CSD Hamburg and Advertising

It is known that each CSD has, Gay Pride Parade every fight in Germany again and again against, that accused her, only one party- to be commercial and event.

With this knowledge it should be of course, that repeatedly reminded, that this is a demonstration of – and just as naturally it should also be, that one rejects too clumsy monopolization. Just as this year's parades contribution of Citeecar.


Has made me really angry – I really have not seen such a blatant advertising on one of the CSDs and I once witnessed three to four parades for many years now.

What the hell was that?
Five in a row moving cars' a maybe 4,50 Meters + 4 *3 Meters distance without any immediate sense – excluding advertising. Everyone was on the equivalent of about 35 Not much more experienced meters Parade, except that one off at Citee cars 1 Could rent €…

It will not work.


Okay, I have seen other advertising on the CSDs, but most of the companies is trying somehow to “cover up” Myth Slogans, mit Regenbogen Fahnen oder etwas mit Musik. Einfach nur Plump, unverschleierte Werbung allerdings, das ist neu. Ehrlich gesagt hat mich das wirklich geärgert.

Auf die Frage an einen der Fahrer, Welch andere Message transportieren sie wurde er ausser Werbung antwortete peace Ehrlich:
“Keine andere Message”;
“Das ist doch ganz schön FRECH, or?”
“Sorry, ich habe das nicht peace ausgedacht”

Also Citeecar, wer von euch hat sich das ausgedacht, schämt und ihr euch ein Kleines wenigstens bisschen?

Achja und Hamburg Pride, I wish you a little more self-esteem, at times like even “No” say. Check it please in the future a little on the car, that at least a minimum is included in message… Such participants should urgently cancel your. Rather an entry fee less. At least I saw the so-, and those, with whom I talked about it, also…


You have the massive doubters not so willfully offer explosive!

And no, only because the slogan of the CSD on the roof is (where can read it just a helicopter) or on the door of a Hinnerk logo is emblazoned in a promotion not a CSD Post!

Gaypride Hamburg – Hello Rain God?

Gaypride Hamburg 2013

DSC01069I'm not sure, what the weather gods for some years against Hamburg CSD, But something has before him 4 Have displeasing bad years.


Otherwise I can not explain it, that he, after many years of sun, Sun and now three years since some time until a half hour after the start leaves about half an hour before starting to rain now and so Costumes, Makeup destroyed and a high volume of visitors…

DSC01091Hello Hamburg Pride, beat the weather gods but simply a trick and puts the start by half an hour later, which would have brought in the last three years for now, that there would have been wonderful weather throughout the parade 🙂

DSC01094The parade itself was, of course, then again great, they went from the main station in the very best Wetterchen and was later dan in parts also well attended. Only with the typical CSD tour group and the Hamburg Residents I actually missed some of this year in Hamburg. Girls where were you all….

DSC01099And why do so many of the “Olivia Jones paradox” affiliated: I'm on the start screen, but strangely not on the parade more, I got out right at the start. Sadly, something like.

DSC01087Sad also, that the Hamburger CSD so far in my opinion most non-plug Promotion, I have ever seen on a CSD, has approved. Citeecar… sad, but since I come again “Here” to. If you're still wondering how today, whether the CSD or just advertising and political party is, then is not something.

DSC01092But in the end, of course, this year the CSD again been a wonderful event. Many nice people, many good conversations and always good acquaintances.

DSC01075So I had a really nice conversation with – yes with who actually – I know its name not at all, But for many CSDs in Hamburg and various parties we run ourselves since as many years again and again on the way. She gushed to me of a visit to Berlin – berlin was nice to her… eggs, I can only confirm. To me also.

DSC01101-001Or with the girl, that – with long leather pants – somehow smuggled into the leather Group, I was just in the contrast color … Your boys are the – ah nee, I thought, that are yours 🙂

Vina ValentinaOr three “Policewomen” Three girls, I already photographed last year in their cop costumes and thought …”hmmm sweet” again this year because, again as police officers but as an American.. And look at na, they also knew me. You had last year on some green… I had. Actually. My dress with artificial grass St. Pauli emblem.

