Wash Center Berlin Friedrichshain with wifi

Wanted: Wash Center Berlin, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain searched and all please with wifi.
Found?: exactly.

Waschcenter Berlin Friedrichhain

What a great crap, my twenty years old washing machine recently said, to give up their mind and having to say goodbye to retire. Okay okay, I can understand that after all these years and see also irgendwiue. Goofy only, I have now still standing around a washing machine with me, However, this does not sound more.

Nun kann man ja sagen, I may just buy me a new washing machine, cheap washing machines because yes admit it today in every media market around the corner…. The course is also true, I could see recently, and against a – not too expensive surcharge – Media Markt brings the washing machine even to the fourth floor and against a further contract will be carried down the old machine and disposed of. The whole affordable and probably through water and energy savings (cf technology before 20 Years against today's technology) soon refinanced. So what keeps me???

The time is, which prevents me, the best way to bring such a washing machine on Saturday and I was second last week in Berlin on the way to the CSD, last week on the way to the CSD, this week for Artists Charity Night in Zurich on the way… ook da. Goofy…. So I must be doing something, what actually takes a lot more time: Wash aushäusig… I have done this in a truly impersonal laundromat in Berlin Kreuzberg the last time, Wait for me where every minute prepared almost physical pain and boredom almost devoured me. …What you could do everything nice… Blogging, for example,…

Now everything is different, they recommended using a small laundromat, Berlin has to offer because that is also personal. Now I'm sitting in Lavanderia, a small cafe in Berlin Friedrichshain on a beige leather couch, Quittenbionade a drink and chill out music with blogging.. while behind two of my undisturbed washing machines rotate with white and black lingerie her rounds. The Lavanderia is in fact a cafe and a laundromat in a, a wash cafe called something like then probably. The atmosphere is light years better and if I can blog with a free WiFi I am always satisfied. Btw. I believe 80 % Wash all ends bring their laundry in blue IKEA bags.. ich auch 🙂

Also, I can only recommend the Lavanderia and so it is not quite as bad, that still drags on at least a week with my own washing machine… By the way, the name is well chosen, Lavanderia but is just spanish and means: laundress to [the?ande?ria] f Laundry f; Laundry m. Not stupid

laundry, Friedrichshain
Lehnbachstraße 1,
Boxhagen street corner,
10245 Berlin

Irrenhouse Party

There are many parties in Berlin and a few legendary. Nina Queers Irrenhouse Party but definitely belongs to.


Nina Queer gathered every month in the birthday club in Friedrichshain, a disco full of mostly gay men for the plethora of clubs, an illustrious group of drag queens for the Trans show and enough drag DJanes scene DJs and dance floors for two well-sonicated in an asylum House.

So far, so gut, that there are some clubs. Nina pounds, with which they can proliferate the trans show and its Schnodderschnauze in the An-, Between, and Abmoderation.


Who makes himself, to visit the Mad House, should be on EVERY case clock by two in the morning because, because then the show starts Trans. Now when I “of sein” writing, I mean the way “To be in the birthday club, there is often a long queue in front of the inlet.


But not many people know that, the white certainly, that it is quite well enough, at half past two in the store to be, because the girls never really caught on time. Half an hour later heard on the lunatic House Party rigueur. (but please do not leave it to you). Then when the Muppets tune is heard, then you know: it is funny and it is offered a travesty best.


Actually all important Drags have performed here and it will be of übelstem Trash, coarsest obscenities, funniest performances, great spectacles really incredible about everything on offer, what can bring Drags in Berlin as on the boards. Happy times you sink into Kofetti or hindsight is completely overflowing with champagne but a misleading one experiences at a house show not sure: Boredom.

On stage I have seen are not limited to the following Drags:
Mataina Ah wie Süß, Melli Magic, ADES Zabel, Stella deStroy, Nina Queer, Gloria Viagra, Kaey Tearing, Biggy van Blond, Tatjana und Polla Disaster.


If Transe oder uniform hat man es bei Nina Queers Irrenhouse übrigens special gut:

It saves queuing and entry price. Everyone knows this and it is completely normal. Enfemme you go without scruple to the waiting queue over directly to the checkout, smiles and can give the ticket for free. If you have these Submitted, makes you look just as unscrupulous directly to the dressing room and gives off his jacket. This is completely normal and you have a somewhat different status than other visitors. 🙂


Conclusion: Every third Saturday is misleading the House Party Birthday Club an absolute must, and as an excuse for not coming is really only one's own death.

Party reports and impressions:

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Individual reports can be found here:

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Birthday Club
On www.eat 33
10407 Berlin