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I think it is in camouflage with yes Dermacolor by Kryolan, in my opinion the best, skin which covers. to be a decent price for such good performance.


That it is of course other camouflage, I never wanted to deny, but it never interested me, I've already found the best. Now I was interested then but actually an advertisement for Cover Make Up. To be from Vichy Dermablend exactly, because they have just shown, what they can.

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Ganzkörpertätowierter a man named Rico The Zombie Dermablend is made up with the whole body and appears as a normal person, then abschminkt in the film and free covers her tattoos. Quite impressive and the video was already 3,5 Million times viewed. I Love Viral Marketing campaigns with wit and ideas…



Hallo Artdeco, someone at home?

For several years Artdeco is my favorite cosmetics brand and I like Jula in their typology of non-transsexual trannies it aptly describes, an amount, equal to the gross domestic product of a small African state, deposited in the accounts of Artdeco. In fact, I actually expected it did last year, a personally signed thank you letter from Artdeco Board. These seem to have forgotten, however, that somehow.


Well on Saturday I thought I'd get my art deco dealer, ie my regular visits to perfumery Camouflagecreme bring something new. The cost usually 5,20 € and is okay, although not nearly comparable with Kryolan Camouflage. (That reminds me, I still do not know, where there is to buy in Hamburg)

No matter Artdeco Camouflage can be purchased at Douglas. However, this does not now costs more € 5,20 sondern € 6,20. This would be hardly noticed me, but the seller, of my health is always a concern, pointed out to me, that this cream and all other Artdeco products now cost one euro more.

5,20 = 100%
6,20 = X

X= 119,23 %

Hallo ARTDECO, do you hear me? A price increase of times just 19 %. Whats wrong? If I want to really make a lot of money, I can also at M.A.C. purchase…

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