Gay Pride Berlin

Corona year 2020

The typical CSD did not exist this year for corona reasons, that was clear long ago. According to the CSD e.V.. play everything on the net, because probably no demonstration would be approved anyway.

Black & Trans Lives Matter
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Now things are going well with Corona in Germany and demonstrations are allowed again – and besides weird “Hygienedemos”, Attila Hildmans and other strange people extremely important and probably as urgent as not in a long time, when we look at the world next to Germany.

Someone found that in Berlin and registered a demo as a Pride Parade. No advertising, no trucks, no alcohol. Politics instead of partying. Of course, much smaller than a typical CSD but all the more important – even here.

This “Gaypride” was a little bit like that Enough is Enough Demo years ago… And still important. The fact shows that, that there were obviously several situations during the parade, in which participants offended, were thrown and even assaulted….

I wrote before years ago, that the Berlin CSD is all the more important, since it's probably the eastern safe CSD. And even if this parade bore the world-famous name Gaypride, it stays that way. Even if there were the above situations, you are safe here and half the country is not like in Poland “LGBTIQ” Free zone….

By the way, most of the participants left space and wore masks….

gaypride Berlin 2014

And, I was at the CSD Berlin – also in this year.


But the anticipation for the Berlin CSD was zero this year. The whole scene and discussion about the CSD annoyed me too much.

2014-06-23 12.43.36

First the CSD was renamed Stonewall, big discussion about it, Going it alone under trademark law, no community participation, strange behavior on all channels and from all sides. Such a disgrace in the end, that even two CSDs ran through Berlin – stop i said just two?

2014-06-23 13.43.48-1

No, there were even three CSDs running through Berlin. Because there was no TCSD this year, there was just one Kreuzberg CSD over full 550 Meters from Oranienplatz to Heinrichplatz, damage, that I was late for that… but back to the CSD.

cropped-cropped-csd_kreuzberg_deutsch_web (1)

Antigender_Hooligans – Kreuzberg CSD 2014 from antigender_hooligans on Vimeo.

We joined the classic CSD – whether that's the best or the worst idea, I don't want to give a final opinion on that, maybe in another case I would visit the CSD of the action alliance, which seems to have been something in between the CSD and the great Enough is Enough demonstration last year.

2014-06-23 13.15.56

Since this year, as I said, for these reasons, I didn't really feel like it, I didn't really care about a suitable costume either, and so for reasons of the World Cup and the Ghana game of the German national team in the evening my artificial turf was rolled out again. A recycled costume. what sacrilege, but whatever.

2014-06-23 14.30.11-2

As almost every year, we met at Janka's salon to finish the last time and then together with Janka, Sheila and Diana move on. But somehow my artificial turf barely matched the three of them, they were all horned as hoofed animals. Diana and Sheila as Sartyre (Whatever it is) and Janka as “aaaah you are a unicorn – I love unicorns” At least that's how I mostly heard it shouting from all directions, when I walked near her.

2014-06-23 11.58.12-1

Somehow there were technical defects at this year's CSD, so any trucks could not get through any corners and the whole train was delayed en masse. In part we stood 20 Minutes around and waited – but overall that's much better than being pushed off the road by the trucks.

2014-06-23 12.06.35-2

It's been so long, that even with a short visit to the M.A.C. Store im KDW, Janka promised one of her customers, no time was lost and there was even time for a photo by Calvin Klein's photographer – back on the train.

2014-06-23 12.56.09-1

It was cold, It was windy and partly rained, no weather for the end of June, But what can you do. We stood at a bus stop protected from wind and rain and waited for Julian F.M.'s bus. Stöckel, which offered us shelter and our aching feet relaxation. Oh yes and ham crackers and tasty Florida ice cream.

2014-06-23 13.38.06

a unicorn freezes at the bus stop

Great, such a base, where you can ride in the less visited places and jump out again at the better-visited parts of the route. And nice people were also on board.

2014-06-23 14.03.00-1

So we actually reached the end of the route in front of the CDU headquarters in Berlin. Strange end of the line, but at least this year we didn't hit the fan mile, which was pretty gross a few years ago, but this year it would have gone extremely well with my costume :).

2014-06-23 14.05.47-2

Instead, we sat in the nearest hotel lobby and ordered a taxi to the cars and drove home – what with three CSDs, a fan mile and countless Fête de la Musique stages was extremely time-consuming and difficult. An unbelievable detour to get to Janka.

2014-06-23 15.20.02

Therefore I unfortunately missed the Kreuzberg CSD, I like the 550 Meters right in front of my front door at Oranienplatz, instead, I just visited the Fête de la musique stage, also on Oranienplatz… I mentioned, that I love my neighborhood 😉

2014-06-23 22.07.49

Oh, I was positively noticed by the large black block on the CSD – many police officers from all over Europe, who walked with them in their uniforms. I like that, this shows, that times change. And rather to run WITH them, than to have to be protected by them or – to be beaten up by them even worse, which is still the case in many parts of the world – and keeps getting worse… And with all arguments, that is still the reason and background of the CSD

2014-06-23 13.44.54

The eastern europe is really safe CSD Berlin

The last few years have opened up a large pair of scissors, what the rights of the entire queer community – probably the better communities – As for. While some countries have made great progress, other countries have turned back the wheel in the direction of Stone Age. In Europe, Russia hovered just as extreme in the wrong direction – which it is believed to overcome long. Time for a political Gaypride.


