Water Fight Kreuzberg – Friedrichshain

All mushy in the bulb?


I had heard at some point of the water battle in berlin. However, completely forgotten, it's something that'll give.

Until such time, morning when I was called a coward and low card in my company today, because I was Kreuzberg, and – like every single time – who had lost large vegetables and water battle…


Yearly – at least when the police will not intervene – the fight against the Friedrichshain Kreuzberg for supremacy of the subculture in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (or it was Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain?).

No matter. It should be thrown with all, what is soft, mushy, stinks or is otherwise disgusting. Eggs, rotten tomatoes, Kings, Flour, Water and and and and. A large muddy, nasty affair, which is obviously always won of Friedrichshain… Incomprehensible!


I think, Next year I have to be there and lead times since the Kreuzberg to victory. ! Jawohll.