Two short stops in front astray House


It was Saturday and, moreover, a third of the month. Irrenhouse-Samstag also, previously there was still some ways, to let the evening einklingen. For example, at an exhibition opening at Dermot O'Dyna, transformed into a hairdressing salon of its exhibition space.


But first, the usual parking search was run erstaunich good, a few meters walk and a car park, Although the a “Here you go because not because Marathon Parking” Sign was ausgesatattet, but what the heck, yes do not run at night and in the morning we did not have before anyway, to be there. …Actually, we were not much läger than one drink, some photos and a few interviews…. Woran lag es? On the non-art, because I found a lot more appealing than the last year… Rather, we wanted the birthday of Alex van Hesse, the Titty Twister Night Vol.3 took the occasion, reinzufeiern in his birthday.


All took place right next to the White Trash in Last Cathedral, Load a pretty stylish furnished Gothic. Coffins, Skulls, Skeletons, large candlesticks and the like. Who thinks black is there really. Although I had never really with the black scene, impressive, I found the store already indess. Just as we arrived we heard the happy birthday song and we could classify as directly into the crowd of well-wishers and Alex a happy birthday… and there were a lot of people, one has met on one or the other event. Martin Cutter, Liz Vegas, Carina and and and. Berlin is after all very small – over and over again.


When we eventually disappeared in the direction Irrenhouse we took for the road, one “black box” with. In some drink in a – not surprisingly – black box. This was told to us, there is no guarantee that taurine be splashing around. Unfortunately, that was not all, what was missing, but also still in doubt, good taste and also alcohol. So this stuff would have been certainly better Kreuter. I stay because he prefers bdei Red Bull. What remains: Alex is still young, Martin holds Kesici made for Sheila's breasts, Liz Vegas looks in blonde from completely different and the Last Cathedral is a cool store, even for a not very black person like me.

Streetart bei Dermot O'Dyna

Art at the hairdresser


This Saturday there was only one event eigntlich, when we wanted to appear. The Irrenhouse from :Nina Queer:, for many months, THE attend event on Berlin's party scene. Sheila and her friend Silvia had before but still a vernissage invitation, I joined the ado.

Silvia I had only seen on the Berlin CSD, where they, as a biological woman of 180 cm, dressed in police outfit with a black wig in the middle of similar size, also failed dressed and well behuteten Drags, also went through a drag. …Who called the She-drag again? No matter, this time she was blonde and I wondered if that still now are her real hair, kept this question but for me and was later informed by her hairdresser, that the hairs are real.


The opening was the Bottrop street art and graffiti art Artist Matthias Gephart, the thought of me for some reason, having to hold a vernissage in Berlin of place in Bottrop, when almost only Bottroper friends of the artist present in the end… That makes sense to me, not a, but I think, it must also not really. Presumably, it is to be able to just say later:

“My pieces have even been exhibited in Berlin”.

The exhibition was held in the rooms of the Berlin hairdresser Dermot O'Dyna, has learned not only to star stylist Udo Walz , but also for example Nina Queer or just Sheila friend Silvia hair cuts. One nights Typ, after apparently already some alcoholic drinks a bit bonkers but absolutely lovable. And according to his own statement of one of the first sponsors for Nina Flyer. This would be on the flyers still. Unfortunately, I ahb this statement not later checked. Silvia also described him as “Berlin's best hairdresser”. Also some, I believe but can never verify with absolute certainty can. …Hairdressers how much it may well be available in Berlin??

When he saw us, he asked us, if one of us was, that would have worked also at times Udo Walz… I can not remember, to have learned time and Sheila Barber was never employed there. So we had to disappoint him, but somehow I got an inkling, whom he might have meant.


We talked for a while about art, Silvias Frisur, Nina Queer, us and the artists Bottrop – where we have not found out until the end, who that was ever, drank a vile mixture of vodka with orange juice or apple juice (Vodka-O is a Harvey Wallbanger somehow I prefer) and said goodbye after a half, three-quarters of an hour again, to show early enough for transfusion in Irrenhouse be.


Zu den Artworks, were issued on this opening I can only say, they told me that little. I did not understand, they looked depressing and just did not hit my taste. But one does not have to like everything. There are certainly enough people in Berlin, available on the, and if not in Berlin, dann zumindest sicher in Bottrop 😉