Rusty Nail & Peppermint in the Bar Tausend

Every few years I meet cheers Sara aus Frankfurt. Most of the evening begins in any good cocktail and ends, that we are in not have any disco will.

For this weekend, she reported to be 5 Years again, because they do business in Berlin next week habe.Schön, because I always intended nor otherwise, I was like this. The Solar and Bar at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg – in Hamburg, we went through so I decided, the Bar Tausend propose, since I have a) and may b) not long since been.

I could still remember, that the first time, when we were there, Pink Mojito was the lone top, So I stuck with it, what a great hand ( I know, that what I get is great ) but on the other hand, shame, because I miss so many other cocktails, which are also intended class.

We sat right at the bar, to watch the bartender at his work, and down repeatedly ask to harass him. One can learn something in every bar. So I learned eons ago by Uwe Christiansen his bar something about whiskey, although I was never a fan of whiskey…

In addition, I spoke with Sara and she suggested, but then to try a Rusty Nail. …Rusty Nail, I knew from my former determined yet and since 15 Years closed pub “Wisp” not dissimilar than the Mexicans, but in terms of sharpness only by a red chili pickled foods übertroffenes drink in Tabasco.

Far from, A Rusty Nail is made of single malt whiskey and whiskey and liqueur … And! actually tastes… However, it is not conducive to driving the car, So I appropriated more than half of the Rusty Nails Sara, thus saw the bombs before half alcohol and asked the attentive bartender for something “fresh, delicious, unalkoholischen”

I was a little surprised, as he poured champagne on some juice and peppermint…. (as did many amazing cocktails in the bar thousand “Pfefferminze inside” have…” But he assured me to task, he was alcohol free… Top. So I could walk normally after, WHILE Sara was actually light curves… With the two Rusty Nails has the friendly bartender but also really meant very friendly.

Zoe Delaythe evening then actually ended up at the Adagio…else if damals form Golden cut und form Bangaloo… :)… Oh, and with the above self-portrait in front of your own mirror in the morning at 4 or so


Cayo Largo Del Sur – Cuba

28.10.2009 – Cuba – Cayo Largo del Sur
Sol Club Cayo Largo – Strand, Relaxation, and all inclusive

Cayo Largo Del SurBeach and water – Cuba is also the

Okay and I am now as. Cayo Largo del Sur, images on the tropical paradise. Okay, not Cuba – or at least not normally Cuba. But as I said, it does not matter, again three nights to relax properly and all-inclusive full-eat, before heading back to Berlin.

cayo largo del sur hotels
Cocktailbar im Club Cayo Largo

All-inclusive, what a word, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening meal, between Cafe and Sandwiches at night. The lobby bar open 24 hours and free cocktails… But I had to try a little, until I found a good cocktail. Daiquiri does not go, Pina Colada and not a few others also only very limited. When mojito I had to find firstonce, Add some here that the bitter flavor… Also since Mojito bitter pro favor.. Then the tastes.

club cayo lago del sur

Well, Cayo Largo del Sur die sind is eben Hotels All Inclusive Resorts Touristen. Cubans there are at most as employees, but there are actually the sandy beach and crystal clear water. Suns, read, eat, sleep, eat, sun, eat, read. This is life in this resort. But that's what I wanted even a few days.

cayo largo del sur hotel

However, I must confess, me that the people here already partially (on the first night) get on your nerves. Noon already with rum in one hand and continuous at the bar… For this, a band must play Cubanische music for the whole day and uninterested people to smile please have… the poor. Although I have learned – they probably earn more than their compatriots (by tip) and they probably have free food – insofar as they are sure privillegiert. What can you say, I am also.


But what is quite clear, Cuba, this island is not truly. Even the small airport is more modern than the main airport, Cayo Largo del Sur die haben vier Sterne Hotels, Eating there is an abundance of, Power obviously also, abundant water from the tap, Kloimageräte and even satellite television. As an employee, I would guess I get a hatred, what is possible here and not in the ordinary Cuba. Guests will remember nothing of it.


Sol Cayo Largo is truly hard to distinguish from other all-inclusive resorts. The real Cuba is far away. But what the heck, I look in the evening at the surf into the sunset and feel good.


Drag Show in Miami Beach

TP Lords, Sasha Sky @ Palace Bar

Sasha Sky, Alissa Lords, TP Lords

Strange Situationenhabe ich gerade erlebt. I sit in the Palace Bar on Ocean Drive in the omelet breakfast in the Sonnbe and blogging in whose network the drag show, I have just seen Friday exactly at this location. Even strange somehow. I never would of thought, visit the birthday club or the GMF for breakfast, but also provide all no sun, no breakfast and no cocktails.


