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Plagiatsvorwürfe Gran Canaria bei der Gala Drag Queen.


That with the collegiality also drags sometimes is not so far away, as you would want it, was clearly, at least, when it comes, perform a number as the first – or to be somewhere better, as someone else. I have also heard of numbers, which one has invented and which was performed by another. Stupid, who says something. But in time it should also give similar numbers, whose idea obviously nating mostly from the same head comes. So apparently done in the great Drag Queen Gala in Gran Canaria…

The winner led a number with Snow White dwarfs and now is speculated, that this apparently was a plagiarism of a number, the 2007 was listed in Malaga. Similar masks, similar dwarfs, similar number, just not quite as successful – do you mean – not rewarded with a first place.

Well, Plagiarism is not only in music or China, but also in Spanish drag queens.

Gala Drag Queen 2010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Drag Queen Gala – Gran Canaria

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As I said with the images from Benalmadena already, Carnival is – and thus the time in drags on the whole world – at least there where Carnival is celebrated – are welcome. And where they are celebrated on their own galas. So just in Benalmadena, as the leading event in Venice and of course in the great Drag Queen Gala in Gran Canaria.


I mean I can remember, I already asked me last year, why I'm not actually went there and asked, expectant because the next year would come up with to Gran Canaria. Hmmm, I was not there, so I have to repeat the question again this year, for the great Drag Queen Gala is worth seeing in any case and without any doubt.


Normally you get from such events so nothing except a pair of images, always with, since no one is so crazy and be time wasted instead with wonder that, focus a camera on the action on stage, but Gran Canaria is there a laudable exception…. There, the TV maintains the professional cameras it, because the Drag Queen Gala will be broadcast live on television every year – which is also good, because the cards are always long forgiven in advance.


I think yes, that the NDR should strive for the broadcast rights for Germany, transmission could be an event like the Euro Vision Song Contest… Just as colorful and funky is the Gala,the audience would probably be similar and the Euro Vision Song Contest're now drag queens also rather commonplace, because the major exception during Serduchka but “only” second has become, proof course in Gran Canaria Drag Queen Gala Drags place one to three …. und alle Plätze dahinter 🙂


Carnevale Drag Queen in Benalmadena

I myself had never had a closer relationship with the Carnival, for me it was always just “Carnival” and I can never understand all this hype around dressed and drunk people really. I must admit though it also, that I myself have never been to Mardi Gras inj Cologne or Dusseldorf, insofar probably can not have a say.


Ichwende because my eyes tend to Rio, Venice or, as in this case, to the carnival in Benamaldena. Here in Spain there is namely an annual Drag Queen Gala, when the costumes are worth seeing.

There are also a lot of videos about it, but they are all so bad in quality, I spare you the

Diesen Karneval regiert Drag Queen

Drag Queens auspices shoulder im Carnival?

Honestly I know Carnival, not so properly. I do not like it really is and for me, and it remains carnival. Luckily some time ago I'm from Hamburg to Berlin, So moved by a carnival Niedernburg the next Carnival Niedernburg. I need not revise my opinion especially.

Here you can get even with, wass ever Carnival / Carnival is. But it must be so far probably, because lately searched for terms such as increased user “makeup carnival faces” or “devil costume homemade”… Normally, this is a flawless indicator, Carnival is that before or at the door.

But this time I recognize it even in a press release, I've just found the net:

Even straight men like to show themselves in women's Fummel

Metzingen (pts/01.02.2009/10:30) – This carnival is hotter than ever. And this is especially true, if you are on German-floor. More and more men like to show leg, shave their armpits and leave it as Lady explosive fun. According to one of the largest carnival outfitter will rule this carnival drag queen. Garish colors, horny hairstyles, meter high heels and a lot of bare skin. Women will be pleased.

Insipid, any carnival shop is so tight, that the drag queen rules the carnival this year. There are things, do not want to know you. “More and more men like to show leg, shave their armpits”… Honestly it Währe important in my eyes, the leg that they show not only the shoulders but rather especially the legs shaving, because nothing is more unappetizing than tufts of hair in leg nylons or. So dear Männdern, that you might actually want as a drag queen for Carnival. Think about this tip: raisert you the legs or let it rather.

Furthermore, if is here, dass the Drag Queen an Karneval regiert, then always remains just a single glance at the drag queen who really governed, and which is only at the 20. Crowned in February. Who will be the decision on the large Drag Queen Gala auf Gran Canaria. That is probably the only drag queen, actually governed. And pictures or videos then it is certainly the 21. Februar hier geben 🙂

Here are a few impressions from last year. As can any carnival drag queen – and pretty much every other pack. Terrific


But nevertheless: comes out to Carnival, nur rasiert euch die Beine 😉