Enough is Enough – Demonstration against homophobia – not only in Russia

stop homophobia

What a powerful message. From a small demonstration, the 7 Have registered individuals, has become an incredibly powerful symbol. Nobody knows in detail, how many people were on the streets on Saturday. Between 4.000 and 10.000 say the estimates – The truth probably lies somewhere in between. But it's also completely irrelevant, if at the end 4,6,8 or 10.000 People were there. Even there were a hell of a lot.

russian rainbow flag from moskau

The flag came directly from Moscow

And they were there to demonstrate. The CSDs are of course still a demonstration, but of course also a party behind and on trucks, Frolic, Joy and struggle for the perfect image. In addition, most of the estimated numbers at the final concert for CSDs is because, for street party or standing on the edge. I'm not at all sure, whether on the Berlin CSD were actually more people on the street – But this Saturday were all there to demonstrate.

The logo of the Green Party was folded at the request of the organizers.

The logo of the Green Party was folded at the request of the organizers.

And – did not feel recognized. While there have been anecdotal banners from LSVD, the green or rainbow flags with the symbol of the Left, but in the back row and not dominant. On the other hand was the dominant rainbow flags. rumored they were in the last week sold out in all of Berlin and honestly, I think the, because so many rainbow on a pile it will probably have rarely been in a heap. True to the motto:

All Berlin a rainbow

enough is enough berlin

The organizers had, as they began the planning 200, 300, maybe 500 expected. But then the whole has taken such a drive and rolled over all. I'm not sure, if you really do not passed the info about the demo, if one is not somehow in the scene, but the major products in the world, I've noticed as well, as the interview at Radio Fritz in the early morning immediately after waking. When I saw and heard good weather, I knew, It is a good day.


I got ready, took my old Rainbow CSD outfit out of the closet, hung back, the wing, because it was not about the photo but the colors, put me in the car and drove toward the Russian Embassy in Linden, which at the time was still completely un-locked. The following symbolic photo was granted to me and therefore it would not have been at the end of the demo.

rainbow flag russia

Interesting side story: this image was made by two tourists, I met outside the embassy and begged. It then turned out, that there were in fact Russians, I invited the, to ride with me in the taxi to demonstrate – and the like came along. Ergo: It does not have all the Russians have a problem with us.

wladimir putin homophobie

Arrived at the demo showed up pretty quickly, it would be well, anywhere Rainbow, Posters, Slogans. A great picture, that is hopefully arrived at the right people, could, for example, even if the evening news or mirror it online under the table. what can you do. I definitely many, seen many people, which were taken and all the time always wrestled with the tears.

barbie breakout

I myself was one of them actually. Tears of suffering are almost alien to me. Not tears of emotion. And at the very end as the demo with “Somewhere over the rainbow ended, it also recognized me. Otherwise, I had more of a smile festgetackertes, when I was waiting somewhere and could not see the front and rear end.

enough is enough parade[HTML2]

Of course at the end did the feet hurt, and of course I would have liked a little less road, but I see the symbolism of the old CSD distance from Kurfürstendamm via Schöneberg, Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate to the Russian Embassy. In this respect “all right” and a great compliment, that it has come to this demonstration. To all. to the organizers, the police and certainly anyone in any regulatory agencies or such. Toll!

russische botschaft berlin

To the large end of the message before this was indeed locked properly, but unfortunately this is probably normal, draw when several thousand people to a message. Itself, if this has a completely peaceful nature.

open your mouth berlin

The closing ceremony was also great. Russian human rights activists and, , seized on a TV show with his opinion about the Russian laws, Russian TV, and winter and some more.James Kirchick russian

A difficult position, however, had the Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office Markus Loening. The anger and despair sat on many deep and he had to pay for. Here it is actually hardly blame. His office is a little of the Federal President. He may Dunning and talk but little decision-making power has or. Competencies. But he was there – and he represented the Federal Government.

putin myass

The Highlite but, there was talk of co-organizer Alfonso Pantisano. 16 minutes, you should listen to views.


Clear, There were also a few things, did not run so, But these were all minor, which did not fall to be compared with the great organization and the great characters in the world. The whole ended with grave candles in front of the embassy, filed with rainbow flags and with a good sense of emotion to Judy Garland's version of “Over the Rainbow”.


