Chris Andersson @ Irrenhouse

Leeres Irrenhouse aber coole Show

…so Sheila has dubbed the visit in a mental house exactly one year ago. Immeran the weekend,where is the gay lesbian festival in the city Motstrasse and adjacent side streets, the party people shifted more to Goya, instead of through half the city Irrenhouse to drive.

We actually already expected a fairly empty and misleading House already completely missing the line at the door seemed to confirm this. No guests at the door and also freedom of movement in the birthday club… At least it was not so hot and stuffy. In addition, we were finally back almost the only interesting photograph objects. Something like that we may always.


But even if the audience did not flow in droves, so did not detract from the show. With :Mataina Ah Wie Süß:, :Gloria Viagra:, :Nina Queer: Personally, of course, and the 5.platzierten franzäsischen the Star Search show there was still a great show offered.

It started with Nina, Günther Netzer travesty… what she means well… maybe the hairstyle? No matter, they began with a Tina Turner number, they together with Arne Friedrich, Lukas Podolski and Jens Lehmann sang and gave the best. Apropro give the best. She gave the three the, what it does best and that it rightly is obviously almost famous. But look for yourself.


It was followed by Mataina Ah, how sweet, which has again chosen the hardest job…. Mataina seeks so happy songs, of which you have never heard of something Lebtags. As the matter of the Chhhruchhhrucksnestt. A large-Din A4 paper with text on Swiss German and Mataina wondered before why they still always something doing to yourself. Nun Mataina, probably because it is something special and nobody else does something like this. Great in any case, they can always come. Eben also this thing with the Chhhruchhhrucksnestt.


The third member was then Gloria Viagra, the trilled my life and to everything he took with him on legal and illegal substances – or at least did so. Whether she meant but now that her own life, I can not say with certainty. What I can say with certainty is Abver, that the substances on the stage was at least partially non-real. Tasted the vodka, the splashed up into my face but comparatively watery. And I guess such a waste of white pUsers, if it was for no flour, would be expensive…. Still, it was nice. 🙂


With three numbers, the show is also in the madhouse like once finished, This time, however, Nina had a “Star guest” in the quiver. Please forgive me, but I do not know who the guy, has occurred… You please give me more info. He has the French offshoot of the Star Search 5 Court and won a top 10 Sing placement in the French charts, and his name is “please enter here” Chris Andersson as Sheila told me. God knows how Nina has come to it, but it is probably as a star and came on stage to bring his single. Two sweet girls accompanied him there… Whether he knew well, at what a party it occurs because???


No matter, the show was over and the Mad House whether his wealth not necessarily THE party of the night, So we moved on, to seek.

Melli und im Irrenhouse Mataina

Between Kumpelnest and Irrenhouse we inserted two stops, on the one Sheila (and to me) and finally a Caiplirinha me (and Sheila) finally brought in a hamburger TS. Well rested and waited for the birthday club Nina Irrenhouse to us.

Speaking of waiting; we arrived and were flabbergasted, rather than the typical 50 Meter long snake was time to see any line at the Irrenhouse… So this time we did not pass stöckeln Uirgendwie shame) but also no wait. (somehow not too bad).

Somehow it was different this time than the last times. It was less crowded and it was not as hot. Since both the last time but was almost unendurable, Transferred to mislead this House is not necessarily a disadvantage, because you could really move exceptionally…

And yet something was different… Because no one was waiting outside the door, need not pursue the divas this time their favorite activity – to be late. If hot, that the Trannyshow this point 2 Clock began…

Fortunately, we also gave two point our jackets on and already heard the first notes of the Muppet Show intro, the traditional start of the Trans Show.


Throws you in tails and Fummel
Hello curtain
Get ready for fun and amusement

Always wanted to hear again, always like to see and best comedy.

But was at least just as well this time Mateina. Nina as she announced with the words “yesterday had indeed Adolf Hitler's birthday and there is a person, Celebrating the still. Ah How Sweet Mateina” … was already bad to fear. The stage was of Mateina with black tangled hair, a Hitler mustache, a Freedom Party armband and an old wig boarded as Blondie and she performed great Walter Moers’ Adolf – I sitting in my Bonker. Very very horny. Is there really a better way, Right to show the extended middle finger than this song?
Why the hell has no one photographed. The video of the way, at this point you can Sheila Quote. I promised to take only the original version


…but this I can then use the next number. Melli Magic in bester Marilyn Monroe Manier performter sie “My Heart belongs to daddy“. Mateinas appearance was already very awesome Melli hit the bottom of the barrel. The white stole whirled around and raced the audience. …Who is Marilyn Monroe? And it's probably a reason why both “MM” have the initials?