DSC01081I would also just at the, I could finally make the image in front of the stadium in front of St.Pauli Logo, I look the same because there the game against Preussen Munster. Heterosexuellste Trance, where is 🙂

DSC01076Nice was also at the very end, where a group of friends stood and watched me…

DSC01090The photos unfortunately, I must send, I had failed to, take adapter, the images from my SD card to load on my Surface…. Stupid, I know, but nothing helps, I'll include it here tomorrow.

Und da sag noch einer "Kampflesben"

And still tell a “Battle Lesbian”

One thing pushed me sadly after the fact when writing funny. I saw the two sweet in the picture above and said to the audience funny: And still tell a “Battle Lesbian”.. Since then I got the answer the question. “But here are not all gay, or, but also because many supporters are? It was probably meant very different, but afterwards came to me almost seems like “They look too good, these are definitely not lesbians but just supporters”….




Ist CSD, if everything fits

Gaypride Hamburg 2012

Zoe DelayThe CSD in Cologne this year yes fallen into the water and extreme for us a big letdown. The more important, then just run again that artificial turf costume in Hamburg.

Normally, I'm sure always alone, Only this year I had an escort Sheila – not only to Eating at Rach, but mainly just for the miles through Hamburg….sodenn because it would dry.

and it looked good in the morning, Sun was in my apartment and good cheer we got ready, the Gaypride Hamburg to rock.. I urge and drive at the end Sheila had to hurry, I know already, that we would be So come a little late, Beginning to talk clearly.

I had been thinking, we head to drive long series, then to stop and take a taxi, that would immediately determined… nix da. Instead, something else came. Drops. only a few, short time later and then faaaaaar gaaaaanz many… Quickly back into the car and let's see, whether we rankämen not closer.

We actually found a parking, near the parade route, where we could already hear the music, but rain amounts due to the deluge-like, did not dare coming from Hamburg heaven Us, get out. In Super… but the rain radar say positive about the future.

Something about 20 Minutes after the actual start CSD we make then so also on the way… in bright sunshine and perfect weather… The vagaries of the weather in Hamburg are already really weird. But I'm already used.

Somehow it seemed, that Eien lot of people this time had gone to Hamburg, have omitted the Köln due to weather this time, for there were many, many good costumes present and the, although I have not seen so many hamburgers this year and was only confirmed by images, that they were there… But otherwise I'm always there at the start 😉

I love it, run along the long row. The upbeat mood. Always busy and just great. Actually, I would like to have at Chapeau St. georg reingeschaut, but because the time was not enough somehow we wanted to keep our great place behind the American oldtimer the lesbian business women, the best attention and secured… at least better than the typical behind a truck.

A Propos (spell that right?) Trucks… A great compliment, this time has all the CSD shooed us no security, chased no Truck. It was a very good each of the two-legged and four-Seasoned. TOP!

As usual, the part was a bit boring after Saturn, on the other hand, the way Mönckebergstreet great again. Such a stop, there should be on each CSD. Between the manifest and the half-hour get-together with participants and pass Angew. This is always the time, to look, who else so there is time to get to know something more and something to talk.

We worked our ind time he slowly forward, schauten beautiful Priscilla vorbei beautiful Marci Starlette, Tatjana Taft and some other past and fulfilled course there countless photo requests… as it should be so.

Now relatively far forward in the train of the CSD was on its last leg towards Jungfernstieg and midestens from Kunsthalle was my task-especially that, Sheila gut zuzureden, let us create the path and I do not get… In fact, we reached the Jungfernstieg and could the smoking feet in enclosed VIP area set up something.

There was then not only free drinks but some nice entertainment, which you could not escape – even if you had wanted to, because it began shortly after reaching this VIP zone again, unwetterartigem with rain and gathered all the people under the umbrellas. chatted and waited for the Radiant Sun, further few minutes seemed again.

Weather conditions and CSD Made in Hamburg.

A quick into Portuguese quarter, something to eat and then off to Home Berlin.

CSD Hamburg Photos

Before tomorrow an article CSD Hamburg 2012 write today come firstonce a pair CSD Hamburg pictures of this very changing weather Christopher Street Day. So much fun looking at.