Next Saturday then you can kiss Add to meet again at the Russian Embassy.

But a story needs to be told. The history of the flag, at the top of this article, which unfortunately I can only play very incomplete.

Regenbogenflagge aus Moskau in Berlin

This flag has seen much

I noticed this very battered rainbow flag in the demo. Dirty, torn, covered in blood and I wondered, what it probably would have to be. ..so I asked the carrier. He was Russian and could only communicate with me broken. But he told me, that this flag is not art. She was genuine and came directly from Moscow. She was at various demonstrations in Moscow and it looks like, BECAUSE she was going. Was dragged to her, People, they wore were beaten and jailed. But the flag is still in the process.

Although battered but not destroyed. …and it blows still defiantly and proudly wearing their colors in the wind. yesterday in Berlin.

russian embassy berlin

For me, the symbol of the demo.

Enough is Enough – Open your mouth Demo

The situation in Russia is even talk of the town and has actually led to, that the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow Sports – even in media – is temporarily pushed into the background. That was hardly to be expected and enjoyable – taken alone, it does not have much.


Now it was not like the last great sporting event, which will take place in Russia. In less than 6 Months to find the XXII. Olympic Winter Games in Sochi place and it is sad, what to say to the IOC:

“As a sports organization, we can continue to work, that the discrimination against athletes without Games, Official, Spectators and media take place.” The IOC have “Commitments from the highest authorities in Russia, that this legislation will affect no one, who attended the games or taking part in”


What previously, or happened in Russia after the IOC does not matter, or what happens to those, the newly “only” live in Russia, and not coincidentally the play participates. Not matter to the IOC, however,, if a player has rainbow colored nails. I could imagine but already, that the IOC also has no problem, when a confused Russian pole-vaulter makes known their opinions to the public yet wirreren.

coke-deutsch_med (1)

In my eyes, this reminds me a little of all of Berlin 1936 Hitler in Germany. And “And”, I know, that actually prohibits any comparison of a state with Hitler Germany, because no other state 6 Million people killed, but it had in Germany 36 and not.


But the time left aside are already similar characteristics to see.

There was a man in Germany, which could appoint himself under windy conditions democratic chancellor more or less, and a man of the left as windy by the President as head of government and then back. In both cases, had during the time of civil rights, To laugh at human rights and political oppositions little, and in both cases the law were degraded to second class citizens while these people qua. People, which subsequently have a certain bird-free status and its abuse are socially and legally recognized not really punished….

They may try in the sequence by means of the Olympic Games to the world stage as a great host and Cleaners in which to play the Olympics suddenly everything is okay – for at least this time. I make these things up to this point parallels fear. And I do not want, other parallels that emerge.


“No”, I am not directly affected, I'm not gay. But of course, I'm tranny, Drag, Queer. I also live in Germany, can visit CSD's and even raise rainbow flags without any reprisals and even wear. For all of this would be already arrested in Russia – and probably will. This is unacceptable for me, either, when meeting others and not me and even then not, if it happens in another country.

I think of the following sentences:

When they brought the Communists,
I did not say anything. I was not a communist.

When they brought the Social Democrats,
I did not say anything. I was not a social democrat.

When they brought the Jews,
I did not say anything. I was not a Jew.

When they brought me, there was no one who would be able to say something.

Russia clearly shows fascistic tendencies and I will not be at some point of, who said nothing.


So I'm doing on Saturday, the 31.08. my mouth, and check out the Enough is enough – Open your Mouth Demonstration on Kurfürstendamm to the Russian Embassy. However, in my rainbow outfit without the wings, for there is no CSD, It's not a party. It is a demonstration of! You MUST be colorful, one should see us and they MUST be loud but remarkably – and I mean no bass of trucks with advertising slogans but it, Lettering u.ä. And by the way, I believe and hope, they will.

I'm on 31.08. to 12:00 the Kurfürstendamm area Bleibtreu Strasse and I hope you, of you that just reads. Was also someone who has NOT said anything – whether it affects you or not just.


Btw. and just to be safe.
Of course I know, want that other countries even worse turn back the wheels of time and introduce even the death penalty. Russia, the largest country in the world, however, has a far greater “Role models” as it has for other countries, for example Uganda. Is both bad and I decided, to put more focus on Russia at the moment and NOT to say anything.