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All fotos: Tanja Schlawitz
I didn't even know that I actually have really cool eyes 🙂

I don't even know exactly anymore, I Tanja 've met, but somehow it came to a small photo shoot in one of the deserted places around Berlin.

I do not remember exactly, what kind of home and institution it was, but the surface was definitely not made for high heels in many places.

But it turned out some really nice pictures, I like very much. What a good photographer can get out of you, if not only “Snapshots” are

Photo shoot at the port for Sahneschnitte

A year ago, the Obsession me Karin from Sahneschnitte a wonderful red, tailored velvet dress on the body. But somehow still missing, dazu ein paar schöne Bilder für ihre Homepages zu schiessen. Da ich gerade Urlaub habe, met the outstanding, times after Hamburg to ride and shoot these images at the port once.

Karin actually had the old coal steamer “Anna” ausgeguckt, However, there turned out on a sample inspection with her photographer, that the ship is not big enough, for me to get a total of the shoes to the head on an image.. Since dress would still just fit but without legs and head… nene, that would have been nothing.

Nevertheless, we met down at the Museum Övelgönne, to look at times, which imagery would still so questioned. A ship itself not, so my images will remain on the Rickmer Rickmers unique, but a little bit of wanderlust comes at the end certainly over yet, Unfortunately, I have only 4 get unprocessed images, but time is, Images come and there is something else behind…

Something funny, people have looked as though, waiting for the ferry or Hadag came from these same, felt disturbed but none of us has… Rather the other way around. Thus came a ferry with a class on school trip, which could hardly tear myself away from us, until the teacher has something rabid and the boys and girls to “come” abkommandierte.

Before, I had to answer some of the usual questions, why I so rumliefe (Photos for dress), if it was hard to run on the shoes (not with a little practice) and why I want to be a woman because (yn ich garnicht) … especially the answer to the last question I found amazing… namely that consisted of a simple “OK” no questions asked..

As I was then in a sheltered corner next to a cell phone (what has to be actually looking at this pontoon in the harbor museum) moved from the spring dress in a simple dress, just one more rushing Ferry with a packed upper deck at… Man man, ich muss auch überall Aufsehen erregen 🙂

In any case, we made up with a picture of my little notches, that me at the port with a “Hamburg Süd” Container ship shows. The drive now not on the Spree, they bear the word “Hamburg” in itself, and finally, my father for the shipping company is driven times… Long here allerdings.

Then it was on to the Nina Borg Horst…

CSD Hamburg Photos

Before tomorrow an article CSD Hamburg 2012 write today come firstonce a pair CSD Hamburg pictures of this very changing weather Christopher Street Day. So much fun looking at.

Gaypride Cologne 2012 Pictures

Gaypride Cologne pictures
In good old tradition, I will also this year post the various sources, from Gaypride Cologne 2012 Have images on the sides, link. Thus one who hides photos somewhere on the net, may email me briefly, I will then insert.
However, I will not go myself this year in search, I was just a guest on the CSD and of myself this time are not expected to images.



I will this year probably the three major Christopher Street Day: gaypride Berlin, Gaypride Cologne 2012, Gaypride Hamburg Participate and massive shoot photos. They'll be here later to find.

And she also finds google - and therefore your, there is this page right now.

So do not wonder, but bookmark, denn der am Sonntag that Parade, may have come here on a Saturday night massive beautiful pictures, as every year
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