Dita von Teese im Playboy

What my dazzled eyes as just? From the Cover – and thus also adorns various pages within this year's December Playboy Dita von Teese.

Under the heading “Dita Von Teese – The best images of a style icon is recast Playboy brought to the man and exceptionally even to many women, because I bet, the female Leserschafr hardly seems to be even greater than I suspect this issue.

I myself can not remember, When I bought the last time a Playboy – I know, I once had an English version with Pamela Anderson… So a bit ago…. aber bei dieser Ausgabe bin ich kurz davor mal zum Zeitschriftenhandel meines Vertrauens zu gehen

Pinups everywhere

So that a Dita von Teese now nearly opposite smiles everywhere, whether you're just any magazine holds in hands or turn on any television, because I am so accustomed.

That at Fredericks she has her own collection and Ars Vivendi is generally associated with their, well that is now taken for granted. That as seen yesterday, Makeup Artists is looking for their exams specifically for light complexion and black hair certainly no coincidence… The lady is quite a prominent.

And yet there are still places, where you can not really expect to meet them.

When Syrians in the corner!. The Orange Street, there is a Syrian, makes the fast and good but delicious casseroles and pizzas. A small snack, where I always einkehre noon, if I have greater hunger.

Between wok and Checkout is now counting the money around a little Mousepad… Uh that's, I thought. And yes, was. Even the pizza in the Turkish-Syrian corner of berlin one meets now on Dita Von Teese. The white devil, like this mousepad has found there.

I am improving. It is not “very present” but “omnipresent”

Dita von Teese – The Art of Burlesque

The Art of Seduction
Lessons from and with Dita Von Teese

Die Kunst der BurlesqueWhen I opened last Sunday at a dinner in the morning mail Schweinske, I nearly stopped breathing was staggered. 5/6stel on a double side stretched the only thing a, the distinctive :Dita von Teese:. You can tell the author distinct taste, after all four Dita plus a book cover graced these pages nearly two. This is not even typical knowledge, Dita that was not always the black-haired Snow White, but earlier moved through the area as a blonde pinup.

On the rain-, after that the reader has to, the author explained, that Dita Von Teese would have published a book, that, Accordingly, in all honor their course The Art of Burlesque is. Who but Dita should also write something like (or at least authorize with their name)

As Dita says in the book itself about itself?

“I live glamor. Every day. Jede Minute. If I'm cold, I nestle myself in a fur stole. I wear stockings. Applies to me: Glamour is all about”

Who, if not Dita Von Teese should remove such words?

Tricks, much the cause of Dita Von Teese

1. Pull your lipstick regularly to, but emphasizes slow. And you use it a great pocket mirror.

2. Set up your stockings and suspenders as, as if they were trying, to do it discreetly.

3. Let it all hang one of your heels from one foot.

4. Touch slightly at the points, where you want to be touched by him: the neck, at the neckline, in the face. Make the almost imperceptible. And do not forget, of all, what he says, to be fascinated!

5. Wear something, that feels good: Velvet or silk or cashmere.

6. Enter your favorite scent only slightly. Let the man get close to sit, so he can smell you.

Dita von Teese Die Kunst des FetischAs if that was not enough for a book, but it has two sides. Who anfägt to read on the other side, reads the book The Art of Fetish:

In the second part of the book elaborate Dita Von Teese leads the audience into the mysterious world of fetishism, a. She tells, as it was inspired by Bettie Page is a fetish model and her personal favorite fetish on numerous fascinating images before: High Heels, Stockings and in particular the garment, that it has in countless precious variants, the corset.

Two books, 200 Pictures Dita Von Teese.

Better scale 28,89 Euro falls to me not spontaneously.

Jungbluth Rock'n'ink Party

Already Friday Afternoon was actually the whole weekend fully programmed. 0:33 Sheila wanted to enter at the main station – actually at least. Instead, I waited about a 1/4 Hour longer in the cold. I already know, why I have of our Deutsche Bahn not a very good opinion.

jungbluth-piercing.jpgKing CalaveraNevertheless, we let it not take us, in King Calavera die Rock’n’Ink Party zu besuchen, of which there Jungbluth Tattoo was organized. Normally, my friendship graces in this shop with such funny people to go. For Sheila and me, however, he was just the thing. Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Punk and surf sound, and many many Pinups, who dressed up to honor this special party. :Dita von Teese: Makeups, Pettiecoatkleidchen, Corsages, Quiffs, Leather Jackets. Just great to watch. Sheila and I were really sad, to be there as boring men go. (Next time will be different, the).

jungbluth tattooThe King Calavera this the worst tattoo this party was the way chosen. And what was there for a selection. I think I myself was probably the only person, had no Tatto. The whole thing went from small cross somewhere on the ankle with extensive tattoos on the arms to full body tattoo. Some people, that their “Bad Tattoo” however, seemed to show “Fishing for compliments” to operate, so bad they were not really. Has gained a bad, zerfranstes Tribal Tattoo, with a certificate and the 50 € was paid.

A profit of the worst tattoos.. Wonder if that is an honor? It also asked the winner.

Jungbluth rocknink

Unfortunately, however, we musten relatively quickly release, because already in the morning, shortly after 10 should start our train at the main station in Nuremberg – and because we wanted to drive enfemme this still meant extensive preparations in a row in my one-person bath.

But no problem, because we had a plan.