Vivid @ Friedrichstadtpalast

Gold / Jungle Extravaganza
Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Nady El-Tounsy

Ich schreibe häufiger mal irgendwo vom besten, was ich auf Berlins Bühnen so gesehen habe. Always, wenn ich so etwas schreibe ist klar, dass ich eine Show gerade ausgelassen habe. Die jeweils aktuelle Show des FriedrichstadtPalast, denn der spielt bekanntlich immer in einer anderen Liga als alle anderen. So auch wieder mit der aktuellen ShowVivid

Gerüchteweise ist die Show mit etwa 12 Millionen Euro Produktionsbudget wieder einmal die teuerste, die im Friedrichstadt Palastund damit in Berlin jemals auf die Bühne gestellt wurde und ich kann ich bei den Friedrichstadt Palast Shows ganz ehrlich nicht sagen, welche der Shows, die ich bisher gesehen habe, noch ein klein wenig besser war, als die anderen. Sie bewegen sich eben alle auf Weltklasse Las Vegas Niveau.

Spektakuläre Artistik: Double Wheel of Steel
Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

Und Vivid bietet wieder so einiges. Unglaubliche Kostüme, unglaubliche Akrobatik und unglaubliche Bühnenänderungen, die mich bei jeder Show wieder genauso finanzieren, wie das, was auf der Bühne passiert. Im Friedrichstadt Palast merkt man auf jeden Fall, wo das Produktionsbudget hingegangen ist.

Orchidee / Jungle Extravaganza
Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Nady El-Tounsy

Leider befand ich mich bei der Premiere von Vivid gerade nicht in Berlin und danach haben alle diese Show bereits gesehenund selbst wenn Sheila sagte, dass sie sich die Show noch einmal anschauen würde, kam es dazu nicht.

Da traf sich gut, dass neulich meine Mutter in Berlin war und wir mit den Gründen am frühen Nachmittag bereits fertig waren. Idee gehabt, einen kurzen Blick ins Internet geworfen, Karten geordert und nahezu direkt ins Taxi gesprungen. Meiner Mutter mal zeigen, was Berlin so kann.

Passion and breath
Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

And yes, meine Mutter war durchaus angetan von Vivid. Wobei ich nichts anderes erwartet habe und ebenfalls wieder sehr begeistert war.

Der Entertainer
Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Nady El-Tounsy

Inhaltlich hatte ich bei der Show ein paar Fragen. Warum wurde das Mädel zum Roboter um dann wieder zum eigenen Leben zu finden und warum dann der Jungle und überhaupt. Der Plot hat sich mir an einigen Stellen nicht vollständig erschlossen, aber das war mir eigentlich vollkommen egal, denn die Bilder haben diese kleinen Schwächen vollkommen ausgemerzt.

Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

Nur eine Sache ist mir noch aufgefallen. Der Friedrichstadt-Palast rühmt sich doch seit jeher mit der längsten Kickline der Welt mit 32 Tänzerinnen. Ich habe mehrfach durchgezählt. Das waren keine 32. Aber beeindruckend waren sie natürlich auch in geringerer Zahl. 😉

Jungle Extravaganza Kostüme
Kopfschmuckdesign & Design Director: Philip Treacy
Kostümdesign: Stefano Canulli | Photos: Robert Grischek

hier noch ein paar der unglaublich tollen Kostüme. Die sind einfach immer wieder über alle Maßen atemberaubend.

Well, und nur, damit ihr mir glaubt, dass ich auch tatsächlich da war. So in etwa sahen die Bilder aus, die ich selber geschossen habe. Daher nehme ich doch lieber die Pressebilder 🙂

Ach noch etwas, das Logo der Show mit dem Regenbogenhut. Der war an keiner Stelle Regenbogen

2. CSD Gala im Friedrichstadt Palast

Yesterday was the 2. Gaypride Gala at the Friedrichstadt Palace and a great promo tetes drag queen casting for a much-heralded as drag catwalk was also done to, really will notice that each of them.

sheila wolf tara la luna zoe delay

Sheila Wolf, Tara La Luna, Zoe Delay
Photos: Eventpress Herrmann

So therefore gathered yesterday evening everything name and rank or rank had not yet name in FriedrichstadtPalast to 2. CSD Gala unter dem Motto “CSD meets Show Me – Glamour is Back” to enjoy and run on the pink carpet or even the big stage.

inka bause

Photos: Eventpress Herrmann

Knapp 2000. Guests should have been there and the palace was quite filled a homosexualisiertes “Best of Show Me” admire, in addition to the actual show some small elements were integrated, that fit particularly well, because a lady was exchanged at the pole dancing pole against a talented young man and there were a few kisses on the stage to see, otherwise it was probably not.


