Aftershow Party mit Bianca Del Rio

After Show Party with Bianca Del Rio and half New York DSC07805After the Boylesque Festival there was an after-show party in a Viennese uhh disco, Club, Pub …. whatever … Definitely in a pub with a stage.


And the Vienna Boylesque Festival has a huge advantage, otherwise no boy- or burlesque festival in the world, the lifeball that takes place on Saturday, who has everything that has rank and name in the horizontal scene, leads to Vienna – and that evening at this very party, dem Place to be.



I've always thought somehow, that drags were born as a woman in the end would have become burlesque dancers and burlesque dancers as men would probably have taken the drag queen line. The parallels are just so obvious.


Everyone came together that day. Burlesque, Drags, Boylesque and even a few voguing veterans – also really well-known artists of these scenes. The whole event was moderated by Bianca del Rio, one of America's most famous drag queens and from Ru Paul's drag race – and half America was on stage with her. It's strange, when Bianca Del Rio looks into the audience somewhere in Europe and “Oh, i see Scarlett Martini is in the house”


In any case it showed up that evening, that even the American drags only cook with water – where you have to say, that the entertainment waters are really hot or deep when it comes to presentations at Bianca Del Rio.

DSC07883 DSC07868 DSC07831 DSC07824 DSC07822 DSC07814 DSC07810 DSC07798

Drag Queens unvarnished

Girls, what's gotten into you. Normally, yes is the best kept secret of a drag compared to the general public the actual appearance, times when it is not in the make-up and a guy is on the way. I know from experience, they are often not recognizable… at least until, until they open their mouth and you hear the familiar voice. So I realized Tatjana Taft in Cologne also only, as I imagined her with my name.

Well, but known to the media but still more from, as the big picture. Not to the story, but are seen from time to time on both images. No Fakedoku on the drag queen does not occur at least once as a guy and every time, when Olivia Jones's on TV, I see in my stats, that people of “Olivia Jones without makeup” search…

There is this voyeurism and as the Hamburg Morgenpost for this year's CSD has a lead story:Drag Queens: Thus we see privately made and at least fours times shown. So if the Double Faces Barbie stupit and Lee Jackson, completely unknown to me Christa Sun or just want to see Tatjana Taft ungeschmink, look today even in the Hamburg Morgenpost..

And while we're at it, there is equally a tip, namely a good contribution from the NDR, by not just a few words about FDP / CDU Vs. CSD loses, but then even Valery Pearl (fast) unvarnished look…

Oh, and Sheila and me shortly but in full make-up.

Half-Drag by Leland Cobbe

How cool is that please?


I know her very often from my statistics that searches (Any Name) unvarnished. Usually the name then Olivia Jones, but also for other drag queens is searched with these words often. No question, it seems many people are interested, which could probably look familiar drag as a man.

Pusse Couture

If you do not just randomly knows privately, you do not get it mostly yes really with and if they do not just look extremely Striking or the voice is clearly,recognizes ordinary consumers nor the guy in drag queen.

Honey Davenport

But it is very interesting, to show both, has the New York photographer Leland Bobbé thought and started to photograph Half-Drags. Linke Seite Drag Queen, right man… And there are really great photos were taken.

Jessica Payge

Seven, I asked for publication, but I would have all 31 Pictures – forth the pure quality – like to be able to show. They are great. Please view undbedingt, it is worth: Here you come to the Half-drag range

Stormy Weatherz

Pixie Adventure

Sherry Vine

CSD Photos

CSD Photos

CSD Bilder Berlin

Before the actual article com CSD Berlin is ready, I'll post a few times already CSD images. Because that is actually, examined according to which the great mass of visitors today and tomorrow. Pictures, Pictures, Images and besides a few photos. Was ich schreibe interessiert ja vermutlich eh die wenigsten 🙂

CSD Bilder

So much fun with my Images CSD entry to CSD Berlin 2010.

then here you can find more pictures of the CSD Christopher Street Day 2010 in Berlin