Gala Spectacular @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

Es ist ja gerade die Berlin Burlesque Week und gestern war dieGala Spectacular”, die große Gala im Ballroom Kreuzberg mit dem namentlich besten Line-Up der gesamten Woche. Das generelle Problem der Berlin Buslesque Week ist ja, dass sich die Acts großteils überschneiden und es so eigentlich kaum lohnt mehrere der Events anzusehen….

In diesem Fall überschneidete sich die Gala Spectacular allerdings nicht mit der La Fête Fatale und daher konnte man sich das schon mal geben

Ausserdem war es an der Zeit, sich den “new” Festsaal Kreuzberg mal anzuschauender ja nach dem extrem traurigen Brand nach langer Zeit das pleitegegangene White Trash in the Arena Treptow übernommen hat. …Nene, der neue Fastsaal hat nicht auch nur annähernd das Flair des alten Festsaals. Damage. Es ist ehrlich gesagt eher ein Industriehallen Charme, der einen guten Teil der Stimmung nimmt. So auch bei dieser Gala.

Okay, es gab doch etwas, was sich überschnitt. Der Host! Scotty The Blue Bunny. Scheinbar heute Mit Ihm dann auch einige der SprücheAls Host hat man es auch wirklich nicht leicht – at least not, wenn die Gäste einen schon einige Male gesehen habenAber wenn man ehrlich ist, passiert das selbst bei einem Reuben Kaye, seineszeichens der beste Host ever. Aber letztendlich geht es ja vor allem um die Acts.

die waren in der ersten Hälfte allerdings nicht wirklichSpectacular”, I have to say. Genau genommen hat mich in der ersten Hälfte kein Act wirklich begeistert. Die meisten waren einfache Entkleidungs-Nummern ohne bei mir größere Emotionen oder gar Erinnerungen hinterlassen zu haben.

Für mich sollte eine gute Burlesque Nummer eine Geschichte erzählen oder im klassischen Burlesque eben ein großartiges Outfit haben und mit Erotik spielen. Das fand ich in der ersten Hälfte bei den wenigsten Nummern. Fräulein Frauke würde ich da am ehesten noch rausnehmen wollen.

Ich wurde dafür aber in der zweiten Hälfte sehr entschädigt. Die fand ich großartig und es waren tolle Nummern dabei. Honey Lulu gehört auf jeden Fall dazu, wenngleich ich die Nummer natürlich schon vor einigen Jahren bei Sheilas Vaudeville Variety 've seen. Aber es ist eine wunderbar schöne Nummer, die eigentlich alles hat, was ich erwarten würde. …Ich frage mich nur, wie sie mit ihrer Teetasse so reist. In den Koffer passt die wohl nicht.

Ebenfalls überzeugte mich MisSa Blue mit einer bereits schönen Federfächernummer, die sich dann in eine noch bessere Schwertschluckernummer wandelt. And, das überzeugte mich durchausich hab das so noch nicht gesehen. Aber es mochte noch besser werden.

Es sagte es schon einige Male und ich sage es wieder, die Sparte des Burlesque bei der es seit einigen Jahren am kreativsten zugeht isteben nicht Burlesque sondern Boylesque. Die besten Ideen haben die Männer, in this case “Harden Reddy” from … Deustchland. Wow, who would have thought, ein super Boylesque Act aus Deutschland. Respect.

Aber vollkommen abgeholt hat mich Kitty Bang Bang. Die hat den Saal sowas von abgerissen. Ich habe lange keine Nummer gesehen, die eine ähnliche Energie auf der Bühne abgefeuert hat, wie eben diese Feuernummer von Kitty Bang Bang. Sie wurde zu Recht von gesamten Saal abgefeiert und so ziemlich jeder, mit dem ich mich danach unterhielt fand diese Nummer einenOberhammer”. Diese Nummer werde ich ganz sicher mindestens noch einmal sehen. Ich bin mir auch ziemlich sicher, where. Ich freue mich schon drauf. Eine Absolute Headliner Nummer.

