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All fotos: Tanja Schlawitz
I didn't even know that I actually have really cool eyes 🙂

I don't even know exactly anymore, I Tanja 've met, but somehow it came to a small photo shoot in one of the deserted places around Berlin.

I do not remember exactly, what kind of home and institution it was, but the surface was definitely not made for high heels in many places.

But it turned out some really nice pictures, I like very much. What a good photographer can get out of you, if not only “Snapshots” are

Berlin photo shoot

Fotoshooting Berlin bei Mika Redeligx


Since there are really very long time for me a couple of pictures on the hard drive in order photoshoot Berlin. But somehow I never got quite to, to post it. Also and above all actually, because I was still waiting for edited images. I have to ask again. Nevertheless, I'll post the photos now, Good ich, since I bought the human hair wig, my old wig wear more hardly or not at all and you'd probably sometime impossible to tell or ask me would, why do I get the old hair back out of the woodwork for a photo shoot. Drum the pictures now.

berlin fotoshooting

The history of the whole story is a very funny way, and has to do with blogging… When I lost my job last November, I needed an urgent application images and landed in a creative community of artists, Mika Redeligx in the basement where a small photo studio with bare walls, has a surfboard from the ceiling and a large desk. To be allowed to use the application images on the Internet, I negotiated the transfer to a blog post on my second blog from… to which I was listed shortly after class. Trained is learned and not hidden bieb Mika.

fotoshooting berlin

So we agreed on a second deal. My online marketing knowledge and a Chrashkurs to a photo shoot with him. Those deals I like. Also Fotografen, which do you want to learn online marketing, meldet Euch 🙂

I also think, that there really are some nice pictures we came out maybe I will not get tatsächich nor the finished. Also,who needs nice pictures of herself, be they Application Images, Irgenwelche portraits or other images, I highly recommend him and was very pleased both times.

Pinup Photos @ Rickmer Rickmers

Pinup pictures on the Rickmer Rickmers

… now and I have always emphasize again my heritage and that's just not Berlin, but the gateway to the world, Hamburg. So I once again had to take some pictures and I really wanted to do pinup photos. Unfortunately, were my 48 Hot Rods currently being repaired 😉 …Accordingly, I had to think of something else…


No, Strictly speaking, I came up with the idea to Hamburg, To make pinup photos in the harbor – and strictly speaking I wanted to make Mateuzö images on the Rickmer Rickmers, a four-masted Barg (not for Hamburg: A large sailing ship with four masts) have. The Rickmer Rickmers is a hamburger floating landmark firmly on the pier and can be visited as a museum ship for three euros läpprige. I wanted to do – and I wanted to have pictures of it….

But first I had to buy a little. I needed a sailor outfit, I at Jungbluth wanted to buy, where you obviously know me now ;-)…. Also, I took ballet flats, there are unfortunately prohibited on the Rickmer Rickmers high heels. Consequently, it was said to run on the ship and just standing in high heels or sit with ballerinas.

Before it came to, but I had firstonce Olli(and) persuade, come along and shoot me. And we were talking on the commonly Rickmer Rickmers the security man, to be allowed to take pictures and to be able to publish on the Internet. Fortunately, we were able to convince him, that this is a non-commercial private blog and it was so nice, clarify this briefly with his boss. Result: we were allowed to take pictures and here (and Olli(and) even publish… Thank you

A tall ship, Matrosinnen an outfit by Jungbluth, a photographer and best weather with warm temperatures and plenty of sun, was will man mehr? …Well maybe not quite as much sun, Unfortunately quite often because I looked pinched in the sun or shade any were in the face. Now I know, why outdoor shootings usually still need a reflector, This knowledge led us but nciht more, because we had no – or no, which would have taken him.

But it was certainly not because, that there would have been no human, as compared with the best Easter weather at Hamburg harbor, the migrations were minor. But only looked and did nothing. Does not matter, because they also did not bother us and we were able to confidently make our wonderful photos on a great sailing ship. And there are really great incurred thereby.

Vielen Dank an Olli(and) for shooting and editing to Ramona for. If you also want to make photos in Hamburg times. Here you will find See2Feel.

Nan Goldin – The Other Side

Nan Goldin – Real Life at the Other Side

there was a picture here

© Nan Goldin

It's been a while, as for the last time a book has been published at this point. I believe, it was the Tuntenbuch, indess sure I'm not going. But it should have been so, Here then this book is not so far away.

But actually this is not a book, but an artist. In fact, to Nan Goldin. Nan Gold gilt sea Wikipedia “as one of the most important contemporary photographers”. Your images act of violence, of sex and drugs, from death. And man, which are different than the average. A little 27 they also came to the then still divided Berlin and also happened to be the time, in their artistic breakthrough sure the slideshow The Ballad of Sexual Dependency was.

The reason, At issue here is why Nan Goldin, but this work is not, but the picture book – The Other Side – where the Transsexual, Drag queens and transvestites shows. These different but, as so often in high-gloss but not in Real Life. The pictures do not show a shot in a photo shoot, which is made even better with image processing but the actual people. The images are – un-beautiful and perhaps because of it somehow really nice.

there was a picture here

© Nan Goldin: Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC

For example, the image of the two drag queens in the taxi. I imagine, that this is the taxi home from the party. They both look really nice and not that already daylight again seems the taxi makes things any better. Aber so ist eben oftmals das Leben nach einer durchtanzten, sweaty night after nine hours of makeup put on.

Somehow I have these images to the Documentation Gender-X think about the Berlin drag queen scene before my time. The film has indeed behind the scenes (and the people) seen and shown as a person belonging Real Life. The film I have to see once again strongly.

there was a picture here

© Nan Goldin: “¾New York Drag Queens (Cody in der Wardrobe is Boy Bar)”“, 1991