there and not keep it bereuht. Whoever dwells in the Orange Street and fancy a cocktail in a little less trashy atmosphere has, So there common practice, can stop here once, but he who seeks the best cocktail bar in berlin, might be better off elsewhere.

Bar Tausend

Freddy Fishing in the Bar Tausend

Well, it can be done, since you fed unsuspectingly with Sheila seafood in Grill Royal and someone comes up to our table and invites us into his bar, Bar Tausend it would mean, and it was actually just a few meters entfernt.Er would be pleased, when we came over.

…Bar Tausend, but there was something. Depending on exactly, I wrote about the best Party cities worldwide and the bar was one of the thousand reasons, why, according to the Forbes Traveller Magazine in Berlin to New York occupied the second place… The thousand names I had not been forgotten, but archived far back in my brain. Until you invited us all at once. And that did not just anyone, but the owner himself personally Till Harter.

The secret of success is, according to Tagesspiegel then the following:

No advertising for the thousand, No flyer, no posters. Only personal invitations “to people, I know and love like, nice to friends and acquaintances”.

We had a… If you can imagine it now, something? Hmmm maybe, after all, is the Bar Tausend – I have now read in retrospect, as a terribly hard door and the internet is full of people, which unfortunately had to stay outside the door.

This finding is also not easy, because it is an inconspicuous iron door in a wall, No sign, no bouncer just a bell indicating the reference number 11 stand. we rang and were opened. Obviously they had announced to us, because the admission was free, as to the wardrobe. The latter, however, is normal in the Bar Tausend.

The bar itself is a stylish version of a Ubahnschachtes, illuminated indirectly covered with metal plates and jam-packed. To a bar across the board, it has to be a Bartender, where the Title Bartender 2007 and carries great – although demanding priced – Pink Mojitos with Mint and Strawberry. A poem, and which was proposed by the Bartender.

The Bar Tausend should be the epitome of good clothes, was true somehow, and somehow then not again. Suits: And, Dresses: And, High Heels: also, but somehow still casual and not placed. Everything was Eien track permeable than, for example, to Felix, but I think that was mainly due also to the people there, not just the typical business administration students were but somehow… I wrote it already had casual.

That's it, how one could describe the music. Only smooth although loud and funky. Namely, it played a live band, of which I still had not heard, to me but completely aroused the. Freddy Fischer & his Cosmic Rocktime Band. Freddy Fischer is a home organ virtuoso whose band a rousing mix of Soul, Played funk and disco.

Somewhere in the 70's this band must have taken a turn onto a side track any car and since they are still standing and is now played under a railway line in the Bar Tausend Disco. Three organs, a bass, a drum and a guitar, to a charismatic Freddy Fischer and danced the Bar Tausend. Catchy rhythms and even catchier lyrics, got along with a few words and narrowly scraped past of bad hits, But as einbrannten in my ear, I two days later a catchy song with me carrying around today

“Girls from the web – I always think of you, Girls from the web will give you my love” or “Come dance with me to the Disco Music and tomorrow we will go to Rock am Ring” great music and poetry almost.

Also, the information, Freddie the fisherman gave us on the way. “Life is a matter of time and if you have not danced today – then you have not danced today” Think about it because sometimes.


In any case, one can say, is that the invitation and the visit to the Bar Tausend absolutely worth it. Tolle Bar, great music, great drinks. Gladly again