Ich habe bei der Nummer ein Live-Video bei Instagram laufen lassen und muss da mal mehreres feststellen.

1. Mein Handy hat bei dunkler Umgebung eine miese Qualität und ich muss dringend wenn ich mal wieder Geld verdiene dieses in ein besseres Handy investieren, denn Livevideos sind eine schöne Sache

2. Live Videos auf Instagram sind doof, da sie nur in den Stories passieren und sofort weg sind, wenn das Video beendet ist. Was soll denn der Mist. Ich würde das Video gerne noch sehen aber es ist w-e-gWas für ein Mist ist das denn???

Die eigentliche Headlinerin Kitten De Ville wiederum fand ich auf hohem Niveau okay, aber es gab einige Nummern, die ich einfach toll fand und die mir ein deutlich größeres WOW Erlebnis bereiteten.

Insgesamt muss ich aber sagen, dass ich die Gala Spectacular wirklich gut fand, obwohl weder der Raum noch die erste Hälfte das anfangs schienen…..

Pecha Nails Night

Why I will soon open my hamster a rental.


A colleague told me, because it would give a Pecha Kucha Night at Ballhaus Kreuzberg…. A great venue, in which I've heard great readings, but on this day there were Peche Kucha.


Pecha Nails? Never heard of? I do not even. The solution is the following. Pecha Kucha is called small lectures on all sorts of topics, the main thing is it is a 21 Page PowerPoint presentation, in which all the 30 Seconds, the next film begins.


After 21*30 Seconds to end, No extension possible. Very good is boring or rather at Stragen lectures, where one knows, after this time is finally concluded, goofy with the good. There was a lot of both:


A lecturer on the history of filosofierte Vollräusche party and crashes from the Stone Age to the present, another talked about the civil rights movement for the Gasometer in Berlin, again another spoke of his work as a video and Audiovisualist for different events and Paul Kalkbrenner.


But though the hit was Robert Ullrich, his character, a city planning department in a small town near Cologne, who also reported on his work, can be precise about what makes him work and what little animals erbringe really big changes in urban planning processes.


In fact, he told, how to fight as a citizen against development plans. What should his favorite books to read and what animals you cans. I only say hamster and river plover-hire… This video is sure to display, It starts with 4 something boring minutes but by the end you wish to, it never stopped. !!! Must see !!!


Also of interest, although somewhat less laughable another presentation of a photographer, who showed his paintings from the former GDR from just after the turn without too much words, Tristesse à la DDR. Since I first time about 5 Years was more in the east than in Travemünde, is the exciting times to see. Overall, there were 2 extremely boring, 4 at best ordinary and 4 good and two very good presentations. Times you can make such a Pecha Night Kitchen.

Breasts dance in lace panties

Breasts dance in lace panties Berlin's first reading on Ankieken

Trini Trimpop Lesung

If my ex-colleague Andrea calls, then it falls really hard for me, to say no, especially the ending sometimes in a really entertaining conversation. Done so some time ago, when she asked me, if I would like, having to come to the reading of Rocko Schamoni in the ballroom Kreuzberg, what proved to be a really good idea and great entertainment.

So I did not need to think about five seconds to figure out this time, I would like to meet a reading of Trini Trimpop in this very ballroom Kreuzberg. Once again a Altpunk, this time an ex Sucks would be under the motto tits dance in lace panties erotic short stories to the best. The whole was as

Berlin's first reading on Ankieken

sold and I did not really, what I think of it, or. would have to be understood at all. Nun Trini Trimpop (what a crazy name by the way) should certainly be looking at, if he is reading the.

fräulein rot - trimi trimpop

But by the way should, I learned also be offered only in the ballroom burlesque Kreuzberg? A-Ha… ? Where the guy is still here? From Cologne? Since I do not know burlesque star, so it can be interesting.