Photos: Eventpress Herrmann

Even the good-looking singer of the finale was this evening a much better looking drag queen. Hey, he should always be on stage. It looked really good and he is always singing beyond doubt.

But the CSD Gala is not only a fun. As already indicated in the first image the same, that it is more – and always will be several. A cutaway gag from last gaypride Berlin showed spontaneous applause, were shown as images against homophobia and the time already clearly visible signs in Russia… But for sure I will write more in the coming days what. Somehow the whole world that is currently quite a belonging to the Macke. And that's nice words.. But back to the CSD Gala.


It had quite a bit of politics there, Three prizes were awarded for courage. Got a country Argentina for an enormously progressive law that allows anyone Argentines, to be felt before sex life completely and get recognized. Wow. In times of backwardness a class characters – Absolute value of honor – but for me actually using the keyword “Courage” filed not quite right.


Photos: Eventpress Herrmann

As already fits more the second prize winners Dirk Siegfried, a lawyer, For many years the federal courts the right to fight hertreibt to gradually important decisions, Ehegattensplitting, And survivors' benefits, and. First sounds sexy but it is not, because it means equality – and so gehts yes. Presumably, he is a person non grata on any CSU / CDU / FDP hard. In this respect his point against Dirk Niebel said the course was very, very roughly “Interesting, that the FDP at such events as the great and distinguished but then decides as Black / Yellow differently.

csd gala berlin

Photos: AEDT – Am Ende Des Taking

He's right. Because Dirk Niebel was directly in front of Kasha Nabagesera awarded. A Ugandan human rights activist and founder of the organization Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG), which is committed to the rights of homosexuals in Uganda.. For me, the – Not only – emotional high point of the event.

In a country, in which such a use like revenge with murder, in a country where activists as they can not move freely and have no fixed abode is such a commitment not to overestimate. This is courage – no, this is much more than the. And the audience relished the the spontaneous rising from their chairs (okay, it did later also 2x but rather because of some, forced the ish) the never-ending applause for Kasha Nabagesera, however, was significantly longer, violent and probably more honest. Such people are heroes and I'm really not built close to the water, but the ranking almost a tear from me. I hope the price will help her in any way at work and is not just a price for shelf.

Kasha Nabagesera

Kasha Nabagesera
Photos: Eventpress Herrmann

Otherwise, as I said, there was a Best of Show Me to See, but because you look better in me my post about show. Great Glitter Costumes, tolle KÖRPER, Women and men and the great waterfall Glitter.

cr francisca Urio

But the evening did the visitors from. Except on the actual CSD parade I've never seen such a concentration of such Berlin Drags. Light is almost, enumerate, who was not there, than the other way around. Jurassica Parker described it as a big family reunion… And somehow she was right. But the very next Saturday so see all the parade again.

csd gala friedrichstadt palace

Photos: Eventpress Herrmann

For the grand finale, Drag the catwalk I do not want to lose too many words. Only so much, I had a lot more as presented and that went some way. Choreo? Costumes? There was certainly one or the other question marks on the stage… But look for yourself:


Someone said, make sure that there could be more, but then one must invite the ladies each well and do not rely on it, that they already came to the casting…

Show Me – Friedrichstadt-Palast

Friedrichstadt-Palast, You have bewitched me with Show Me
But you had some trouble here.

Shine | Costumes: Christian Lacroix | Photos: Robert Grischek

The great show Yma in the Friedrichstadt-Palast has expired and was probably a big success, I can confirm. Well for some time hung new posters throughout the city, on the new show “Show Me” pointed. Once again, more expensive, once more again more easily. Yma and had to be in front of Broadway, Las Vegas and Cirque Du Solei not truly hide.

Friedrichstadt-Palast | Photos: Götz Schleser

Show Me What exactly should be but, I was only aware of, I leafed through the program booklet. Obviously, all vaudeville numbers should, Shows and movies of the past and look lean times, as can be Adapted to the present time. Great transported the past into the present.

An attempt herer, the Show Me did not only good. So if the missing numbers but very different thread, lack of any well-, who had just previously not gone through the program booklet. The only thread were three black / white people, that appeared from time to time – but remained in their color.

Waterburst | Costumes: Uta Loher, Conny Lüders | Photos: Robert Grischek

I splashed Show Me initially somewhat arbitrary then – which could be due, I “mein left left square is empty, I wish…” played and was not quite attentive… But I rather think, Show Me that was initially actually somewhat arbitrarily. The first issue, for example, reminded me of the kind Tropicana Havanna birds – and it did not come off. Even after we had already seen so few, if you are from time to time shows look. Dance, nette Costumes, Acrobatics on ropes from the ceiling, a bubble-rounder. Okay, of course there were all-rounders and therefore great, but as I said, seen it all before.

