Half-Drag by Leland Cobbe

How cool is that please?


I know her very often from my statistics that searches (Any Name) unvarnished. Usually the name then Olivia Jones, but also for other drag queens is searched with these words often. No question, it seems many people are interested, which could probably look familiar drag as a man.

Pusse Couture

If you do not just randomly knows privately, you do not get it mostly yes really with and if they do not just look extremely Striking or the voice is clearly,recognizes ordinary consumers nor the guy in drag queen.

Honey Davenport

But it is very interesting, to show both, has the New York photographer Leland Bobbé thought and started to photograph Half-Drags. Linke Seite Drag Queen, right man… And there are really great photos were taken.

Jessica Payge

Seven, I asked for publication, but I would have all 31 Pictures – forth the pure quality – like to be able to show. They are great. Please view undbedingt, it is worth: Here you come to the Half-drag range

Stormy Weatherz

Pixie Adventure

Sherry Vine

Berlin Biennale opening in the department store Maassen

Since I live in Berlin, I – Strictly speaking, the Orange in Kreuzberg, I look at a beautiful old, large, imposing, six-story building, Unfortunately, that is completely empty. Since then, I ask myself, times what it was and why it is probably empty, I also frequently revel in thought, what you could do it well.

kaufhaus maassen oranienplatz

To ienna time, should have been as the Orange Street Kurfürstendamm of Kreuzberg, this building was the store Maassen, the largest specialty house for women's clothing in Germany. Just a few hundred meters from the first Wertheim department store, was the lady of the world here buy everything you need, they sat Pelze oder Pariser Mode. All there was in the department store Maassen. Eventually it was to end, the war came, the house fell into disrepair and was empty. End 2003 The house was completely renovated – and has since been empty again.

eröffnung Berlin biennale

The last few weeks I was able to recognize some small features, that this will change something, I saw lights, I saw workers, which came in or out. obvious from the department store Maassen should lay awake the hibernating. Today it was so far…. At the side entrance were large, wide men – Bouncer – and before that there was a queue of people waiting…. Hmm a snake… I place myself at times also.

eröffnung biennale Berlin

It turned out, that there was an opening ceremony of the Berlin Biennale and was therefore carried out a private viewing of contemporary art behind the walls. Admission by invitation… I of course had not, but no one asked for these invitations and I was admitted.

kapitalismus biennale

The large rooms were divided with covered plywood into many small rooms, many of which were built as a small cinema for artistic movies. Not all these movies I've seen, not all opened up to me, but I think that must not be so. Art is always the, declared what the artist as an art. If alternate on a canvas just different colored rectangles over several minutes, that is the way art.


General social criticism was probably an issue of opening, so I have two more films drawn into the spell. One of the films on two screens showed scenes of French demonstrations, Singing, dancing and especially angry with French sayings – often obvious to Sarkosis. Often a cantor on a canvas and the loud answer to the other. Even though I did not understand anything, it was very power full.

Berlin Biennale Eröffnung

Another film was about the GDR. They saw students, which is about the exploitation of (West)-German workers talked, to a French, who has studied social studies in East Germany until the turn and then had to find their way in a new world society, To a teacher, turnaround time for the questions not answered and you saw a competitive athlete, told the, so spannend, I saw the movie twice…


Probably the most attention a naked man otherwise generated in a glass box, was described over and over with diseases besäät umm. Certainly the most photographed object on this vernissage of the Biennale. Contemporary Art – If the artist says the, and certainly a bit of an experiment, to catch a picture in the newspapers.

biennale berlin

I liked this opening somehow fallen, Even though much passed me, such as the Stegosaurus standing in the backyard and the elephant adjacent… or it should be a mammoth? I do not know, but for me it was always the star of the buildings of the former department store Maassen.

berlin biennale

I would be only too happy, however, the biennial opening party at Kiki Blofeld visited, someone would have found, who wanted to come.

Nocturnes – Photographs from the nightlife of Berlin

Nocturnes – Nightlife in Berlin

J.Jackie Baier – Cybersissy and Baby-Jane. Copyrignt J.Jackie Baier 2010. All rights reserved.

Today I want to again point to an exhibition, that sounds pretty interesting. The photographer says of himself, she was 1993 come to Berlin as a transvestite. Her pictures show drag queens, the transport line and other less glamorous topics from the past 17 Berlin years. Sounds Interesting. In addition, the photographer is currently working on a feature-length film about Chantal's House of Shame. It will be interesting.

Photographs from the nightlife of J.Jackie Baier
“I’m doing more for the revolution by just walking down the street..”
Jackie Curtis – transsexual playwright, actor/actress, Warhol superstar

Richard Sorge Art Space is pleased to issue “Nocturnes” to present with photographs from the nightlife of J.Jackie Baier. The extensive exhibition shows important working groups of the artist, including her House of Shame Project.

The photographer J.Jackie Baier moves through Berlin, mainly at night, indoors and outdoors, Sign in Ellen, on the Trans line, at parties, in Bars. The Berlin of the J.Jackie Baier is a hole, the “Reverberation room” a subsurface, in which the party of the twenties, the notorious “Dance on the Volcano”, has never stopped.
Who considered their work, will hardly suspect, to J.Jackie Baier was a “Party-Photographin” lost. Her look does not stick to the surface of beautiful body, even if the people in her paintings radiate beauty – a beauty, which touches the painful in some images.

“I came to Berlin as a transvestite, at a time, as the whole city was under renovation. I thought: where all holes are dug, You can not be wrong,” says the Berlin-based, since the 1997 also officially lives as a woman.
Themes and patterns found in Baier J.Jackie Nightlife, at the edges or completely off the socially acceptable events and parades “New Centre”. The “misfits”, the transsexual prostitutes and drag queens, their dream of true life dream in concrete cellars rotten boards, go through their images like flotsam.

Initiation: Thursday 11. February 2010, 19 You.
Closing: Thursday 4. March 2010, 19 You.

Exhibition: 12.02-03.03.2010
Opening times: Friday-Saturday 14-18 Clock, Weekday: by appointment.

Art Space Richard Sorge, Landsberger Allee 54, 10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain

New Year's Eve Port of Hamburg

igentlich I was with friends in Hamburg with raclette and high- and celebrate low proof alcohol, but in the short term but a trip to the Port of Hamburg was from, because if somewhere in Hamburg is correct fireworks, then there.

silvester Hafen Hamburg

Actually, my neighbor wanted Olli in Hamburg there to take pictures back and I joined him to look at. Zoe was this New Year's Eve in closet, what was better, because even with two jackets, it was bitterly cold at the port.

feuerwerk silvester hamburg hafen

Because it would be fully, Olli wanted to be just three hours earlier on the other side of the Elbe, occupy the space right camera and set up the camera. For me, that meant, come, mark, that it is ilvester bitterly cold at the port of Hamburg, and to quickly get back into my car with the New Year's Eve radio program and the heating at the highest level. After all, that was very close to the early date.


Although not as close as the NDR, with the OB truck, several wireless cameras and a 30 Meter trucks times with very different photographic equipment such as Olli at the start was… Eggs, Professionals and amateurs 😉


Nevertheless, to see the scenery of the harbor and the fireworks over the city of dortaus, to the ships on the Elbe and their fog horns were already very impressive.

Surprisingly, I have 31 Years lived in Hamburg and never seen the fireworks on New Years Eve on the harbor…. But I will also cold again now, just thinking about it and writing about it… Or is the so, I have just returned from Hamburg to Berlin and my apartment just is still cold??? Could also be.

silvester hamburg hafen

I went back there and 2010 can now really begin