Black to Blue

Ohgott as Romantic.

Waste, comic types and a sky, is slowly bluish, erinnerte es mich alles an den Peter Fox Song.

As we sat so early in the morning in McDonalds at Potsdamer Platz, behind us intolerant chicks mountains of garbage from McDonalds bags and Tabetts and watched as the sky slowly the brightness of Saturn's large Leuchreklame grew brighter before us and slowly taking. As cheesy.

No, you really have to say, McDonalds has the Potsdamer Platz we came not to the wannabe Manhattan charm of our ordinary McDonalds and a half hours before the party, had not also the charm of other parties.

Okay, the propaganda of the Goya was not the figment of charm but she lived by Goya, which one can say of everything – but not, that it was not a spectacular setting for a big party. The E4 in Eichhornstrasse diagonally across the Adagio of this charm is, however, entirely on, the location looks more like an oversized staircase and so was the party. Sterile and without corners and Kanten.Ausserdem without too much familiar faces. Daphne also complained about mother and sister Bella Donna, also the people hardly knew. Well, there are also those parties.

However, a whole group of young Drags was present, I did not know all. Unfortunately, I forgot all the names but one. She wore it as a large tattoo on forearm. Danka. And, that was her name, it was a D and had nothing to do with us all known Janka. But even if we did not know they were obviously not the first time out but chicken party – wherever. …Except for – here again – one, which was actually the first time on the road and this bereuhte. Not only because of the shoes, but mainly because of looks… Well everything is hard…. known.

nsonsten I met a hamburger in Berlin and Hamburg, a DJ with flair, but he wore a St. Pauli T-Shirt. Hamburg war also im House. The party, however, this is not really saved for us… and so we went to McDonalds… which we would be at the beginning of this story…

Queer media stage @ Motzstrassenfest

Queer media platform


It's been several months ago, as called me on the highway somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin a ringtone to my phone. Despite my passengers I picked it up.

Margot was off Schlönzke, who asked me, if I could imagine, on the Motzstrassenfest in Berlin two hours on the “Queer media”-Stage to take over moderation – and if I would ever feel like it. Wenn ja, they would contact my Manuela, the pass that organized there.

Two visitors to the street festival

Generally, I can always imagine firstonce almost everything and clear, I would make the. Also for fame, Honor and a small catering Yellow Ribbon, that one can in the VIP area (respectful VIP only, VIP superduperdoppel not the fact there are still). Even though I've never done this before – Why not. So a few days later reported Manuela and we talked the whole from.


Since then I have not heard hartte and actually thought, all had been dealt with – but had not, I saw, I of the program 16. lesbian gay city festival got into the hands stood quite clear under the Queer Media Kit.

“On Saturday Tima moderate the divine and Zoe Delay”

… a few days later also called Manuela again and it was clear, I would moderate. Moderation in this case meant nothing by the way, than two hours, some artists- and to cancel, of which I had unfortunately heard only in the variety, I got the program booklet in hand and googled.

The first “Artist” were there still really easy, I already knew before, I knew, what to do so I could pronounce it AND. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Daphne Baakel and their nun, the two songs warbled and gave their blessing to the street festival.


It continued with Gilda Gay, not only two but all five songs were live, with its own voice to the best. …Your website and the bird, I asked previously, told me, that they would rather belong to the younger ranks around Schwuz and the AHA and would like to make Cher – so it happened. Cher was her first song to the four – parts as separate pieces should follow. Gilda told me before that, I would not wait, they would then come to the stage, when the music would begin… But they seemed to have forgotten, because the music started and she did not…. Until they constantly and rather rushed entered the stage… 🙂 Bei manchen Drags wünscht man sich ja, but rather that they would sing playback, Gilda, however, was good to hear.

[youtube] = YodcEjCrzu4[/youtube]

Actually, this should be a Daniel Soltwedel occur, which was, however ill. Short jumped a singer, who gave a hit to the best, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. Erkannt hätte ich ihn aber auch vermutlich eher nicht. Sagte ich eben, Drags that some should not sing live? That strikes some singers….

Also be skipped is also Chicago Rose, between the various appointments in the City Festival short or just gave a number to the best and was already on the way to the next appointment. Thus it has the stage, me and the audience before a long idle- and lesson in “Moderation to bridge time and space to chattering like crazy” saved.


It was followed by Edeltraut P. und Tara o’Hara, both Kieztherapeutinnen, an Oriental dancer and the rock band Peter & Friends. Then the nightmare was also closed again and I take on the way to the semi-VIP area at a nice Becks Ice and a few noodles to me. I think, I have handled it really well. Weitere Anfragen bitte hier 😉


BTW. who tomorrow 15:00 has nothing to do, I jump up on a stage in this Dalli Dalli rate team. Knowledge is not there to help, too much knowledge is a hindrance… And mal sehen. if I can score as.


Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen

A standard work of the Berlin Trans Scene?

, ihreszeichens Berlin CSD sovereignty of sometime to keinerweisssorecht has a second part of their work Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen put on the web.

She describes her fictional story in Berlin Dragzene, Your immersion time as CSD and its sovereignty

I have not even noticed the first part, then the second definitely delicious. Although Tatjana “Similarities with all other persons or events in the past, Present or future” possibly titled as random, I can not escape the fact, me that several of the stories, the people, Parties or practices appear quite not quite as random. Still, most people are still made good. Okay okay, somewhat exaggerated but, but has not played completely wrong on the whole.