What I did not know, however,, that there are also drag shows at the Palace Bar on Saturday and although on the day and in the sun. So I just sat here and wrote my post yesterday published (I am staying in Cuba currently without internet you have to live with the Miami Preserve).. So I just wrote about the drag show on Friday and edited a picture of TP Lords as they came out of the bar and appeared. And that was now just a really strange situation.


But what I actually want to write… The Drag Show. Touted as the best drag show Miami and probably the best of the west Missisippis – of course except Berlin.. Drei Crags, three shows and the whole Moderated by TP Lords, I though so far not known, but – if I can infer the local Gaymagazin probably one of the most popular Miami Drags.


Very witty and blessed with a great sense of humor leads them through the evening and also occurs itself. What can I say. TP Lords is great and takes as the other drags no regard for traffic rules, including Ocean Drive. Drags here always have right of way, seems to me. Gladly, the Ladies can then also had a pair of feet on the trunk of a taxi take. That's cool and brings well-deserved applause.


Great software but also the other two Drags, which enriched the show. Allen VORAN Sasha Sky, a crazy chicken with absolute desire to move. To describe exactly, what have brought the ladies pointless, at ten numbers, but I could see, that Beyonce is high in price, for the ladies. I just saw for the third time a show at the Palace and – at least – third time I heard it Beyonce… but although I must strongly point out the numbers in a few days. Da seht ihr DIE Beyonce Performance ever. A real number Pound. Many pounds… Since it can not keep up Berlin drag – alone already gewichtlich.


Overall, however, determine – despite all the differences – that a drag show whether in Berlin or in Maimi is always a drag show. An unforgettable stage or a sidewalk, at least a drag, a song and sometimes better sometimes worse Lippensynchronisation.Die show comes then, when the drag on the stage is charismatic and thrilling at the Publukum…


This is good successful. Therefore, a visit to the Palace was worth. Friday – and now just. And I must say. On the day of TP Lords is even better.

Amazing way, told them Friday yet, she had a nine – to – five Job. 9pm to 5am… Since she had still a couple hours, until they again may only occur at the Palace.

Mojito and much more Belvedere Vodka

Goya there is decent drinks

belvedere vodka grossflasche

It was again the propaganda we remembered and at Goya, to visit this again. The Goya itself is always worth a visit and the propaganda, has returned to the Bork Melms there again, anyway. The locality, which was hosted by the propaganda between've no, Goya but the lures alone again by the walls. What I have so far never been found, however, not only so that, but also with the drinks, issued at the cocktail bar at the bottom.


Bork was in fact so nice, to invite us for a drink… And while Diet Coke bottle Jankas a normal – usual small talk – Had size, proffered us the nice cocktails Berkeeper Plus Size. I do not know exactly, how great our glasses were, but with a minimum of half a liter mojito you still feel properly discharged in the evening.

Mojito in groß

So while it was the largest beverage gnz down now, there was the greatest – of great – Music turn the top of the small space Goya, in the Stella DeStroy before gutgefülltem house brought us pop and, the masses and the masses of Kaey, I had not seen in other long – brought to dance. Good music, I had not long leave due to the amount cocktail in my hand…


Eventually, however, this was empty and I teetered down to let him repopulate and found, that this 8,50 € is really a very very fair price, I know cocktail bars, where smaller poorer cocktails are also charged at a higher price…. However, when I made my way back to the top, already got me Janka, Sheila and Mel with the opposite words, above would now be closed and they would soon make their way (they also were quite a few hours on the road).


There I was, I poor droplets with a large cocktail and had to deal with myself. Das war aber okay, with alcohol because everything is much better and the music was great too. Also, I found great support in the form of a big bottle Belvedere Vodka… If the Goya fills from such bottles, then the size of the cocktails no longer surprises me. …At such a 6 Liter Large bottle of vodka you can already rankuscheln times, even if the bottle cold and the interior looks very sterile, yet it is beautiful and warms the heart…


Hmm, seems to me as seen quite a large bottle of vodka with a beautiful woman to be comparable. I've never seen. Cheap No woman, however,, because in order to be able to adorn themselves with their, Man muss(n) invest at least € 379… Oder eben ins Goya gehen 🙂