Great! The applause was extremely high and now everything should still follow was unimportant. As Nina said, still.

There was another nice but not outstanding piece of Melli and Mataina together and (sorry but true) not a really important piece of Nina Queer herself. Your new album. ….I think Nina should instead focus on their other strengths and let the music business other superstars, take place there as well (suspected) can try unsuccessfully. little important piece of the.

Mataina, Zoe, Sheila
Mataina, Zoe, Sheila

Klönschnack with Mateina, Melli, Pricilla, Tatiana. Sehr nett.



Zoe & Sheila…and in contrast to recent times have we actually done it this time in the Gallery at berlin4Fun. Constant dripping wears away the stone probably here. 🙂


Zoe, Tatjana

And I had the honor to turn down a party invitation again, I am unable to attend. Wednesdays to visit a party in Berlin is really a bit too much, if you live in Hamburg. Since the party can be as good as. I think that my employer would not really predict.

Maybe should, Get the berlin parties simply to Hamburg… But there is indeed just worked on it

Oops, I did it again

Once again Berlin just waited again, As with almost every one of my visits berlin- Nina Queers Irrenhouse to us. Meanwhile, I'm almost Monthly found on the Berlin-Hamburg motorway, to me not to let this event missed.

This time, Sheila and Pricilla my evening accompaniments. This should be at the party but still a colleague of mine on the way to be, who did indeed, that I would be there and also knew, I would be there as a transvestite, but just never seen me.

gloria Viagra Irrenhouse

Arrived at the club birthday we had to find, that there a loosely 50 Meters long queue waiting to waiting to be let partygoers. But I love the Mad House, because there is the drag Walk. Aufgetranst you go right past the queue and is admitted immediately. Is this still free, is always nice. Thank you very much!On this day, however, the drag walk took a little longer for me, because when we vorbeistöckelten there I suddenly heard a

“Hello Zoe”

Unfortunately, I once again had no glasses to be able to see directly, who called me because. But it was someone from Valery Pearls of the Night Crew, recognized me again. Wow, since it has already been recognized in a foreign city and even approached with the right name. This is cool. Unfortunately, I could barely take care of him, Good Sich ca. 5 Meters ahead someone with the words:

“I know that voice but”

turned. My colleague, I recognized the voice, although I was actually able to get past gone. I have just got myself a compliment if my outfit off and said goodbye to the guys, because the were allowed to wait about half an hour. But since we wanted to experience the Trans Show more, that there always occurs two clock morning, We had to hurry us… If we at least had to, the girls would someday time. But of course they were not.

Something like only shemales can also allow, To let their fans something to wait between half and three quarters of an hour and harvest instead catcalls or expressions of displeasure rather reverent gaze.

It started with :Gloria Viagra:, Stella Destroy, Biggi van Blond Nina and of course at a small platform in the middle Goodbye to Yesterday from No Angels. At first I thought, the song would sound like christmas, but I must confess, to have hummed the following month it. A catchy tune that is.


The Highlite followed but not until it. Gloria Viagra came with a blond wig and a straitjacket on stage and tortured to Britney Spears’ Ops I Did it Again with scissors, Shaver and Nina Queers hands the new wig. Not quite as far, that bald remained, but enough to perform and almost a whole song funny. Extrem cool.

Gloria Viagra

Britney Spears

The last appearance was then not really worth talking about. I know neither what a song it was, more, whether the performance was particularly exciting. I only know, that the girls sometime looking through plastic wrap. But why they did this and did that make any sense if, I now dare to say no more.


But it did not matter, because party was great again – Just another way too full. So Full, that we eventually preferring move on.

4 Years madhouse – 5 Nina Queer Jahre

The madhouse madness is normal.
Ã, Â © Andrzej Majewski (*1966)

Herr Majewski, seems the Birthday Club, to know the Mad House and Nina Queer. Because let's be honest Here the ist Wahnsinn by excellence – and it is quite normal in a mental house. At least it does not interest, even if some people wonder matürlich. “what the hell is the?”