A first indication, that would offer more, showed 13 leggy redhead with dance and chairs quite sexy in a large sandbox. My attention was aroused and a short time later, my first time put hairs on your arm to – Goosebumps at a number, is used in the foam. Okay, there is probably something – new.

The Inner Light | Costumes: Uta Loher, Conny Lüders | Photos: Robert Grischek

So also with the last number before the break, the spontaneously reminded me of Daft Punk. Robot or different people with helmets shining. This is something I actually had not seen, We'll see, so what else is after the break – and that was a lot. Meanwhile, I received a text message if the empty location, that made me follow the rest reassured… And now it was actually going on right.

The Beauties | Costumes: Uta Loher, Conny Lüders | Photos: Robert Grischek

It started with beautiful dresses, the drag of each mouth could be watery, followed by great artistic numbers and some men, the really great playing in the water – but as a many-meter high waterfall from the ceiling of the Friedrichstadt-Palast shot down the show had me completely – and when he then began to sparkle still enchanted Show Me myself entirely.

Splash! | Costumes: Uta Loher, Conny Lüders | Photos: Robert Grischek

There followed a classic burlesque number and a – so never watched Burlesque number… a black wall, Dancers in black probably Ganzkörpercatsuit and clothing in neon, which they got rid of a black wall but completely undressed to see at the end… Great, as well as the ballet from now 32 rothaarigen Betty Dynamites…

As I said, Show Me took some time, to have me properly and enchant, but it has yet worked out and I can only advise, to go in the Friedrichstadt-Palast and Show Me to view. It is supposed to be a success,. will, because we all want to still see many shows like Yma and Show Me…

Here @ Friedrichstadtpalast

Revue Yma im FriedrichstadtPalast


One of the great advantages, you as a blogger with a particular topic is so has, and from that you can also benefit from his blog, if one is willing, something to talk about in his blog, so I did not hesitate too long, I had heard, dass in Yma, the new revue in FriedrichstadtPalast the female lead by a woman, but is played by a man… Although female, Male, when the itch already.

Since Janka and Sheila yes this new Friedrichstadt Palast Revue had already seen and my former colleague Andrea anyway always complains, I'm coming up with ideas always too short around the corner, and then she intends always been something else, I loaded it up this time a. The lady should hardly be surprised, After all, she worked with me for almost a year and a half and was my dear soul and my schedule 🙂


Nundenn, So we met before FriedrichstadtPalast, and the lady behind the counter had to find some time, until it was clear, among which the stored cards are now found. Zoe Delay?, the male name or just a nameless card under a specific number, and what exactly is now the name Zoe delay to do with the name on the ID cards??? No matter, I could tell their Verwiirung and they found the two cards, by the way, secured us a great view into Europe's largest theater.

Ever, the Friedrichstadt Palace also does not compare yourself with any playhouses but most, with the largest revues in Las Vegas and it is then also the equipment, the ensemble and the Produktionekosten. Whopping eight million cost the Etstehung of Yma – and it is worth…


But I was there now truly not sure, I had read and heard some opinions, which is not necessarily as “given” predicted. But I have to say, it was worth it. Although I have seen in recent years, various artists, ropes and contributed to the outstanding artists, their body control and abs were amazing afford to instande, but as the amount, Such compactness and choreography, that was unique – and I still never saw a Las Vegas revue, I must admit, but already the Cirque Du Solei…

But back to Yma Review. In addition to the artists, the dancers and the scenes is of course the actual show important. Consisting mainly of Yma, a lady younger middle-aged, the ones on there, life and relationships converses and sings and obviously moved in a world, are gender boundaries matter. It really does not matter, Yma now is whether at the end of a man or a woman, because most viewers may have noticed the final applause and the name that appears there until the end of the eh, or not even there.

Overall, I felt but in a rather gaylastigen revue at least on a gay party.. Gwen Stefani, Lady Mamalade, Mia, Marianne Rosenberg, I waited only to the Village People. Although I have to say, that this is absolutely not meant disrespectfully, special

I just always reminded of situations from my life in Berlin. My first visit in a mental house. ..Stella Destroy probte Get This Party started vor der Bühne auf dem Pop Floor. Mia, played by Gloria Viagra at my first visit to the GMF still in Moscow Cafe. etc.. etc.. beautiful memories. Well sung. Ever, I wondered not only, Yma could sound so real as female. Respect.

The actual story then stepped into the background while also, one and only love the theme, Life and relationship was a recurring theme for Artistry, great stage numbers and well sung songs. Here then the stage was already off operations to a large Wasserbassain for Friedrichstadtbalett, or a platform for tap dancers, Flew it together artists or ropes around the neighborhood or through various trampolines through the air. Amazing and definitely worth your ticket price.

So Ford cleared das – in Berlin, but rather restrained audience then logically additions and Da Capo. Also:

Here im Friedrichstadtpalast: Recommended clearly