The Berlin CSD was therefore also a political slogan, the officially “No more speeches” was called. Unofficially the motto was rather “With all due respect Mr Putin, they are an asshole” and Berlin CSD was a big statement on the situation in Russia. As the first truck led a Russian truck, the GMF Cart devoted himself entirely Ivan the Terrible Herrn Putin, Whether sah massig Plakate, Slogans and banners against the situation in the Russian Federation and heard everywhere languages, were more likely attributable to the Eastern Bloc.


Berlin is probably the easternmost CSD probably now, which provides a certain size AND safety. And he certainly echoes the east as before Rias. Will it interest Putin, no of course not. It is interested in Eastern visitors, And, of course, queer people will be interested in the countries, I think so. The Berlin CSD shows, that the wheel-turning-back promotions are not God-given, but, that there is another way. Here you can be open to a move CSD – and you can even celebrate, and celebrate with the people around them. The CSD celebrates 44 Stonewall years, much attained and demonstrated against all the negative tendencies.


And, I admit, I had not really affected as not on the screen, that even in Germany itself Berlin in terms of acceptance is not gold, that shines on the CSD. That means everything together and makes affected only: the CSD is as important as ever, probably even more important than in the past 5-10 Years. So let us demonstrate and celebrate… and in both I'm here with a full heart.


So we come to Feierei… But I'm so glued weeks, take me to tinker on one day a banner saying. If you want to celebrate, then I will also shine. I could say pompously, “with my costume I wanted to hold a mirror up to the motto of the policy” but far, I just wanted to look dazzling and it worked, it was a sunny day and I reflected perfectly the sun's rays and saw my reflected solar radiation to passersby and houses along the route.


Hamburg ist in the House

Not really on the screen I had the weight of the dress. It went so far, I had to ask my neighbor to help getting dressed neighborhood. Holding up and close at the same time… almost impossible. No matter, they helped me and I could heave gently in the car… but realized it already, that is a difficult box. For safety reasons, therefore, I parked my car about halfway and went by taxi to the starting point.


As might be expected, was there at the time already Tatjana Taft Medusa in her outfit…. Hmmmm the attentive CSD visitors like me, is the best known being evil… Okay, they explained to me. The actual costume was not ready and this would have never been born in berlin. Oh, the actual costume is not done yet? Something happened that even professionals like Tatjana. Is there a something almost happy.

Tatjana Taft

Tatjana Taft

Meanwhile, I also know, mirror that she had also been in a costume idea, but because it has the weight of discarded… So she was smarter than me … and I had to live with it. Until everything went quite well, I was well, playing with my disco ball and interested enough photographer. Kostüm kommt an. Tick ​​it.


With further distance themselves but showed the costume + Peep-toes was not a good idea. When pressing the first two toes in the Peeptoeschlitz once, can it actually amputating only, it hurts… When you go it's just, but the train stopped often and are looong and then goes not… Sit down? With the dress not a good idea, So endure pain and hope, that the next train leaves soon.


Mr. Cool

Always amazing again, how can an irritated and subscribed to the grin of pain bring short term, when a camera creates the. Practiced just. I still managed to always magnificent area around the village square and the Noll Goya, know with the fixed, soon as is my car and I can change.


When I had almost reached my car, Daphne Daphne asked me AKA Maria Mater d'Or still an obligatory photo, I could, however, bring only very tormented behind me, a genuine smile was not possible until, I had rid myself of shoes – and my dress…. Somewhat sobering, if a dress with the second, that you have just bought the same number of times people say, how great is the, as for other Dress, The man dem Monatelang (well at least for weeks) has tinkered.


No more smiling possible 🙁

But no matter, From now on, I was in private and in civil here. I was talking with a photographer over the Drags, I looked closer to the green jellyfish on the horizon… and I still say “I get the same trouble, because I have put off the shoes” … Tatiana came closer and it was so. I should kindly write in the blog also, I have changed the shoes and not only, that she has a costume recycled… …After many years CSDs we both know apparently, what to expect from the other person 🙂 Okay, I wrote both… And, I have canceled a CSD for the first time and I will not wear again peeptoes.


When I was there so standing around and photographed, Diana came, Sheila and Janka past, Unfortunately, the need for much longer, than planned and so very late went into the train. I really wanted to get there again, but an attempt with my shoes showed me, I can abschminken me completely, So I stopped and photographed more.


Among other things occurred to me while Jessica Spirit before the lens – and I did not recognize. She was in my early days of my absolute idols, like a blog post from 2006 !!! proves, I wrote, after I actually by Sheila ( yes exactly THE Sheila ) was designated as idols… This is 7 Years ago. Surprisingly, sooner Idol, This year I have not even recognize Jessica. So kann es kommen. A few words I would have been happy to change. Well, comes time, wheel comes.

Jessica Spirit

Jessica Spirit

I definitely went home and welcomed the passing of my house TCSD with hard flagging. And since I just had no rainbow flag at hand, I also just recycled an old outfit CSD short and hung my Rainbow Zönix of the window, to leave before I went to Sheila for grilling at the CSD wonderful day end.

TSCD Berlin rainbow flag

Flagging hard to TCSD

CSD Berlin Pictures

CSD Berlin Pictures

tomorrow before I write an article for CSD Berlin, there is already a decent gallery with pictures from Berlin CSD… HERE there is another way much more pictures