Trans casserole for Christmas Irrenhouse

Christmas begins not with me, if they show up at the first Gingerbread emperor or Lidl, either, when I hear the first time load Christmas by Wham, and not just, when the first Christmas trees are sold. No Christmas starts at the latest, if it snows on the stage of Irrenhouse confetti and Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas gespielt wird”


As Nina Queer says it all really. That is why we are all here, and that makes the Christmas Irrenhouse the most beautiful ever. And every year. In the end it is a normal astray House, like all 11 also in other, but somehow it is just something else, homely, secluded, atmospheric.


Hotly, as always, fully, As always with a unique trans still show by Nina. And show precisely that began with Brigitte as Christmas angel with the first number, which obviously sung live “the legs were spreading” and thus it led up, what should follow, for since the Cheffin indulged their favorite activity and blew on stage other than a Saxophone… For details, but I could not see.


Next came her dearest daughter Stella DeStroy as Frau Holle with their version of “Let It Snow” on the stage. Of course it snowed here but no snow, little confetti, it then but still white substances in small plastic bags, that would certainly prove to price reasons as flour…


It was in a great glitter sequined dress for the first time in ages again Melli Magic, Berlin has completed their Abstinez, but not their love of great divas in general and in particular Whitney. So isses, if not can Whitney, then Melli is just the very best representation. And honestly, who has heard Whitney's live singing attempt, which is always much happier with Live on Tape. And there is just no, Melli can hold a candle to.


Diva-esque and after the asylum House can tolerate a little trash and it was on this evening Mataina Ah how sweet responsible, However, with a song, I had not heard before, yet I would have remembered. Did not matter, because it was really only a placeholder for the highlight of the show… Mariah Carey.


And so it was, like every Christmas Irrenhouse, wermutlich since there is this, But at least since 6 Years. All Drags on stage, which occurred on the evening, to Mariah Carey and lots of confetti… First they threw it just a little and I was immediately reminded of, to call for this, were taken as two fans at once and then it just yet snowing right….


Although, I think so, that there were more confetti in the past OR… and much smaller confetti, that you could find even months later at his home somewhere… Because I need this time have little fear. But it was still great… as always.


But one was somehow different, This time in the asylum House. It seemed, as if the whole of Berlin present. Okay okay, it was as full as ever, but the number of hair replacement wearers that evening but was surprisingly high, not, I could assign all names correctly, I could probably, I could apply myself to the successor of Thomas Gottschalk “I'm betting that I appeal to all of Berlin Trans only on appearance with the right name”… But what is there Facebook.


And it is always a stupid situation, when someone says, “we know, We're friends on Facebook”… Uh, and, about you and a few thousand other people. Sorry, that does not help me, but anyway where I can remember people only me, times when I have a few minutes with them entertaining, or they simply bring any distinctive features… Hair Colors, Hairstyles, Height, Make up, By the way, outfits and the like are not part of 🙂


Though you came to me with the question “what you had in the last CSD at” Were you the one with the Louis Vuitton bags and other? Das war toll… So I was actually recognized as the outfit. When you consider, that this again is yes a few months ago, this is really nice


Oh beautiful. isses are continually, mislead the House in general and in particular the Christmas Irrenhouse. Merci Nina


Christmas Irrenhouse

Nina's Christmas Irrenhouse


Since I have forgotten something substantial in the free days. The Weinhnachtsirrenhouse. Each year – next to the birthday astray House – the most important and most beautiful deception House of the Year.

Nina Queer already promised last month mulled wine, Biscuits and much much snow. All this, of course, there was also. But above all, there was again great shows specifically how to include carols and of course “All I Want for Christmas” presented by Nina as every year.

One could say, it would be boring, to show the same song every year, but NO! He is one of them and dasPublikum celebrating the song and the girls on stage every year until goosebumps from. House without a Christmas astray “All I want for Christmas” Christmas just would not mislead House. It is clear once.


Slightly less Christmassy were then Melli Magic and Mataina Ah How Sweet on stage. Dancing Queen by Abba gave the two the best. Something Christmassy but of course there is a Christmas Irrenhouse and so had the two Christmas woman Zipfelmützen, red dresses and red stoles to. Supply – but only conditionally Christmas.

This made Stella DeStroy but entirely offset. For me one of the best winter and Christmas “Let It Snow”. Though not in the original version but still nice. they left it in blonde and white snow on the audience. Thoughtful? Not really – but great.


Biscuits and mulled wine there were way too – and marzipan potatoes to unconsciousness.

It was nice back in the Christmas Irrenhouse. Next year again in December.

It continues.

This month, I treated my blog very neglected and did not come to my everyday meaningful post. Some will have read, with a notice that this, which has deprived me of this month-end on the last day of the last month of my job, was related. There are just off and on more important things than just a blog.- A job search to be exact.

It now comes to an end, because running when not too much wrong, I'm back in time for the first of December wages and bread and no longer need me to Job Search, Care preparation of job interviews or the employment office.

In this respect this blog should now come back the necessary time.