But first, we waited quite a while for a Club-Mate and views of a great and grand Leosessel, until the Altpunker against 21 Clock and settled on one of three chosen books drew, carried forward to the first erotic short story.

It was in a man, wakes up and truly do not know, he drove last night – and with whom – and at all. Who's that next to him and who is Gaby, who has the keys to the handcuffs, and who is Uwe, has the handcuffs without a key and so on. Great and I would like to give a tip, where you can read it, But as I said Trini Trimpop has taken his book illegible…


Normally, such a reading is always the book – So strictly speaking, the sales success of the book. Not so in this case. The Alt-pants does not write itself, but reads only the work of other… And not even particularly good.. So reading, not the work.

The stories were entertaining up to a great, what can happen so everything, if you stoned sitting with his girlfriend in the tub and can look like dirty talk of two business administration. Pretty amazing and well worth the price of admission is not cheap, as well as the part of, which then had to Kieken.

teaserettes im festsaal kreuzberg

Burlesque was announced and then actually came also – but not from Cologne, as I expected, but from Berlin, I could see, as Cherry took the stage Temple. And where is the, since the rest of the not far Teaserettes. And in fact, Miss Red, Cheetah Bang Bang and Sandy Beach took over the Ankiekprogramm between the short stories. A really fun idea and an entertaining evening in the ballroom dance Kreuzberg tits in lace panties

Rocko Schamoni reading

Rocko Schamoni – A village in the big city punk

Some days ago days ago I saw a Twitter message my ex-colleague, in which they sought accompaniment to Rocko Schamoni reading. ….Rocko Schamoni? Since I had heard some time ago in Motor FM. There were parts read from his book Dorfpunks and that was great.


Rocko is a village Schamoni punk before many, been many years in Luetjenburg with his band Warhead go, before he moved to Hamburg, where he worked with the punk band “The Golden Lemon” auf Tour ging. Later he founded in Hamburg, the great “Golden Pudel Club” But today his music is no longer life, but the high literature with books like Risiko des Ruhms, Dorfpunks or Moments of insignificance.

As I said, from the “Village punk” I heard great clips, mir so gefielen, I agreed that spontaneously came into the ballroom Kreuzberg for reading. Cool, right on “Kotti” probably the worst place in Berlin is a small, secluded ballroom with about 300-350 Places, filled with hard wooden chairs, which in turn were fully occupied that evening.. Who would have thought, the reading was sold out in advance. Tickets at the box office? None. Fortunately, we already had that, because it paid extremely.

Rocko Schamoni is great, He read all of his three books before and they were all pretty sick and very, very funny. But that's not enough, he himself also is very funny. The whole event was declared by him to be smoking event, to it but also a drinker event, Smoking should therefore support the by excessive beer drinking, and ultimately it is also a mobile event, that certainly could remain on… Even when it, because in the middle of the lecture called, for example, Jochen Distelmeyer (ex Blum field with him and wanted to meet him for a beer….


But the focus was naturally placed on its books – and his anecdotes about – and of course the interaction with the audience. Between beer, a lot, many cigarettes and massive laughs.

..I'm not sure, must be broken like you to think about such broken stories. His books are really spacey style of life as pictures, of Tractors in New York, of double bottom tankers and travel to you, Village of punks and skinheads English, Psychatern and all kinds of drugs. Some may be autobiographical, but I guess, not too much, because of its 43 Rocko Schamoni years has held up well. …I'm sure, that would be different, if more than a little of his books would agree.

There were two extremely witty, damn fun and entertaining times, that every penny of the admission price was worth. And even when Brock announced Schamoni only under certain conditions, to sing again, He sang the evening. You hear it on the video. A Firecracker.


Also, if somewhere once Rocko Schamoni should read, then goes absolutely, it is worth. Or you buy the books – maybe even better, The Books, sodenn they are spoken of himself.