Gaypride Cologne – 800 Meters longer… toll

This year I have left me really long time with my consideration, whether I should go to the Christopher Street Day in Cologne. While Sheila and Janka wanted to make a one-day trip by train, I had to accept in view of the rail fares, that hotel + Car rides are simply smarter.

csd köln Zoe delayDanke an Maizucker

Since I was a last minute hotel room Friday, that was somewhat affordable, which happens to be almost 300 Meters from the starting point of the Deutz bridge, Saturday afternoon I sat in my car and drove to Cologne… You have to 🙂


Arrived in Cologne we went briefly to Vapiano, what to eat for several hours and then touch up my dress mirror.. There were some levels, which were not broken off or. So I stuck again a few hours. Then I used my dress yet – with Sidolin strip free – …So not exactly taken the dress, but mirror.


morning I woke up to 10:30 onto, I wisely my alarm on Saturday 9:30 had provided, but forgot, so that the CSD takes place Sunday in Cologne… Doooof. and yet I was still somewhat out, to cope.. So far as it is possible…


My dress I can not dress himself namely, it took me two hotel employees, the verfrachteten me in my dress and it closed, so that the CSD could start with my support…


And Cologne's been great as always. The weather was bombastic, The organizers spoke of 1.000.000 visitors at the track and the atmosphere was incredible once again. It is simply, the CSD in Cologne and remains an absolute must-attend event.


Unfortunately, as many seem to have been as, that there were relatively few photos of me at the end. It almost seems, I would not have been in Cologne. Really amazing, you posing for some 1.000.000 Photos and hardly anything comes back.. And sometimes you see people, wear the same outfit for several years, who are nevertheless more photos, simply because they are more colorful.


But I myself must admit, that my costume on images simply acts differently, as live. Live it's really great, it appears and reflects the sun, when I look in a shop window or a mirror – class… On pictures but it looks much different from, like a silver or gray dress with a simple sequin. The heavy dress, the mirrors, and the time for bonding, all this will not come out in the pictures. Damage.


Nevertheless, Cologne felt great again. With modified shoes I came in contrast to Berlin actually on target to… but I confess, it was almost. Someone in Cologne said namely the need to ensure, that the line was extended… This led to, that they had no overview, where it was actually – the track was just not the learned..


Eventually I asked a car angel times, where we were actually – and he looked at me with shining eyes and said, – “we have 800 Added to get meters, is not that great”. I looked at him in horror, looked down at my heels and replied only “And, that is NOT great, who has devised for the…. Öhmann Cologne


But what can you do, Smile, suffering and the target immediately to the flat shoes :)… and then with the words “From now on I'm here privately” Block off nice photo requests or ensure, that one is only photographed above 😉


And then 5 1/2 Hours back to Berlin… And, I'm crazy, but the CSD in Cologne is worth just. Last year, this year and again next year …


But one thing I want to say: everywhere I read about it, how incredibly politically was the Cologne Pride this year, that had to do with the brown shit from Pro Cologne, this year with the actuallyoperatewanted to march – but then could not… Very very laudable, But the Berlin CSD this year has once committed to a policy associated yardstick – and was clearly not broken

Gaypride Cologne 2013 Pictures

Gaypride Cologne 2013 Pictures

Okay, as usual, and for many CSDs common practice and custom, I'll be here again tomorrow evening or night my Best Of Gaypride Cologne 2013 Pictures Post, and all the various sources, Gather blogs and sites, also the images of the Gaypride Cologne 2013 show, gather.

Danke an:

Danke an:

Who wants to help me or themselves CSD Cologne pictures 2013 on his side… No problem, I link you like. A short comment with a link to your page ranges and I will add you.


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Oh, and who has photographed me (see the CSD 2013 Image above from Berlin, Let me just say the modest. exactly simply with a comment 😉

DSC04959DSC04968 DSC04983 DSC04986 DSC04988 DSC04990 DSC04998 DSC05004

Oh, I know, The above text is barely readable by the juxtaposition of keywords such as Christopher Street Day 2013: Gaypride Cologne, Gaypride Cologne 2013, CSD and CSD images and photos… But sadly, that still helps, to be found by Google tomorrow… And if you read this, es hat and geklappt, gell 😉

So in this sense, You all a nice CSD Cologne 2013 and many pictures later…

Of wimps and World Champions

Even at the risk of, that Sheila will use exactly the same title as I, I am exactly this title for the coverage of CSD Cologne 2012 use:

Of wimps and World Champions.

Unfortunately, I have to admit but it, that we are among the first of the two possibilities. we are clearly wimps.

Rain repellent

This morning sometime as against 10 Clock in the morning we looked out the window and it was raining. But not as a bit, that is referred to in Hamburg also increased humidity, sondern eher so, that also in Hamburg “cats and dogs” referred. This brought a toe to keep out the unique info “Fuck, it is cold as a frozen pizza”

We deliberated, only once to take a frugal breakfast in our Ibis Budget hotel to us, then continue watching. It changed nothing. Rain, Rain, Cold and rain… so that was a rarity: A Vote, clearly 3:0 went out and testified: Fuck the CSD we do not. No coloring, not start running and especially no pneumonia.

Somehow it took us but then the route, to look a little, who else as the way in – then – Drought has taken it upon themselves, to accompany the CSD… and there were not many this time.

the organizers of this year should reflect the total number of 750.000 People proclaim, then that is a big lie, because it was pretty empty this year. Samantha Cocain war da, the lady with the big hats and Tatjana Taft…

The latter had also left the actual Dalmatians fumble in the hotel and brought out a small weather-proof as possible Costume, in which hardly anything to be lost. But she was in good spirits, because the few investment brought her arguably the highest level of press. She was a world champion.

We Face cloth Wimps, however, stood at the roadside, which has something of mortification at CSD Cologne. At times likely to stick to my planned costume that be something like, as when driving as the third goalkeeper to the World Cup. One is in the vicinity of, has taken the same amount of effort on and has to watch from the stands bustle. really really unpleasant something like.

In addition, that you can not even shoot decent pictures. If you as a drag on the go, one is always sure of any attention, also those, you just want to capture on photo. Than “Uninvolved” on, Interested in one side of the road do not give a damn – if you don't have a Nikon with a mega telephoto lens 🙂 I know that from my own experience … experience on both sides.

Our spirits rose only a little, when it started to rain and we were really cold even with jacket… That was the time, as was clear and, that do not participate was the right choice… even if I then remembered against Tatjana no good excuse.

Gaypride Cologne 2012 Pictures

Gaypride Cologne pictures
In good old tradition, I will also this year post the various sources, from Gaypride Cologne 2012 Have images on the sides, link. Thus one who hides photos somewhere on the net, may email me briefly, I will then insert.
However, I will not go myself this year in search, I was just a guest on the CSD and of myself this time are not expected to images.


I will this year probably the three major Christopher Street Day: gaypride Berlin, Gaypride Cologne 2012, Gaypride Hamburg Participate and massive shoot photos. They'll be here later to find.

And she also finds google - and therefore your, there is this page right now.

So do not wonder, but bookmark, denn der am Sonntag that Parade, may have come here on a Saturday night massive beautiful pictures, as every year
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