So I was come to Berlin to party, The evening should be fun but I felt the firstonce long Einkausbummel my feet hurt. If these feet still hold an evening with heels? No matter, will work out somehow. First of lie down for a few hours, wanted since I was a little broken by the week and not to make half-limp one. When I woke up sometime later, I unfortunately had to find, that not all sunshine and roses, but now rainy weather was announced (Weather / not mood). Rainy weather, I could have stayed in Hamburg No matter. Actually, it was good, because so far I only knew Berlin in the sun and best temperatures. And Berlin in the rain is just as boring as Hamburg in the rain. Get ready to think slowly to the… What shall I wear? The battered red dress or rather the new black dress? No matter, I was planning anyway to paint a red / Antrazites Eye Makeup, er, er, apply paint (was sagt man dazu?), this decision could wait. …Well all in my heart I had already decided anyway. – I would hardly Zoe, if I had decided against the new and the already ever worn dress, which also is even longer.

So the new black. I can hardly remember, that I once actually once made me so obviously done without time constraints, so I was in the end really satisfied with my appearance. Unfortunately, this time I forgot my double sided tape and so have to paint my nails glued directly.

Zoe's Tip No.. 1
double sided tape is ideal to paint nails, without, that they need to be touched. Double-sided tape on the finger tips and then paint. Excellently suited the small double-sided pads, which are intended for photo albums. These do not stick as much and you do not need scissors
Zoe's Tip No.. 1 – end

grumble something like this usually goes wrong with me, but this time I had plenty of time and they've taken me… Perfekt.Um to save my already bruised feet I ran the way, then fully styled, with a short black dress, long fingernails in goleicher color as the lipstick and — white sneakers — Greek. What a break in style, but except for the pizza guy and Pricilla saw me so yes no. BTW. this pizza was the worst pizza, I have ever eaten. Worse than a cheap frozen pizza and only slightly warmer than a similar prior to thawing.

Eventually the time had then come, drive off. 're In the regnete, war kar, that we would not drive open… You do not want to sit in the wet yes……

Unfortunately, we had forgotten in the afternoon, To close the roof properly. Thus we still sat in at least damp and close the now damp roof, took a lot of effort and determines a quarter of an hour. Good good, matter. Leave the car at the sister and wanted a taxi for the last way to mislead House.

The Party
This time we have to pay any entrance fee, and this time were only “really high quality” Girls present. There must be hundreds of trannies in Berlin, why are there so few driving around?

No matter: Examples of this: Here and Here and Here and Here and Here and Here… There were some girls there anymore. Pricilla sprach davon, that with few exceptions, they were all there, so they would know in Berlin. In fact, the factor score was normal per tranny this time is less than the last time. It will have all your waiting for 5 Years Nina Queer and 4 Made years Irrenhouse.

But it was not only more but also more generally because trannies on stage. The program began with a drag queen, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. She was loose on heels and huge hair 2,50 and was :Nina Queer: with the words “Long face with cotton candy” announced.

It was followed by ADES Zabel, which is apparently known to everyone in Berlin, but I was completely unknown unfortunately bisdato. It was at least surprising, I confessed, they do not know… (Again, I was a little surprised, I :ADES Zabel: a week later when 10 Nonsense Comedy anniversary year saw… Apparently the lady is not only an original Berlin, but Instin cabaret and one of the best drag-Djanes. Wow.

Then it was again extremely trashy barmaid with Anna Bar as “Hobby Star” was touted. It went on Trashy, than :Gloria Viagra:, also loosely 2,50 Meters, for their song listing a Bauchtanzpersiflage. The culmination was Trashhà ¶ but clearly Tatiana, in her song “Mutilated edicts” took a similar. This song was 50 years-style, However, interspersed with wild punk parts, rte which INDICATIVE to repeat the Wà ¶ hà ¤ “I fuck you by, I fuck you fuck you,” limited. while it was a doll after all Edward Stoiber Rules of art concerned

Glamorous, however, was again Stella the Stroy, actually the only 3:20 would sing? Lips move? perform? may have. Who soft Nina Queer neither? “The DJ is as agreed by 3:20 stall, because I can not stand the old longer”

But absolute highlite was the hostess, the firstonce told, Transsexuals with that 5 are sexually mature and then as Daliah Lavi “A ship we come” gave the best, than girls of Piraeus us night for night at the harbor and was thereby in a Ließ wear rubber boat by the amount Extrem Crazy.

a better picture of me there was not this time.

Interesting was the condition, when Priscilla was talking to a girl, I of course did not know and now times when I was outside my circle I also did not think, if I could ever know. That changed abruptly, when she said,, I'd known this happen. *thinking ** thinking ** thinking * Du bist Dani, or? It was she, and she looks really great. Dani maybe goodbye to three, but we stayed until 6 House in a mental. Tolle Party 🙂