Ladies in Red @ Flamingo

Although I've spent around the Reeperbahn in Hamburg lass than a lot of my youth, the Redlight District has not appealed to me particularly. The only time I visited a table dance bar, but in about every cool bar and music club in my hometown.


In Berlin there is the party's Red Light District, which can certainly be visiting times. When Sheila stands at the door and Diana is the same even. Also plays the Flamingo great part of ancient Hip Hop, I – except during my last visit to Flamingo – had not heard in years, the but is still great and can dance a.

In addition, you MUST fortunately the table dance bar not use. that would not look. because the way it has not – zumindest nicht annähernd so wie beim letzten Mal in der Ichyban Karaoke Bar 🙂


In any case, we were the only people with Eien, dedicated to the topic “Red” accordingly “Red” dressed, as you can see quite well on the picture above from the Liberate Bar… And honestly, we did not look grooooooßartig?.

I met in the bar Liberate incidentally, an old work colleague what else a slightly longer evening until half 9 morning, and a thick Kopp left to follow the next day….

Flamingo & Irrenhouse

A weekend in the winter. Time, from the first snow to the use of snowmelt. Holds that time ie in the Janka for common high-heeled winter sleep. Only on this weekend not.

According to their company Christmas party she was actually styled and ready to stand in high heels with Sheila and me to board the Berlin nightlife. Long seen ned, große Blonde.

Actually, the annual Christmas astray House was scheduled. Time to look, whether the new place of madness House is not perhaps so great, that one would visit him frequently… But known to stop until later this brings fun, therefore led us to the first stop Flamingo Berlin, den Club, which sometimes makes the bouncer and Sheila decides, who may as well not just pure and clean.

A cool little club with a really nice music, which reminded me of my disco beginnings. Smoother Hip hop und G-Funk. Chill and danceable. Well liked me. I'm really into this music clubs, is not really long… Dem Cassis Drink, recommended to me by the bartender, But I could not really so much abgewinnen.

But as the other guests there, because when we arrived, the store was actually empty. We three, Mrs. Pepper with two girlfriends, I did not expect and Jana, because her lover should hang there. 10 Personen im Laden, 7 known, as a private party… but then it was quickly filled, while the music was similarly well… However, we then made our way to the Comet for misleading House.

Also at the second visit to the new House astray I must say – really kicks me the new place really. …But the Mad House is yes especially interesting because of the drag show – and that was always extra special at Christmas like crazy…

…This year, however,… Melli und Taina… I had seen this before, Brigitte with a Pfeiffnumber, the sound of spanked somehow – Nina meinte: Have you also thought of: Hopefully they saved someone the same…. I for one thought it.

The haute “All I Want for Christmas” Mariah Carey's not really out. But the song – and the accompanying confetti orgy're a fundamental part of every Christmas astray Houses. So to speak Berlin World Heritage.

Interestingly, I found, I was raised the evening, Trance, big black hairy, dealing with the words … “Hello Zoe”… then look at my questions “You are probably asking yourself just, who talks to you as” – Es war Donna Cutie… A name, I already been determined 6 Know years. Whose person but since then I have not seen… I then made known “Oh, Are you for real”… That was not nice. Sorry deswegen. Still, nice to meet you.

It was also interesting, To meet Kaye Katcher, Without long eyelashes, ohne Make Up, with stubble… Hardly recognizable… This is probably useful for time, until he and Voice Of Germany are forgotten 🙂