This story could give to all Berlin Neutransen as the great Trans Almanac. Tatiana talks about the Schwuz, Wigstöckel, the Irrenhouse, the Kumplenest, the GMF, The Bangaluu, den CSD, the different transport scenes in Kreuzberg and Mitte, in your history are as varied as people Kaey Tearing, Gérome Castell, Chicago Rose, :Mataina Ah wie Süß:, Barbie Breakout, Melli Magic, :Nina Queer:, Polla Disaster, Tilly Creutzfeldt Jakob, Biggi Blonde, :ADES Zabel:, or Daphne Baakel.

Anyone who has read the, has already had a first glimpse of the Berlin drag- and Transeszene. I'm looking forward to Part III

A few excerpts:

The deep-set eyes, I had lined with mega long fake eyelashes, my lips just shamelessly painted and eyebrows just a few centimeters above the original, heavily pruned painted. Only the big nose I could not hide with cosmetic tricks, and the Adam's apple does not also.
But since I also acted as a gay man, who plays a woman, and no one knew, that I was a woman, Playing a man, the turns gay, to play a transvestite, It was not so bad.
I even had an extra left the hair on the upper arms, peeped between the glove and a sleeveless evening dress. I was, gave me in these circles as something real.

Gérome had begun, a little to take care of me.
“Y'know ¾, Old, We shemales have to stick together. Each of us here has daughters and sisters, the system I brought from USA. In, sonst ha`m wa doch keen! And who should take care of, nich when the family? Ebent! You are now my daughter. And for you I have also been a; Your daughter's name is Frank!”
“My daughter's name is Frank? Absolutely not,” I resisted from. “¾ I own nothing and I do not have the nerve, to take care of as a lost brat.”
“¾ Frank is not a brat,” sagte Martina ah – as – Sweet, at the counter of the Bangaluu `s got us. Martina was the only salaried tranny all over town. This chic club in the middle, the Kaey would certainly enter only dead, she was the consummate hostess. She liked everyone and everyone liked them.

Gérome had imagined Melli Magic and Barbie Breakout at the counter of the GMF. The GMF was a chic club in the middle, where on Sunday evening, the young, would cap off the weekend, pretty and rich gay nightlife of Berlin.
Now I understood kaya, Â's disparaging remarks about “¾ Mitte.” The Trans-scene in Berlin-Mitte obviously differed greatly from the in Kreuzberg.
Barbie and Melli embodied pure glamor.

Melanie, a truck driver in zebra dress, the safe 120 Weighed kilos, but still proudly known, so go to the bakery every day and spend his evenings on the Internet, where it is marketed as a 47-pound beauty, or Sieglinde, who do not trust, remove her beard and put it value, neither hetero-- to leave even classify themselves as homosexual, but “¾ Transmann” or “¾ multisexuell” their identity seemed to narrow limits set to.
“¾ I am unique, do you understand,” her words were.
My mind was whirling. How easy was my life but! Everything in effect acting!

Nina Queer is genoss, to break all taboos and remained so always talking. Similarly, excessive as Barbie Breakout or Gérome, but it was still doing a shrewd businesswoman, who had worked his way up from the French Seller to the party organizer and owner of his own pub. Your go-go dancers were an ancient, flabby couple, the naked dancing, and their shows were bananas puked, Smeared Nutella or pelted the audience with minced meat. The Berlin loved the.
I was always totally unleashed at my performances, my slutty Playback, lost my wig fell or equal to all of the Stage. So I drew me a solid, reputation.

Tatiana's story seems like a lapse of some years ago Berlin party scene and it's again time to read.

Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part II
Tatiana, Fateful Years of Queen Part I

Male and Shemale unknown in AI

Repeatedly calls the Club International


If I'm not mistaken is the fairly Clubs International in Kino International Biggy Blonds Party and have been for some years. Consistent with this assessment, Biggy that virtually every time behind the turntables when I visited the Club International.


Now we have for some time but also every time at the start, if there's going to party, because it is simply one of the best parties of the month capital. Drei Dancefloors, a large bar and tons of people, that you know and like.

Last Saturday it was that time again and we were dressed. Kitana was only a little surprised, but she was alone beside Janka, Sheila and me undisguised. But that did not, firstly because no one knew except the three of us, Carnival weekend that was, because we were the only disguised.



However, someone said in a panel to find Kitana, but it was called Desiree Nick… and which is at least about 50… But that was only one of the two insults, the Kitana had to go through. So said a security man but, having to point out, that the table on which they would temporarily sat under her weight crashing. The Sheila and Janka also lingered a while on one of these tables, made him, however, little of – and although Janka in his own words at the time is quite thick… 🙂


This amazing people in AI were there that night on the way. Instead of the usual Drags, you meet again and again on the usual party on the last night were rather unfamiliar faces, or at least not often seen faces. Thus, for example, found sister Daphne by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with an equally colorful painted a colleague or two previously unseen girls Ruby and Sugar, Although I did not know, but it already knew us. Give something like heck…


Two other girls were only in the male role on the way. Firstly, it was :Gloria Viagra:, I have now seen several times as a man and also immediately recognized as – and even Stella DeStroy, I, as usual me, realized only with a little help. …Eggs, but now I have also recognized her. Great I found it always – just always been somewhat brittle, this has now changed significantly. Sympathetic and funny it is.


Also sympathish and the two girls were no less, who were at the party with Krizzi. Unfortunately, I only know the name Anna. The other girl is probably often times with Janka for a haircut and it looks like most times our new images. …The obvious as accurate, that you have noticed even small things. She asked me at least, why I aufhätte no sunglasses this evening. That night I did not need it, because I had no time so exceptionally long hair on the head, that I could fall in the face.

Now, she looked forward to every case, times to see us live


I was also looking – namely a pretty successful evening on which I on boxing, Tables and dance floors danced and had a lot of fun.